TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner
What’s this?
Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner (5 Benefits, 2 System*)

Available at leading Clicks, Dis-Chem and Pick N Pay stores - R79.99 (750ml)

The new Cleansing Conditioners from TRESemmé are shampoo-free formulas that cleanse and refresh your hair without stripping or depleting all of its natural oils and nutrients.

Co-washing skips the sulphates that are mainly found in shampoos, instead it uses a conditioning formula to gently cleanse from your scalp and hair. Perfect for hair with volume and looser curls.

This co-wash contains Marula Oil and Keratin Proteins and will leave your hair smooth and feeling soft with a silky shine while also taming fly-away hair.

• NO Parabens

• NO Dyes

• NO Sulphates

*Consumer Test, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner


  • Luthando
    Great for ethnic hair too - 28 Aug 2019
    I love this range. I use it on my hair, daughters hair and on my wigs. Leaves it soft, fresh and bouncy. I even take it with me to the salon when I go to have it relaxed or plaited and the effect are long lasting.
  • Pinky
    LOVE LOVE IT - 14 Aug 2019
    I love TRESemme, ever since i started using i never looked back. I use it both on my wigs and natural hair, the results are just amazing
  • Lucy
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 1 Jul 2019
    I love the way it leaves my African hair. After wash my hair feels soft and silky. Is a must have
  • Mandisa
    Tresemme - 26 Jun 2019
    I love this product ,I use it on my natural hair and my wigs !my wigs are tangle free !Thank u Tresemme
  • Keabetswe
    Life Saver - 17 May 2019
    My weave has been very frizzy and tangled but this product helped tame all the frizz and my hair is softer than ever making it easier to manage. This product was sent straight from the hair gods, it ticks all the right boxes and is definitely one of my current favourite products.
  • Vhonani
    Absolutely love - 28 Mar 2019
    My sister and I started using this product on our weaves last year.It is really worth the money.Leaves the hair silky,with no tangles or fuzz at all.It also manages the hair when there’s wind.It works well with the hair mask from the range.
  • Anita
    Wig Saver - 26 Mar 2019
    ..... I've always loved TREsemme! I use it for both my natural hair and wigs, it's perfect for any type of hair and gives good results always. Also leaves that fresh and clean smell on the hair. Definitely the best hair product to use*
  • Lungile
    Love it - 23 Feb 2019
    I use it on my natural hair and on my wigs, it's does wonders to my hair
  • Candice
    Keratin Smooth Hair With Tresemme - 21 Jan 2019
    I have used the Keratin Smooth range from Tresemme for quite sometime and I really enjoy it for keeping my hair smooth. I have used it for months until I had my Brazilian treatment done.
  • Tshepang
    Love Love Love - 3 Jan 2019
    This product was excellent to use for my 4C relaxed hair. I have been looking for a product that will leave my hair soft, thick and shining.
  • Lee-Anne
    TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 10 Dec 2018
    I only use this product in my home for myself and my daughters we love and we recommend it.
  • Chanel
    Tresemme - 23 Nov 2018
    like it but because my hair is oily already felt like i needed to wash my hair more often
  • Carmel
    Treseme - 22 Nov 2018
    My hair has never felt so soft and frizz free ever. If that's not enough, the smell is amazing
  • Sue-Ellen
    Frizz to Fab! - 16 Nov 2018
    I was sceptical that anything could work on the permanent halo of frizz that I sported all winter. My hair was a hot mess. Using this product has returned my hair to a more nourished and healthier state. It will be a monthly buy from here on out. Bye bye frizzy hair!
  • Kirsten
    Amazing - 15 Nov 2018
    I absolutely love this product! My hair looks and feels healthier - it has an amazing shine, feels silkier and is easier to manage. Would recommend using the shampoo with the deep treatment masque as it works wonders!
  • Andrea
    TresEmme - 13 Nov 2018
    My hair feels fuller, thicker, more gentle since using this product. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and my hair is just feeling softer with every use.
  • Tamryn
    Best product - 8 Nov 2018
    I use this shampoo it makes my hair look super healthy and shinny recommend it to everyone
  • Tshepiso
    I use this product on my weaves. It leaves the hair shiny, smooth and manageable and it smells so good too. Every woman deserves to look and feel good and this product will do the trick.
  • Uwatera
    TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner is best! My hair is cleaner and fresher, this product is perfect for coarse hair. My hair has a nice glow and shine after using it.

  • Lungisile
    Literally designed for all hair types - 2 Nov 2018
    I Love, love this product.
    I use it on my natural coarse hair and my baby's hair and it leaves it smelling great and well taken care of.
    I use it on my weaves leaves them silky and maintainces them restoring all the texture and keeps shinny. A must have
  • Kerrin
    FRIZZY HAIR, TAMED - 2 Nov 2018
    I never thought that using a different conditioner (co-wash) could make the world of difference. I have curly hair which is naturally dry so that comes with frizz (yay me) my GHD flat iron has been my best friend for many many years because i do not like wearing my hair natural with the curl because of the frizz. I tried the co-wash and the next morning when i woke up my curls were more defined no frizz and i went to work, everyone thought i had actually done my hair and when i told them that's the way i woke up they loved it, as did i.

