Squeezing blackheads is bad for your skin. Why make the problem worse, especially when it's so easy to pull off a deep down clean?

Introducing Bioré – the expert in clean pores!  Newly launched in South Africa and our latest test & review product on rubybox.

Traditional cleansers trap and wash dirt away, while also leaving behind individual molecules, which can penetrate skin and disrupt your skin’s natural moisture barrier, leading to: dry patches, oilier skin and clogged pores.


Bioré Cleansers feature Skin Purifying Technology that allows for selective cleansing – cleansing molecules, which target dirt and not your skin’s natural moisture. Like a magnet it locks onto problem-causing dirt, oil, and impurities.

When the job is done, individual molecules are attracted to each other and are swept away, leaving fewer molecules behind. This leads to: high cleansibility, low potential for damage and irritation with skin’s natural moisture remaining intact, which means it lessens the chance of vulnerability to more issues.


Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips - Bioré Pore Strips are for instantly removing the plugs that have already formed in the pores, which liquid cleansers can’t completely remove by themselves. While cleansers are excellent at cleaning deep inside pores that have not yet become plugged or impacted and may help prevent some plugs from occurring, they may not prevent plugs completely. You will still need the pore strips to remove the plugs that do occur.

Bioré Pore Strips feature proprietary Cationic Bond Technology that has a positive charge while the blackheads are negatively charged.  When used once a week, Bioré Pore Strips are proven to minimise the appearance of pores and minimise the re-occurrence of blackheads.


DID YOU KNOW                

  • You have about 200 000 pores on your face
  • The average pore is about as large as the point of a ballpoint pen (With Bioré® Pore Strips you can make yours appear even smaller!)
  • Blackheads are full of bacteria. So fingernails and squeezing can actually tear your skin and spread bacteria, but using Bioré® Pore Strips helps get rid of dirt and oil that can cause blackheads without tearing your skin OR spreading bacteria.


Because when you clean the pore, you clear the problem. Bioré – Free Your Pores.

We will be sending out the Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips to a group pf profiled rubies and their friends to test and review – so if you took our ‘pore cleansing’ you might be selected.

We will select and notify the final group and their friends within the next week then send product.   #freeyourpores #BioreSA #rubybox

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