Ladies, are you shortchanged? He could be ticking only 3 boxes out of 10 although he started on a solid 9/5. Perhaps once upon a time you used to be gym buddies. Or you were on that cute tip of wearing matching outfits, aaah sweet skat! What happened to those days? Bae used to carry you from one room to the other BUT these days he can't even lift your hand. Jeez! This feels like a nightmare. Maybe it is a reality for most women out there or it could already be on the agenda about things to discuss on this "women's month"

Girl, don't let him leave that house wearing those flip flops if he aint going to the beach. It's obvious that "us' men are so behind in this grooming game. Sister, if you expecting your Tarzen to shave his scruffy beard - that is not going to happen! Remember, men are here on this earth to go with the flow. Ha! Vusi isn't bothered by his dry hands. Michael doesn't really care about his unecessary hair either. GENTS, this could be the number one topic when were not in the room.

We all know you went for Maps Maponyane BUT now you're stuck with hulk that doesn't take care of his skin with New NIVEA MEN Deep Cleanser. It's time to change his game! Taking him on a baecation or posting your relationship "throw backs Thursdays" won't wake him up either.

Let me break it down for you, ladies. If you're not leading him on this grooming department nothing will ever change. "I'll do it later babe, don't really have time, I'll use what I have" those are the only responses you'll get for nagging him. This is all simple: click here to sign him up on Manbox and improve his game. Getting him same old products the he barely use won't elevate him to the next level. Start with Tabac Man After Shaving Lotion and get that Ben 10 look out of him. Ladies, you're the last hope to building "your" better men.

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