Most of us try to eat a healthy diet by avoiding sugar where we can.

However, we consume more than we think – hidden sugar in foods and drinks are lurking everywhere.


So we’ve listed the top ‘side-affects’ sugar has on your body.  It’s time we all start paying attention and making sure we know how much sugar we are actually eating in the day.

*Did you know that 4g of sugar equals one teaspoon of sugar. Make sure you check the label on the food and drinks you buy.


Sugar is the No.1 cause of premature wrinkles

Say it isn’t so! Too much sugar causes a process called glycation. This affects the structure of collagen and elastin which are needed to plump and firm the skin.


Sugar affects your hormones

Heavy periods and PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome) are affected by sugar, so be sure to watch your chocolate intake during ‘that time of the month’ and rather try dark chocolate which is naturally lower in sugar.


Sugar drains your body of energy

It may give you a sharp spike in energy, but it leaves you more tired than before. Rather grab an apple if you are looking for a ‘sugar high’ as this has natural sugar and fiber for a healthier energy boost.


Sugar makes you sweat

Sugar is a toxin, so your body will try get rid of it anyway it can, including sweating it out. This means you will sweat more if you have a higher sugar intake in your diet – and it isn’t a sweet odor either.


Sugar gives you gas

Apart from feeling bloated, sugar will make you feel uncomfortable and pass wind. (Excuse me)


Sugar dries out your skin

Sugar binds itself to the essential fatty acids that make up the outer layer of our skin, which prevents the nutrients getting in, this also keeps the toxins from getting out. Stay away from anything ending in an ‘ose’ as these all cause dehydration to the skin cells (fructose and sucrose etc.)


So rubies, after reading this are you going to find way to cut down on your daily sugar intake?