We all know trends come and go, and we must say, we couldn’t be happier that these below trends didn’t stick. Beautifully creative? Yes. Wearable? We’re not so sure

Here are some of our strangest, but interesting beauty trends so far, this year:

Yellow Blush: At first, we thought, ok yes the Minions movie sequel was a hit. But - did we really need a beauty trend to follow these cute little guys? In our minds, a blush should make you look awake and healthy – not make you look like you have yellow jaundice….

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 3.41.45 PM


Corkscrew Nails: We’re all for trying new colours and new finishes (Let’s not forget matt nail polish look – YASS!) But Corkscrew nails? Come on, let’s just get a bottle of pepper spray to carry around as a weapon?



Garden Brows: Brows have been so big this year and last, and flowers are always in season. But mixing the two together and on the brows! Is this a joke? Ashton Kutcher, come out – am I being Punk’d? Unfortunately not rubies. #GardenBrows was actually trending on Instagram this year.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 3.46.22 PM



Glitter Face: We’re all for Unicorns and Glitter but this was way over the top. Models at the Giambattista Valli fall runways in Paris walked out with full-on-glitter-faces! We could not even make this stuff up! No.No.No. Talk about attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 3.47.21 PM


Flower Eyeliner: Ok this one we are still deciding. We love the beautiful creative side but maybe only for Halloween or a 21st birthday? That’s if you have 2hours to spend on your eyeliner alone. Let’s keep this one for Cirque Du Soleil.



So, rubies, what’s the verdict – do you agree with us on these crazy trends or are you thinking about giving one of them a try?


(*images from Harpers Bazaar)