Whether you enjoy long outdoor runs or pounding it out in a boxing class, you are bound to need these gym bag essentials.

Take a look at our guide and see what we carry in our gym bags.

Dry Shampoo

Not a fan of that greasy hair feeling that you are left with after a power sweat session? Do not stress as there is a way to combat it. The answer is dry shampoo!

Before leaving the gym spray your roots with dry shampoo, by doing so this will help absorb excess sweat.

Face Towel 

A face towel is a must when packing your gym bag. Gyms are a breeding ground for germs, due to the number of sweaty people who occupy a gym.

Most gyms provide anti-bacterial spray and paper towel, we advise that you use this to wipe down the equipment and reserve your face towel solely for your face.

Wet Wipes

Wipes are great and not only for gym junkies. They are great to keep in your bag for those early morning coffee spills or to wipe down your kids hands.


It is totally natural to sweat up a storm but sweat isn't pretty nor does it carry the most pleasant smell.

Keep a deodorant in your bag to apply before and after you train to prevent and avoid any awful smells and stains.

Water Bottle

It is extremely important to keep hydrated on a day-to-day basis but even more so when you are working out.

We suggest you stash a reusable water bottle in your bag which you can easily refill before you start your workout and even top it up throughout if need be.

Protein Bar 

As important as it is to stay hydrated while working out, you need to ensure your body has enough energy to get you through an intense workout.

Pop a protein bar in your bag to fuel your workout or you can snack on it after your workout to refuel your body with nutrients it would of used up while working out.

Makeup Remover 

When you wear makeup you are blocking your pores. By blocking your pores you are trapping dirt under the skin which can lead to breakouts and blackheads.

We recommend that you remove your makeup before you plan on doing a workout, but if you do choose to wear makeup while working out be sure to remove it once you have finished.

Let us know if you carry anything specific in your gym bag rubies. X