Superantioxidant Complex
Size 30 capsules

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This multi approach supplement is a powerful blend of natural ingredients that nourish and protect the body’s cells, tissues and vital organs and help maintain optimum health.

Comprised of ingredients like resveratrol which is known for its anti-ageing effects, rooibos tea which contains powerful antioxidants, selenium which promotes immune system function and an array of vitamins, take this daily supplement to fight cellular damage, promote cellular revitalisation and boost antioxidant action.


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Where they've come from
NATRX™ was created and developed in 1998 by a team of highly-skilled pharmaceutical professionals who are passionate about health and wellness. Based in Cape Town, the brand offers more than 150 perfectly-balanced natural supplements, manufactured from the purest carefully-selected ingredients. The products include an extensive range of minerals, vitamins, tissue salts, herbal remedies and targeted supplements, and are naturally effective and non-habit forming solutions to everyday health concerns.

Where they're going
Natural products (supported by reliable and accessible scientific information) can help you achieve your unique health goals and enhance your general wellness. Whether you’re trying to find a natural solution for sleepless nights or reduce your stress levels without side-effects or prescription medications, there’s a natural supplement available to assist you in achieving these goals. If you want to restore your energy, general health or rejuvenate your skin, you can do so from the inside out. All NATRX™ products are produced from premium-quality ingredients without common allergens, preservatives, gluten and sugar. NATRX™ is the perfect answer for a holistic approach to health and beauty.