This week our fearless females are a dynamic sister duo who started their own non-profit organisation. Sophie and Louise Kanza were born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and have lived in South Africa since they were toddlers.




The Sophie Kanza Organization officially started in September 2014. They decided to use charity as the means to bring people together because they felt it was important for the youth to know that they can make a difference, regardless of their nationality, race or financial status. The goal was ‘unity in diversity’ by building friendships and learning about each other’s cultures. “We encourage the youth to go out and make a difference in people’s lives.”


The Kanza sisters have a big heart and do a lot of good, and while most of their projects are self-funded, they have many challenges along the way – but never give up. ”Being foreign young women, we find that many people are apprehensive when it comes to donations and sponsorship. We get a lot of people questioning our motives.”


Despite the setbacks, they have still been able to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. One of their most successful ventures was the #25dresses campaign where they, with the help of others via social media, collected matric dresses for young girls from an orphanage and hosted a pamper party along with goodie bags and treats for the girls.




One of their latest campaigns is #FabulousFemale. The Kanza sisters often get approached by young girls with the problems they face. Many of them are forced to miss school each month for 5 days during their menstruation as they cannot afford sanitary towels. They have to resort to using grass, paper, rags and other materials exposing them to infections. Unfortunately the demand way surpassed the funds they had to help, so they hosted a very successful fundraising fashion show earlier this month. All funds raised will go towards the purchase of 100% biodegradable reusable and disposable sanitary towels which the girls will distribute in the coming weeks.


We applaud your selfless acts of kindness for the future leading women in South Africa, you are truly ‘Fearless Females’ making a difference.


If you would like to get involved in any way, you can contact the sisters via the below channels
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Contact - Cell : 074 911 7676 / 073 550 6519
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