Successful women know that starting the day right can make a big difference with productivity. We’ve selected 8 of our top favourite things to do before your day starts:


  1. Don’t Hit the Snooze Button - Hitting the snooze button, especially more than once, results is something called “sleep inertia”, that spacey, tired feeling that persists for two to four hours after you finally climb out of bed. That extra five, 10, 20 or even 30+ minutes of snooze-button sleep is not worth it in the end, since it only lowers your productivity.


  1. Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier - Doing things last-minute often lead to mistakes. To avoid frantic mornings, try waking up earlier each day for at least 30 minutes of downtime before your day begins. Then, use your newfound spare time to start some of steps listed below —but don't overdo it. The whole point of adding this time to your day is to give yourself space to breathe.


  1. Take 15 Minutes to Stop, Meditate and Stretch - Meditation is an effective anti-depressant and anti-anxiety treatment; it also helps to increase focus. When it comes to meditation, anything helps, whether you only have five minutes or an hour. Five minutes of simple stretching will go a long way.


  1. Drink Up - While sleeping, you go for six to nine hours without water, your body is thirsty. So is your brain, as it requires water in order to function properly. When you get up in the morning, before you do anything else, drink a glass of water. Try keeping it beside your bed so you drink it first thing, instead of going straight for the usual tea/coffee.


  1. Eat Breakfast - Our moms were right rubies (aren’t they always), breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast has been shown to increase energy levels throughout the day and even improve short-term memory. We personally love a good old fashion bowl of oats, or try a quick 3 egg omlette and throw in a handful of baby spinach for that extra boost.


  1. Create A To-Do List - There are productive and not-so-productive ways to make a list. Most of us like to write every little thing we've ever hoped to get done, then end the day with about 90% of it still left staring at us. Don't do this. Only include the number of tasks you can actually, realistically complete in a day.


  1. Daily Inspiration - This can include anything from reading a mantra to scrawling an empowering word across your bathroom mirror. We also love the idea of an Inspiration ‘mood board’ – collect some images from magazines or online of the things you want to achieve over the next 3/6months. Some ideas commonly used are healthy body, holiday trips and spending more time with the family!


  1. Make the Bed - Believe it or not, the habit of making your bed on a daily basis has been correlated to greater productivity throughout the day. It's also been connected to a host of other positives—people who make their beds are said to have a greater sense of wellbeing, actually like their jobs, own their homes and get better sleep.


Right rubies, those our top 8 before 8 tips to assist in a more productive day – are some of these already part of your morning routine? Or are you feeling inspired to add a few more steps before you start your day tomorrow?


Feel free to share some of your morning tips that help you start your day