If you want to burn off some extra calories without breaking into a serious sweat then read on. We have some of the easiest ways to burn calories before beach season hits SA!


1. Keep your cool - The quickest way to burn energy is to turn down the heat – when your body is cold it uses energy and calories to keep you warm.


2. Get your walk on - Park your car a little further from the entrance, take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk around the block on your lunch break. Any extra steps during the day add up and you could be doing up to 30 minutes of extra exercise without hitting the gym.


3. Stay in control - Remove the batteries from your TV remote. Each time you get up and sit down you’re not only adding those extra steps, but you are working your leg, gluteus maximus and ab muscles at the same time.


4. Get down and gimme 10 - Do a few squats or jumping jacks as you get out of bed. This will jump start your metabolism and keep it burning calories throughout the day.


5. Have a ball - Using a stability ball can burn 260 extra calories as oppose to sitting in a normal office chair!


6. Graze - Keep your metabolism working throughout the day by eating smaller meals more often. Even the process of digesting food makes your body use energy.


7. Walkie talkies - Make a habit of getting up and walking while you are on the phone. This helps to break any long period of sitting throughout the day.


8. Spice things up - Eating spicy food heats up your body core, and makes your heart beat faster, which is using up some of the energy that has been stored in your body.


9. Yum Yum bubble gum - Chewing gum not only curbs your appetite but the motion of chewing also burns calories!


10. Get up – Don’t sit for long lengths of time, be sure to get up and stretch or even move your legs around at your desk – this will help use up some calories and keep your blood circulating.


Stay happy and healthy rubies xxx

Do you know of any other helpful ways to burn calories? We’d love to hear from you