Good fences make good neighbours, but who isn’t at least a little curious about whether or not their neighbours are playing ball with saving water?

Monday saw the City of Cape Town launch a new online water consumption map, which they claim is aimed at increasing our awareness of water consumption.

That, and you can basically water-shame your neighbours when they complain about your dog barking late at night.

Here’s Zara Nicholson‚ spokesperson for mayor Patricia de Lille, via Times LIVE:

The potential water-saving benefit for all of Cape Town of making water consumption indicators publicly available outweighs any privacy issues at this stage of the crisis…

This behaviour-modification tool attempts to acknowledge good savers and encourage those who have yet to join the efforts.

And de Lille herself:

The city will continue with extensive enforcement but it is not possible to police consumption at every household. The map is a transparent tool and will assist in actively managing and reducing consumption to avoid ‘day zero’ (when the city will start turning off taps).

Day Zero, hey – just take a second to think about what life will be like when the taps run dry. Those water collection points – no thanks.

So let’s take a snoop around that City Water Map tool then, shall we?

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