Lulu & Marula
Lulu & Marula Balancing Cleansing Balm
Skin Type All skin types
Lulu & Marula Balancing Cleansing Balm - R340.00

A luxurious facial cleanser with oil-to-milk technology that effectively emulsifies make-up (yes, even that darn waterproof mascara) and daily impurities to leave skin clean, soft and glowing. Unlike traditional cleansers that can be unnecessarily harsh and foamy, this gal comes as a solid balm that melts onto your skin, and washes off while still protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier, imparting anti-oxidant properties. You won’t get that skin-tight feeling like you’ve just sticky-taped your face into weird positions, but rather like you’ve woken up from a glorious nap on a bed of puppies. Bentonite clay adds an extra detoxifying element, while Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Neroli warms your spirit and instills balance, creating the ultimate ritual to start and end your day.



Lulu & Marula