What's one of the signs of a good deodorant? No white marks on your clothes! Well, obviously keeping us smelling fresh and our underarms smooth and cared for are the number one benefits.... but, spending hours painstakingly choosing the perfect party dress, then finding white deodorant marks on it (just as we're rushing out the door) is something we could definitely live without.


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You can see why finding the best deodorant for no white marks is something Dove is pretty invested in. So for a life free of spotting those telltale white marks on clothes (always at the most inappropriate moment, are we right?) check out our tips for avoiding them to make sure you retain your crown as style queen and keep your little black dress, well, black.

  • Tip one: First you'll need the right deodorant. Try Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant. Not only does it contain the unique Dove 1/4 moisturising cream to ensure your underarms receive the best possible skin care needed to remain beautiful, but it's also proven to leave no white marks on 100 colours.
  • Tip two: A good trick for avoiding marks altogether is to fold over the hem of the garment before slipping it on. This way, if you do catch a mark, it will be on the inside of the fabric. Once on just unroll the fold and your LBD will come out unscathed. Genius.
  • Tip three: The most basic piece of advice? Wait for your deodorant to dry before getting dressed. If you can, apply your deodorant first and save getting dressed to the last minute to minimise the risk of a white-mark catastrophe.
  • Tip four: Then again, depending on the cut of your clothes, you might find it better getting dressed before putting on your deodorant. This way you know where to apply it to avoid getting it on your outfit.
  • Tip five: Keep a pack of baby wipes in your handbag in case of emergencies. Simply dab and pat the mark away, but don't rub as this might make it worse.


So there you have it rubies, let us know if you have any other tips or tricks to keep white marks off your gorgeous LBD?