When it comes to eating certain foods, we usually only think about whether or not they are good for our bodies, but let's be honest we never pick a meal based on the impact it will have on our vaginal scent.

However there are a number of foods that can impact the health and scent of your vagina, from causing yeast infections to unpleasant smells. Some of these foods which affect the smell of your vagina are still really healthy, therefore you shouldn't want to cut them out completely.

To keep your vaginal health in the best possible shape, we advise you to pay attention to this list of surprising foods which affect your lady parts.



Most of us enjoy a couple of drinks here and there and tend to forget the effects alcohol has on us, besides the dreaded hangovers alcohol also dehydrates the body. When the body is not adequately hydrated it makes it difficult for the vagina to produce sufficient amounts of lubrication. There is nothing wrong with drinking from time to time, but it is important to keep in mind that anything more can be potentially harmful.


Sugary Foods

Eating foods with high sugar levels can lead to many woman acquiring yeast infections. Yeast thrives from sugar, warmth and moisture. This is why people who have diabetes due to high blood sugar levels are most likely to contract yeast infections. Sugar is okay from time to time, but remember everything in moderation.



Did you know that any food that can give you bad breath can also cause vaginal odor! When eating onions, you excrete an onion smell in your urine, this also happens when you eat garlic. Although eating onions are not bad for your health, do keep in mind that by consuming too many too often can negatively affect your vaginal health.



Along with causing your urine to smell bad, asparagus effects the pH of your vagina. Just like many other foods asparagus is not harmful to the body but does indeed cause you to smell down there. We would advise you to eat it in small quantities as the smell can last up to a couple of days.



Broccoli is another smelly vegetable. Broccoli is healthy, so you may not want to cut it out but just like asparagus eating this vegetable will alter your vaginal odor for a few days before it returns back to normal. According to experts by incorporating broccoli sprouts into your dishes is a great way to still get all the healthy benefits of the vegetable but a great way to avoid the oder altogether.


Fried Foods 

High-fat diets and fatty foods have been associated with bacterial vaginosis, this is the most common vaginal infection. Bacterial vaginosis is indicated by symptoms such as thin, grey, green or white discharge followed by a fishy smell and itching. If you experience this often we advise you to see a GP or alter your diet.



Listen up coffee drinkers! Coffee is one of the strong-smelling substances that can chance the odor of your vagina. Coffee causes for there to be a change in your pH levels, making your vagina more susceptible to getting a yeast infection. So coffee lovers, no you do not need to quit! Just be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to balance your vaginal pH levels.



Just as many dairy products cause hormonal issues or imbalances due to the high level of insulin, too much cheese can do the same. If you consume too much cheese it can disrupt the bacteria in your vagina, thus will in turn cause a yeast infection. As with the rest of the foods listed eating cheese in moderation is fine as long as you balance it out with water.


With that being said you do not need to cut these foods out completely, just take note if you think they may be causing problems with your vaginal health. If these problems persist, contact your GP for a check up.