'A woman's hair is the crown she never takes off'

Aint that the truth rubies ;)

The global hair industry is worth billions, and its shows just how much importance we attach to our hair, and the lengths that we’ll go to guarantee a good hair day. Below we discuss everything from 'how do they REALLY make hair look that good in adverts', and the question most of us ask ourselves, is 'more money better quality' really true? Let's find out shall we....


1. It’s a big business

We knew this already of course, but this fact really hits home when you consider that four times more  is spent on researching hair than researching some diseases such as malaria. A big chunk of research budget is done on the hair loss segment.


2. Cheap shampoo works (YAY), but...... (argh)

Our hair just can’t handle the build-up of sebum and dead skin cells. Most hair types (with the exception of very coarse hair) should be washed everyday to maintain optimum hair health and conditions. Various studies have shown that shampoos (from low price point to professional haircare) carried dirt away effectively when washed, leaving the hair clean. BUT, the lower price point products made certain participants hair surface static, which means that it picked up dust from the atmosphere quicker than a higher priced point products.


3. Look for ‘-ium’ ingredients on the bottle

Ingredients matter. In conditioners, you should be looking for quaternium, polyquaternium, and anything ending with ‘-ium’. These ingredients help the conditioners to ‘stay’ on the hair and keep static away.


4. Hair damage is inevitable, but there’s a ‘safe’ heat for your straighteners

We all know (or should know) that even vigorous towel drying can be damaging to hair, but lowering the heat setting of your thermal styling devices could make all the difference between relatively healthy hair and ‘melted’ hair. Just by switching your styling temperature to around 180ºC-185ºC will avoid damage to the building blocks of hair. (FYI rubies:if you smell even the slightest scent of ‘egg’ during styling, you’re breaking those building blocks. You've been warned.......



5. There’s a grey 'gene'

Multiple studies show that hair can go grey for many different reasons,both genetic and external factors and environment. Smoking is thought to speed up the rate at which you can go grey - so throw those ciggies out rubies.


6. Hair adverts aren’t what they seem

#Goals for most of us, but hair adverts are all smoke and mirrors. Those long beautiful locks are almost always extensions, added with multiple amounts of photographic lighting tools. So find your own 'hair-beautiful' and rock it!


So there you have it rubies. Do you have any other hair secrets we didn't cover above?