Dove Invisible Dry is designed to be invisible on 100 colours, including black and white and still contains ¼ moisturising cream which allows Dove Invisible Dry to take care of skin like no other.

The NEW Improved Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant - New Dove Invisible Dry has been formulated to protect against white marks with the inclusion of ingredients which actively reduce their appearance compared to regular aerosol ingredients.

Dove believes women should have the freedom to wear more of their favourite colours and wants to change the way women feel about wearing colour.


By liberating women to wear more of the colours they love, Dove wants women to feel more confident and empowered.

So Dove teamed up with African fashion designer, Rina Chunga-Kutama of Ri.Ch Factory to design a bespoke Dove fabric with a unique print to celebrate colour in a cosmopolitan yet authentically African way.

So go ahead, wear bight, bold and colorful outfits with new found confidence thanks to the New Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant.


#DoveSA #Dove100ColoursOfAfrica #rubybox

We're sending this New improved Dove Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant to rubies to test & review and the timing couldn't be better! It's Summer which means warmer weather and brighter clothing.

We will be going through all the entries from the Deodorant opt-in survey to profile and select the final rubies. The final group will be notified next week via email as well as the 9 friends they nominated.

So - if you nominated 9 separate ladies, you have a complete and filled in delivery address and your answers match this profile - then we could be sending you this product next week PLUS a few extra Dove products as a bonus.