Celebrating 30 years of Bio-Oil memories

Mothers have trusted Bio-Oil, SA’s number one selling scar and stretch mark product, since 1987. To celebrate this milestone, the iconic brand is inviting fans to share their Bio-Oil memories.

We are looking for moms who have used Bio-Oil before, during or after their pregnancies, between 1987 and 2017. Share your Bio-Oil memories with us and you could be one of 30 mothers selected to represent each year of Bio-Oil’s lifespan.


Tell us how Bio-Oil was part of your pregnancy journey and you could win a professional photoshoot with your child, a Bio-Oil product hamper and the chance to be part of a Bio-Oil heritage documentary.

To be a part of the celebration, click here and complete the entry details.

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Some of our ruby reviews after using Bio-Oil:

I started using Bio-Oil when I fell pregnant with my first son. The smell alone reminds me of the joys of pregnancy. To this day, after two pregnancies with big boys, I do not have one stretch mark! I use Bio-Oil on my face and it keeps my skin supple and retains the moisture, bed time is best and I always wake up with the softest skin! No wrinkles :) I recommend this for everything!

I started using this product during my pregnancy, as I knew that I needed a friend and a possible savior for my changing skin. Many months and moons later after I gave birth, here I am declaring that all the days of my life, I will live with Bio-Oil. It has seen me through transitions of pregnancy and now through aging skin. I am glowing and the dark patches have been defeated. Thank you Dr. Miracle - Dr. Bio-OIl.

Being pregnant comes with stretch marks and dark pigmentation on your face, but since I have included the Bio-Oil into my daily routine I have seen a significant difference. I apply it three times a day all over my body and I just love it!

After giving birth to my son I was left with horrible stretch marks. Bio-Oil is the only product I use and I am starting to look like my old self again.

I used Bio-Oil since the day I found out I was pregnant. I never developed as many stretch marks during the pregnancy as I expected. The only ones that I have now are those that developed a while back while my weight was fluctuating. I always advise people to prevent rather than to treat. It is best to use Bio-Oil before any visible signs of stretch marks.