2014 is juuust getting started, and we're super excited about the challenges and changes in store for us. Yup it's going to be a long year, but we're making sure to take the time out to look after ourselves, and hope you will too!

With our new Beauty Directory, we're focusing our energies on making this the year of you - a year for pampering, makeovers and being gentle on ourselves, and on our skin. Which is why, each month, we'll be running exclusive offers with our favourite salons, spas and beauty clinics from Cape Town and Joburg. With savings of up to 30% to be scored on our recommended treatments plus our personal guarantee that you'll adore every pampering second, there's no excuse not to indulge yourself in a few little spoiling sessions this year.

A little awkies when it comes to a salon of any kind? Sit back and relax - we've got the low down on spa etiquette to take any lingering stress out of your stress-relieving massage...

To tip or not to tip
Although it's not expected, it is appreciated. If you've had a good treatment, tip 10%. If your therapist isn't around when you're ready to leave, pop the cash in an envelope and include both your name and hers, and a short note - everyone enjoys knowing they did a good job

To undress or not to undress
It really depends on the treatment you have booked; if it's a facial you'll just have to remove your top and bra. For water-based treatments, take a cozzie along or use the disposable underwear provided. Full body massage? Leave your knickers on, or use the disposable underwear.

To talk or not to talk
It's really up to you as this is your time, so your therapist will take her cues from you. If you're chatty she'll more than likely engage with you but at the same time if you're quiet, she'll respect that too.

TIP Get more bang for your buck by arriving in good time (feeling rushed defeats the purpose and may cut into your treatment time). Enjoy the relaxation room and any other facilities on offer (pool, sauna, steam room) pre- or post your treatment. Aaahhh, bliss!