Not all of us can pull off a pixie cut, or bangs. (Yes, unfortunately this is true.)

So we've created an easy-to-use guide to help you find which hairstyle best suits your face shape.


ROUND-SHAPED FACE: Your face is circular; the length and width are approximately the same.
Your ultimate hairstyle? A slimming, layered cut. Wearing a ponytail high on your head will add height and length to your the face. And, a side parting is also best for a round face, whereas a middle parting can cut you in half. Keep your highlights away from your hairline, opting instead for lowlights around the crown area, which will make your cheeks appear more angular and elongate your face. What to avoid? Full, straight fringes and blunt cuts.

HEART-SHAPED FACE: Your face is wide at your forehead and cheekbones and narrow at your jawline. Your ultimate hairstyle? Wearing a low ponytail along with a fringe or hair swept across your forehead will visually shorten a wide forehead, and add some fullness around the neckline. Fringes will work for you too, but go for a shattered or side fringe, not flat, pageboy bangs. Lucky you, a timeless bob also works. What to avoid? Solid fringes and middle partings.

SQUARE-SHAPED FACE: Your face is strong and broad at your forehead with an angular jaw.
Your ultimate hairstyle? Asymmetric hairstyles are great for square faces. These cuts throw the eye off your face and can have a more rounding effect. Add lots of layers to your hair, and if you’re going for a fringe, make sure it’s shattered or angular. Partings should always be off centre and if you’re looking for a quick-fix, wear a ponytail with pieces pulled out as they'll help soften any angular features. What to avoid? A cut that sits on, just above or just below your jawline. Say no to centre partings and blunt cut fringes and lengths.

LONG-SHAPED FACE: Your face is longer than it is wide and you have a long, straight cheek line.
Your ultimate hairstyle? Hide those cheek bones with a bit of wisp and shorten the face with a fringe that comes to your eyebrows or below. Keep hair above the shoulder so that it doesn’t drag your face down. The Ombre look will also work for you, just lighten the last few centimetres of your hair slightly and this will make your face appear shorter. What to avoid? Elongating high ponytails and bun, or hair that falls below your shoulders. On the other extreme, pixie cuts won’t do you any justice either.

OVAL-SHAPED FACE: Your face is egg-shaped. The length is equal to one and a half times the width. Your forehead and jaw are usually a similar width. Your ultimate hairstyle? Gifted with the shape of your face, you’re a hairdresser’s dream. With your well-balanced facial features, your biggest problem would be what texture your hair is and what it will do for you, not the length or style you choose. What to avoid? Short layers that add extra height to the top of your head. Aside from that, you’re pretty safe.

We hope this helps rubies :)

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