Despite the horrid taste (in our opinion), Apple Cider Vinegar is having its moment to shine. It seems au-natural is the trend these days when it comes to overall health and beauty – I mean look at coconut oil, honey, olive oil – they’ve all had their big debut in the 2016. Now let’s see what all the fuss is about with Apple Cider Vinegar…


Soooo, I’m sure we’ve all heard it before, that there is a secret ‘power’ in apple cider vinegar that aids in weight loss. There is no scientific proof yet that this is true, but recently there was a test done on rats, not humans, and it showed that the rats who were given apple cider vinegar ate less and lost weight compared to the rats who were not given the apple cider vinegar. But wait there’s more, both groups of rats were fed high fat fast-food type diets. Gets us thinking, does the vinegar help burn fat? If so, can we please get a double on the rocks!


University study results done on a test group which incorporated apple cider vinegar into their daily routine were also very impressive. The healthy test group participants were asked to eat two bagels first thing in the morning. Those who had drunk a diluted shot of apple cider vinegar before eating the two bagels, were found to have experienced a dramatic reduction in blood sugar.


Apple cider can be incorporated in a natural beauty regime. Often used in haircare as a rinse and detangler. Also great to use as a skin toner due to its pH which helps with oilier skin. Apple cider vinegar has also been known for its blemish reduction properties. Some woman swear by its ability to clear spots, this is due to the antimicrobial action it has, as well as balancing effects it has on the skin. When using on the skin be sure to try a test spot first, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Use it neat to dab on spots, but for everything else be sure to dilute first with 1-part vinegar and 2 parts water.


The best apple cider vinegar is raw and unfiltered, and it’s cloudy not clear. Try taking a tablespoon mixed into a mug of warm water with meals for best results.