Did you know, that each and every cell in our body has a metabolism which is a chemical process which burns calories to create energy. Therefore your ability to breathe and digest all depend on your metabolism.

How to speed up your metabolism

In the morning: Always remember to eat breakfast. By skipping breakfast your metabolism goes into starvation mode and slows down completely. We would recommend a healthy breakfast which are slow to digest. Opt for lean proteins and healthy fats such as a white egg omelette with peppers and mushrooms or perhaps porridge with a handful of frozen berries.

At the office: This one is for you caffeine addicts. Statistics show that people who drink caffeinated coffee have a 16% higher metabolic rate than those who drink decaf. Caffeine activates your central nervous system by increasing your heart rate and breathing. If you enjoy your morning cup of coffee, then follow it with a ice-cold glass of water. This raises your metabolic rate as your body has to burn extra calories to maintain its core temperature.

At the gym: When it comes to the gym, we recommended you practise high intensity interval training. 20 seconds of giving it your all, 10 seconds recovery repeat this over 40 minutes.

At meal times: If you are looking to slim down we advise you to pile your plate with protein and chase your meals with a cup of green tea. Green tea is seen as the 'metabolism potion'. According the the book Fire Up Your Metabolism studies show that people who consumed green tea three to five times a day over 12 weeks shed an average of 4.6% of their total body weight.

Remember the younger you are the faster your metabolism is, look after your body as this is the one thing you have to live with for the rest of your days. x