Perfect Oil
Skin Type Acne-prone, Combination, Dry, Normal, Sensitive
Hair Texture Coarse, Fine, Medium, Very Coarse
Skin Concern Acne, Dryness, Fine lines/wrinkles
Volume 50ml
Hair Concern Dry/damage
In Stock
What's this? 100% Pure argan oil without any added preservatives or artificial ingredients. What does it do? The options are endless! Super nourishing and hydrating, this miracle oil can be used on skin, hair and body to restore, moisturise and lock in moisture. Game-changing ingredients Argan oil (native to Morocco) has been used by the local Moroccan population for decades. This multi-functional oil provides intense hydration for skin, hair and body and is safe to use on sensitive skins too. How does it feel? This oily consistency is easily absorbed, but leaves a slight residue on the skin, so its best applied at night before bed time. With regular use the skin's texture is improved, it is intensely hydrated and it is less prone to dryness and cracking. Why we it Completely natural and organic, this oil contains nothing but the goodness of nature. It's one of those products that doesn't make empty promises- it truly works. I’m not usually one for so-called ‘miracle’ products, but I can honestly say that this oil has impressed me way beyond my expectations! If you have dry skin or hair, do yourself a favour and give it a try- it’s even safe to use on acne and sensitive skins! A. Botha


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  • Anisha
    Pure Argan treat - 12 Mar 2014
    I was on the quest to find a multi-purpose oil that I could use from top to toe & this miracle oil did not disappoint. As a face oil, a little goes a long way to hydrate the skin and to diminish fine lines. I was surprised to see how quickly the oil sinked right into my skin. I have thick, long and often unruly hair. Using a few precious drops of this oil, has transformed my hair into swathes of silk. Frizziness and dryness are history and I know that I will be using Issahra Oil forever!
  • Chante
    VIP Insider
    Perfect Oil - 12 Oct 2013
    This works as a great treatment for dry ends on hair. It also adds moisture to dry skin. My skin feels nourished and hydrated after using the sample I received. Would definitely purchase the full size.
  • Tasneem
    VIP Insider
    Argan oil for hair - 10 Sep 2013
    I have really dry hair that’s quite long (mid back)and thin. I recently received this product in sample form (rubybox night out) and tried it out for the first time. I used it on my hair after it had been blow-dried. When I opened the sachet I didn’t expect the oil to be as thick, which meant when I applied it on my hair my hair immediately became greasy and I had to cover it. A few hours later when I re examined my hair it was soft and all the oil had been absorbed. I had it washed today (2days later) and brow-dried as usual. My hair is much softer than usual and looks healthy with a shine. I would totally recommend this as a treatment product to be used once a week or so. It’s too thick to use as a daily moisturizer after blow-drying . A very good treatment product tho, perfect to use in wake of a special occasion.
  • Anouschka
    So Pure! - 15 May 2013
    I was super impressed by the size of this bottle as this is pure argan oil, with no chemicals or other cheaper oils mixed in, so this is great value for money.
  • Gename
    VIP Insider
    Lovely Product - 2 Apr 2013
    I tried to use this product on my face but it was a bit rich for the summer months. I can't wait for winter, I know it will make my skin silky soft, as I need the extra moisture in winter. I have however been using this oil in my hair as a serum after blowdrying and it makes my hair soft and manageble. I have also been putting a drop on my 1 year old's unruly hair and his hair is soft with none of that bedhead hairs! All in all a great product!
  • Jeannet
    Wish I had received it - 30 Oct 2012
    I have heard so many good things about the argan oil, I so wish this product was also included in my rubybox, but then again I can also purchase it here. I haven't personally tried it, but from what I've heard, it's a definite must have.


Where they've come from
The Issahra brand was born after the local women of Morocco shared their long-time natural beauty secret. Instead of applying artificial moisturisers and lotions to their bodies, they made use of the indigenous gem, argan oil (extracted from the argan tree). They found that not only did it moisturise, but it had incredible beautifying properties too. As the only country in the world where this tree grows, Moroccan locals have mastered the extraction process of this precious oil. After ten years of research and experimentation perfecting skincare products containing this oil, the Issahra brand was born.

Where they're going
Containing 100% natural ingredients, Issahra products are not only manufactured according to high ethical standards, but are made from only the purest ingredients too. Gentle enough to use on almost all skin types, argan oil is the major ingredient in all the Issahra range. Each product has been carefully designed to nourish and care for your skin. Thanks to argan oil’s antioxidant properties, it assists in delaying the ageing process too, adding another dimension to the range. Free of parabens, animal derivatives and chemical colourants, no Issahra products have ever been tested on animals.