3D Fiber Lashes - Eyelash Extensions In A Bottle! This amazing new product will help you achieve longer, thicker lashes in just 5 minutes.

We love how quickly you can transform your eyelashes in just 5 minutes, BUT, you need to follow the instructions carefully to ensure you achieve the best results. Remember rubies, this is not like your average mascara, so it's important to read the instructions below before applying.

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How to Apply Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara

  1. Ensure your eye lashes are clean, dry and free from any mascara.
  2. When you are ready this is how to apply your Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara. Ensure that you work with one eye at a time to get the best results.
  3. Apply a coat of your Brinea Transplanting Gel. Focus on applying the Transplanting Gel from the mid to tips of your lashes.
  4. While the Transplanting Gel is still wet, apply the fibers from the mid to tips of your lashes. Then seal the fibers with another coat of Transplanting Gel.
  5. You can apply as many coats of your Brinea 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara as long as you always end off sealing the fibers with the transplanting gel at the end of each fiber application.


  • A common mistake is applying too much fiber, especially those ladies who like a dramatic look. Apply thin layers and once the three step process is complete and dry, you can repeat the steps again until you have achieved the desired look.
  • But how do I know if you have applied too much fiber you ask? It should be extremely easy to seal with the gel - a basic little touch of the gel over the fiber should work. If not, then you have applied too much fiber.
  • If you have applied too much fiber, simply wash the area with your normal face wash and start again with a thin layer and build up from by repeating the application process, making sure it has dried in between.
  • The product does take 30 seconds or so to dry, so be sure that it is dry before applying another layer if needed. But - once it’s dry it’s dry!
  • An eyelash comb is a great tool to "smooth" out the look. If you cannot afford one or can’t find one, a simple cheap toothbrush will do the same job!
  • This is the mascara revolution.... not the usual mascara that we are used to applying from the base of the eyelash. Be sure to apply from mid lash upwards.
  • If you are out of time: Only use only the gel - it gives definition to your natural lashes.
  • If you are currently getting monthly eyelash extensions, it is often recommended to take a break in-between for a month. 3D Fiber Lash is the ideal product to use while taking a break from lash extensions.
  • BONUS of switching to 3D Fiber Lashes from lash extensions - very often lash extensions fall out and you cannot get an appointment to refill and we all know how this looks……

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