We sent the new Dove Even Tone antiperspirant to selected rubies who struggled with uneven tone underarm skin. They applied the product for 14 days.

The results are in and the rubies are loving the difference!

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Click here to read their individual reviews and see below stats from the rubies who tested and gave feedback after using the Dove Even Tone Antiperspirant:

  • 9/10 would recommend Dove Even Tone to other ladies who would like more even toned underarms
  • 9/10 would purchase the Dove Even Tone
  • 9/10 are now more confident to raise their arms and wear any clothing without worrying about unevenly toned underarms
  • 9/10 said the Dove Even Tone was gentle enough on their sensitive underarm area
  • 8/10 would switch from their current antiperspirant
  • 8/10 saw a visible difference after 14 days

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We also sent the new Dove Even Tone Antiperspirant to a few selected bloggers, see below for what they had to say:



Thank you to all the rubies who entered our competition, the winner has been selected – congratulations to LINDY OTTO – you have won R2500!

We will be in touch via email shortly X