Appearance is key when it comes to interviews and the (sometimes terrifying) prospect of marketing yourself and your skills to future employers. Great presentation goes a long way, but comfort is key too in an inevitably uncomfortable situation.

Here are our top tips for looking cool and competent when you’re in the pressure-cooker of the interview room…

Look the part
Show your would-be employers that you'll fit in seamlessly at the office. A three-piece suit when your interviewer is rocking T-shirt might make him think that the atmosphere won’t be right for you, but as a rule of thumb it’s better to overdress than under-dress. Check the company’s website to get a feel for the atmosphere, or go for a classic LBD (not too little, mind you).

Hairdo? Do.
Don’t let your hair go wild on the big day. Although beachy waves and endearing flyaways may be your usual look of choice, it doesn’t scream immaculate or professional. Now is the time to bring out the big guns – we’re talking hair straighteners and fuzz-taming styling sprays. A little on the lazy side or out of time?  Scrape your hair up into a top bun and accessorise with a cute headband.

Nail the meeting
Your hands are one of the first things that interviewers notice, as you know what they say, first impressions count.
While flowers, zebra stripes and diamantes show off your creative spirit, nail art doesn’t look sophisticated in the workplace. Instead, keep your nails short and use a slick of clear, pink or nude nail lacquer. If your polish has chipped, rather remove it before the interview.

Makeup rules
A little makeup goes a long way to enhance your look, but keep it natural.  It’s not the time to try out new shades, rather enhance your natural features instead of doing anything too adventurous on your eyes, cheeks, or lips.

Jewellery foolery
Avoid bright, gaudy or overly chunky necklaces or earrings that distract from your face. Flashy jewellery laced with diamonds may also give off the wrong impression, so stick to simple delicate pieces, a nice watch and, if you’re married your wedding ring.

Now that you look the part, brush up on your buzzwords, breathe deeply and knock ‘em dead!