Barbie and Disney Princesses have got a lot of explaining to do. Promoting the fairytale that hair just grows and grows, when in actual fact one in two women will experience hair loss in their lifetime.

According to studies women actually experience an emotional downtime between colour appointments, which to our knowledge means A LOT of unhappy women. So the question is what can we do about this?

We recommend that you try incorporating sulphur-rich amino acids into your diet firstly through natural alternatives such as eggs and meat, but in some cases like being vegan you can't. Therefore opt for a supplement.

Your hair requires a lot of nutritional boosters because did you know? Hair cells are the second fastest growing cells that our body produces. This means strands need a consistent supply of energy in order to grow which means it can be rather difficult to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs just through the intake of food.

Can a supplement boost hair growth?

Supplements are extremely handy as they provide that extra boost. The body has an optimum level at which it is able to produce hair cells at and this can be slowed down by thing such as low iron or protein. Low iron and low protein intake are the two most common nutritional issues people suffer from. Therefore we can take supplements to better this, but you first need to know what you are lacking in, in order to take the correct supplement.

With that being said supplements will boost hair growth if you are losing your hair due to a nutritional factor. However, if your hair loss is completely unrelated to your diet then unfortunately supplements are not going to help.

What ingredients to look for?

When shopping for a hair growth supplement make sure you go for one which contains protein. This is because our hair is made up of protein and hardly anyone eats enough of it. In terms of other ingredients, it depends on your individual requirements as mentioned above (lack of iron). If you are not entirely sure of what your body may be lacking, head to your nearest pharmacy for a blood test.

Hair loss causes? 

The causes of hair loss are endless from stress to short-term illnesses to genetics to hormonal imbalances to traumas and auto-immune disorders. Hair cells are the last part to receive the nutrients and the first to suffer when our diet is lacking nutrients.

Other ways to boost hair growth? 

  • Manage stress levels, stress can affect the hair growth cycle. Give yoga and pilates a try.
  • If your hair always seems to break at a certain length, this means that it is unable to grow past this point. Use a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment to strengthen strands.
  • It is extremely important that you focus on your scalp health. Try to shampoo often to keep your scalp clean and flake free, as a flakey scalp can cause hair lose.
  • Snack between meal as energy to form hair cells drops after every four hours after eating.

Rubies let us know if you have any times for hair growth. x