During the colder months, our feet go into major hibernation mode under layers of stockings, socks and boots. With our tootsies being out of sight for a few months they might be looking a little more funky than fabulous when warm weather rolls around. At long last, summer is upon us, which means it's high time to ready your tootsies for all of the gorgeous strappy sandals you'll undoubtedly be rocking soon. This time Milky Foot™ is here to help get your feet summer ready in under and hour!



Milky Foot™ introduces a completely new way to care for your feet!


Milky Foot™ Intense Exfoliation Pads are the effortless way to exfoliate your feet. Milky Foot™ is a luxurious at-home pedicure treatment, which removes hardened skin through its intense peeling action after just one application.


NO effort required, NO tiresome foot filing or messy ointments. With the Almond-based Mandelic Acid and new 3D design, Milky Foot™ allows for thorough penetration, thereby removing dead skin from the soles, sides, between the toes (which is often so difficult to reach) and heels. Skin peels off naturally, leaving behind silky, smooth, soft skin.


Directions for use:

- Wear the Milky Foot™ Exfoliation Pad on both feet after cleansing. Press the pad softly together

- It is advisable to wear socks over the foot pad for optimal absorption and free movement.

- Soak your feet in the foot pad for 60 minutes. Remove the foot pad and wash feet with warm water. Dry your feet with a towel. Do Not use the for pad for longer than the recommended duration.

- Dead skin will peel of naturally after 4-7 days of use. Automatics peeling affect with start on your feet. The exfoliation process can last for 2 weeks.

- The use of moisturises is not recommended throughout the exfoliation process.

- If calluses are still present on your feet after the first application, repeat the process after a 2 week interval.

- It is recommended to repeat the programme every 2 months to maintain perfectly soft skin and smooth feet.

- Please do not forcefully remove dead skin when the exfoliation process begins as it may damage your skin. It is recommended to soak your peeling feet in lukewarm water for better exfoliation.


Milky Foot™ is available at Dischem for R299

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