Thanks to todays modern world we are able to save a bad hair day in minutes. Are you lacking lift? Throw some volumising shampoo on or grab that hair spray. Greasy roots? Ever tried dry shampoo while rushing out the front door? Works wonders.

All is well with these quick fixes but they do not take away the problem, for good. Studies show that the condition of your hair can give you some insight into your health and habits.

Oiliness - Stress, sunburn and too much diary

It is not just that sweaty gym session making your hair greasy but rather your stress levels. High stress levels can raise the level of cortisone in your body which in turn causes your scalp to produce more oil.

Sunburn also plays a roll, when you burn your scalp your body produces excess oil to aide in the moisture loss from the burn.

Lastly, too much dairy will also cause a excess of oil production as the chemicals in dairy breaks down the hormone androgen which causes an imbalance.

Dry & Laclustre - Lack of Vitamin D

A lack in Vitamin D can cause your hair to become dry and break as well as may result in hair loss. The sun simulates Vitamin D production in our skin, but when it comes to your hair we advise you to retrieve vitamin D from supplements and incorporate healthy fats into your diet. To find out more on hair supplements click here.

Premature Greys - Thyroid disorder and lack of Vitamin B12

The thyroid gland is responsible for producing most of your hormones and when your thyroid is either overactive or under active this can have an impact on your hair. Vitamin B12 is responsible for the metabolism of both fatty and amino acids which are both essential fro hair health. If you are lacking B12 we advise you to eat the following foods: eggs, meat. poultry and dairy products therefore vegans and vegetarians are at a higher risk when it comes to a Vitamin B12 complex.

Brittle Hair - Low protein intake

Keratin is the main protein found in hair and it is what keeps your hair healthy and strong. Hair that breaks easily or just won't grow, may reflect a low intake of protein. Try adding more lentils, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds in your diet.

Hair Loss - Stress, illness, hormonal imbalance or nutritional issues

Hair loss is often due to numerous events such as a short term illness or an acute period of stress. This will result in short term heavy hair shedding. If this is the case no need to stress any further as the hair loss will eventually stop on its own. If stress or illness are not the issue you may have to look further as you may have a underlying nutritional or hormonal issue which blood tests will be able to pick up.

List of foods we recommend you incorporate into your diet when it comes to hair health: 

  • Mackerel, Prawns, Oysters
  • Eggs
  • Lean Beef, Chicken and Turkey
  • Lentils
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Broccoli, Spinnach
  • Carrots
  • Nuts
  • AND EVEN Dark Chocolate

When incorporating these health fats and vitamins you will see an all round improvement in your bodies both mental and physical health along with healthy hair. x