Threading is an ancient Middle Eastern and South Asian practice of removing hair gently by using threads. It is a relatively painless exercise and is a natural alternative to waxing.

Threading involves lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals and only a piece of thread. Threading can be done on any parts of your face, the most common area is ones eyebrows but you can also thread your chin, upper lip, forehead, neck and if you are brave enough your entire face. Ouch!

With that being said you are probably wondering whether it is a painful experience or not.

Well the answer is yes and no, it has been found to be less painful than waxing but it does not rule out all pain. Different parts of the body have different sensitivity levels, so areas with more delicate skin such as the side of your face and upper lip will feel much more painful in comparison to your eyebrows. But then again we all have different pain thresholds so what is painful for one may not be for the next.

Threading is a quick process and can last up to two to five weeks since it removes hair from the root.

If you have never experienced threading before check out the video below, if you have let us know your thoughts. X


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