As a woman in today’s world we are faced with many challenges, so it’s important to feel empowered and confident in your own skin. Here are our top three tips to help with this:

1. Resist the habit of comparing yourself to others

Yes, we are all gorgeous in our own skin and yes we are all different and that is what makes life just so special! We see it on a daily basis, whether it be social media “likes” or how many followers you have – the world is in a state of comparison, but this is not a good thing.
If you are using comparisons just to feel happy, you may need to address why that is.
It may be time for you to look at your insecurities and the negative talk going on in your head. Success tends to look very easy to attain from a distance, but seldom is. Unless you know all the fine details of the person you are comparing yourself to, you will never know how much they had to do, understand, grow and how many highs and lows they went through to get where they are. Be you. Only you. No one can be as great as a version of you, then you can.

2. Take responsibility for the things you can control

It is worth noticing:  when we leave our choices to chance or luck or to others, what happens when we aren’t ok with the outcome? We moan, accuse: the other person, the weather, our boss, the government and completely forget that we had a chance to make a decision, to take responsibility: basic ingredients to feel disempowered. Instead, take that power back and own that choice. Own that decision.

3. Do Something. NOW!

One of the greatest things you can do to feel inspired is to take a step or two that brings you closer to your goal. Just one tiny step can make all of the difference. The key is to make it achievable. Start by drawing up a list of all the small things that need to be done so that you can accomplish your goal. Every small success will make the next one easier. And the most important part of the process it to celebrate as you achieve each and every little goal.

Go out there rubies and live your best life possible. And remember to put on some gloss while doing so…


Love rubybox HQ