Some women are lucky enough to have naturally long, beautiful eyelashes. Others (like us) have shorter lashes. And sometimes it seems that no matter how much of those ‘Lengthening’ and ‘Volumising’ mascaras we buy, our lashes just don’t seem to ‘flutter’ and ‘look longer’.
There is always lash extensions, but these are costly to maintain and can be damaging to your lashes so you need to take a month break every 6months - BUT nothing compares to naturally long lashes.

Rumor has it, that there are a few at-home tips and tricks to encourage growth. So, we’ve listed these 5 tips below for you to try at home if you’re looking for a little more length and va-va volume.


Brush your lashes: Just like you brush your hair, you can brush your eyelashes. This stimulates the follicles and can promote new growth. You can buy an eyelash brush, or clean an old mascara brush and give those lashes a few swipes in the am and pm.

Eat your way to longer lashes: There are foods that promote stronger, shiner and longer hair, these foods also work in promoting growth and healthier lashes. Fill up on high-protein foods such as meat, fish, chicken (soy and tofu if you don’t eat meat). Don’t forget about eggs, fish oil, tomatoes, potatoes and bananas which all contain vitamin A and C.
Aloe Vera: For a natural and effective way to ensure healthy lashes apply Aloe Vera to your lashes once a day. Aloe Vera is full of nutrients which feed your lashes.
Remove make-up before bed: Sleeping with mascara and eyeliner on can clog your pores and slow down new lash growth. Be sure to remove all stubborn make-up before going to bed.
Castor Oil: This is probably one of the most popular tips. Castor Oil promotes stronger lashes as well as new lash growth. Apply at night (after you have removed your make-up) to clean lashes with a lash brush and leave on while you sleep.


Will you be trying one of these tips or are you already using one to grow your lashes naturally?