When it comes to finding the perfect foundation match, all women have a vast variety of colours to choose from. Well at least that’s what we thought…


In previous years the selection for darker foundation was very limited. Supermodel Iman carried around her homemade foundations for 14 years simply because the make-up artists at the time didn’t have anything to match her darker complexion. Eventually she launched her own line to cater for the gap in the market.


Today the majority of cosmetic companies have added darker shades to their signature products and are finally expanding their color palettes by using color-matching technology to make it easier for women with darker skin to find the perfect shade of foundation or concealer.


Cosmetics giants have also worked hard to make their brands more diverse and open to all skin colours. This definitely shows in recent ad campaigns with Lupita Nyong'o as the face of Lancôme, Frieda Pinto for L’Oreal and Sofia Vergara for CoverGirl.


However even after all this change; some women are still struggling to find the perfect foundation to match their complexion.


We would like to hear from you, our community of beauty loving women, what are your thoughts on this and have YOU managed to find your perfect foundation colour, or are you still searching?