Being happy 24/7 is a lot more difficult than we think and is often seen as impossible.

Happiness looks different for everyone. Happiness to you may mean coming home to a full house, where as to someone else it could be catching a solo flight. But regardless of what happiness is to you take a look at these couple of habits to add to your routine which will help you achieve a happier you.

Daily Habits - 

Smile: Remember to smile, smiling causes the brain to release the happy hormone dopamine. This doesn't mean walking around with a fake smile all day, but when it is necessary smile and smile a lot.

Be Grateful: Start each day by acknowledging one thing you are grateful for. As you go through your day try keep on eye out for the good things happening around you. The more you practice the more you become aware of all the positive things around you.

Compliment: Treat those as you would want to be treated. Passing a small compliment won't only do you the world of justice but maybe that person really needed that pick me up in the lift this morning. Research shows that performing acts of kindness can help one feel more satisfied, so go on don't be shy.

Acknowledge the bad: Lets be honest life is not all sunshine and roses! A positive attitude is a wonderful thing but we all face bad news, mistakes and unhappy moments every now and then.

Acknowledge the feeling of unhappiness and try resolve the issue causing it, because remember no one is happy all the time.

Journal: A journal helps one to organise thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it is easier to put our feelings down on paper. Keep a journal next to your bed and write a little something about your day before crawling into bed at night.

Face stress: Life is full of stress and you can't hide from it. So instead of getting overwhelmed try tackle it head one. Whether this means initiating that uncomfortable conversation or putting in extra hours in the office. The sooner you tackle it the sooner that anxious feeling in your stomach begins to shrink.

Exercise: Exercise is not only good for your physically well being but it helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression while boosting self-confidence.

If you are not fan of working out daily consider starting small with a walk around the block after work, try out a yoga class or start your day with a 10 minute stretch routine.

Sleep: Sleep and sleep plenty! Adequate sleep is vital for our health, brain and emotional well-being. Most adults need between 6-8 hours of sleep a night, so make sure you are getting enough.

Eat: Food choices have an overall impact on your physical health but some can also effect your state of mind.

Such as carbs. Keep carbohydrates to a minimum as they release a short energy surge which will cause you to crash quicker. Rather focus on eating high protein foods as they release energy slowly throughout the day, this keeping you going for much longer.

These are just a couple of factors we turn to in the rubybox HQ. Let us know what you add into your daily routine to brighten up your day. x