Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo
Confession: I have long hair and I don’t like washing and blow drying it every day so I love a good dry shampoo. This is the latest that's taking up space in my handbag (hear my plea for a mini).
What’s so fab about this one, besides the fruity scent? It’s clear. Yip, that means no dulling powder residue (that’s thanks to Nanotechnology and Zeolite, a porous mineral that soaks up excess oil) so it works on all hair colours. Plus, I know a few guys who prefer to use it to styling wax or clay so watch yours. R99.95, available on

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream
Having just got to the bottom of this purple jar after using it for the last three months, I swear I haven’t aged in 12 weeks. It’s no easy feat fighting off fine lines and ridding dark spots, but this pot of goodness has been doing exactly that. The hard-working formula that includes Jasmonic Acid, Beech Tree Extract and Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid pack an anti-ageing punch. And the best bit? The price is far from a punch at only R715, it’s totally worth 12 weeks of time standing still. Available at Kiehl’s stores in selected Edgars.

Caribbean Tan Tanning Mousse Self Tan in B
Although not a new product, it’s a new discovery of mine. When I complimented a friend the other day and couldn’t place what had changed about her, she said it was her fake tan. So, out went my old ideas of fake tans smelling funny and turning you orange. I tried Caribbean Tan Tanning Mousse in B as I’m fair but not English rose fair. After a thorough exfoliation I followed the instructions and washed my hands vigorously after application and then I waited. I feel asleep waiting (it can take up to eight hours to develop) and woke up a golden, healthy-looking glow. Sold! Keen to bronze your face? Mix it in with your daily moisturiser, for a subtle, and totally safe, bronzing. R89.95, available on

I know what you’re thinking…I thought exactly the same thing before I tried it. We’ve all been guilty of judging this poor little multi-coloured plastic hairband before trying it. Well, I thought I’d put it to the ultimate test – a Crossfit class - most of which was spent either upside-down or sprinting across the room. Where a workout like this would usually have me tying my hair up every two minutes, this Invisibobble stayed put the ENTIRE workout. And that was proof enough for it to have a guaranteed spot in my gym bag. R79.95, for a pack of 3, available at

rubybox Moods Collection
Excited doesn’t cover it. Ecstatic? Well maybe that’s closer to the truth. I’m talking about rubybox Moods, our brand new collection of four fab fragrances that have beeniInspired by the extremities of our ever-changing moods. These four scents have been crafted from emotion so they can be worn in the moment. Think Serenity, Desire, Rapture and Delirium – all have a unique composition to best represent the mood they capture. Read more about each scent here and pick up the set exclusively on for only R294.95 for the set of four.