    Definitely a product i will buy.
  • Wafieka
    It's a good product... - 2 Nov 2018
    I really liked the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner. It made my hair feel really soft and smooth. My hair felt stronger and my ends looked great. However, there was a downside for me. Having dry scalp issues, the co-wash cleansing conditioner made my scalp dry out a bit more. I have had to stop using it due to this. But I recently started using it again as I really loved the end results from using the product. I just have to make sure not to rub the product onto my scalp.

    This product is still a winner for me though.
  • Leanndra
    Good product - 1 Nov 2018
    Been using tresemmè forever nothing does it better for my hair and this product is even better. It doesn't cause dryness or itchiness. Love the long lasting fragrance too.
  • Bianca
    TydRenne Keratin Smooth - 31 Oct 2018
    When I received my box I was a bit sceptical to be honest because I usually battle to find hair care products that really work for me.

    Once I started using the TreSemme Keratin Smooth Co-Wash though I was quite surprised. Not only did it work as it said it would but it left my hair soft and smelling amazing.

    I have the whole house using it now and I even see the results in my children's hair too. It has even helped my eldest with her super dry spots she usually has on her head as well. After she started using the product they started going away.

    We all love it and I'm sure we will keep using it too.
  • Karen
    TRESemme' Keratin Cleasing Conditioner - 31 Oct 2018
    Excellent product, this makes my hair soft and silky. Wonderful feeling
  • Taya-Leigh
    Heavenly Tresemme - 31 Oct 2018
    I got given a bottle by my Mom. It made my hair very soft and I didn't have to use a separate detangling product. I love the smell. The size of the bottle is nice because it will last a long time. Would prefer it to be a pump bottle though.
  • Lynette
    TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 31 Oct 2018
    I've been using this TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner on my hair and i can honestly say it leaves my hair moist without damaging it my hair or leaving it greasy, this product is perfect for coarse hair. it is so gentle on my hair that I also started using it on my weaves. My weave has a nice glow and shine after using it.
  • Elmarie
    Tresemme Hair Products - 31 Oct 2018
    Received the product from a friend. I have been using Tresemme for a long time but has not seen the co-wash in the shops. Just love the product and will by buying it in the future.
  • Cailin
    Tresemme Co-wash - 31 Oct 2018
    A product with 0% sulphates, 72 hour frizz control, a perfect detangler , silky shine & soft feel finish, tames fly- aways & has an amazing smell. A curly girls dream product.

    After the first wash with the TRESemme CO- WASH, I immediately noticed a difference to my hair. No frizz, soft feel & of cause a silky shine. I found my dream product.

    However, after using the product more frequently, my hair would feel limp & strummy after using the product & it also did not detangled my hair, like I would like it too.

    But over all, it is a fairly good PRODUCT. Since everyone has different hair textures, i would recommend the product since the product might not have the same effect on their hair.
  • Thobile
    great hair product - 30 Oct 2018
    if u want your hair to feel soft and have zero breakage this is your hair expert to go.
  • Bernadine
    Tresemme keratin smooth - 30 Oct 2018
    I have very fine hair. It have made my hair very static, but must also confirm that this product did make my hair nice and soft. Did unfortunately not keep my hair smooth the hole day.
  • Neliswa
    Love it - 30 Oct 2018
    Wash days will never be the same again.
    I love this TRESemme conditioner because it leaves my hair feeling soft,shiny and revived.Never visiting the salon again.
    Thank you rubybox.
  • Mishka
    Love love love - 30 Oct 2018
    I love the new TREsemme keratin smooth cleansing conditioner.
    It leaves my hair soft , manageable and strong.
    Thank you Rubybox
  • Lailaa
    TRESsemme - 30 Oct 2018
    TRESsemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Co-wash is amazing. I have been using TRESemme for years but, never have I tried the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing up until recently when a Ruby sponsored a bottle. My hair is no longer feeling dry, it is soft and sleek.
  • Simone
    Smooth to the touch - 30 Oct 2018
    This was absolutely beautiful on my hair it really saved me lots of time and effort. It made my hair so soft and significantly shiny!! Absolutely adored using it!!
  • Bethany
    TRESemme co-wash conditioner - 30 Oct 2018
    Absolutely love this product. Definitely worth a try. Love love love
  • Adele
    I love it - 30 Oct 2018
    Tresemme Keratin
    The smell is out of this world suitable for my afro & weave.
  • rosetta
    Loved it... - 30 Oct 2018
    A good conditioner that is worth the money spent on it.

    Give it a try and see why for yourself
  • Javad
    Tresemme Luscious Curls - 30 Oct 2018
    I've washed my hair with the new Tresemme Keratin smooth cleansing conditioner and I was surprised with the results. It made my hair shiny and smooth like silk and I just love it.
  • Bridget
    TREsemme Conditioner - 30 Oct 2018
    This co-wash product is amazing. Less hassles and the smell is wonderful. It was really easy to detangle my hair after wash. My itchy scalp has calmed down. I truly love this this one
  • Candice
    TRESemmé - 30 Oct 2018
    I have always been a fan of TRESemmé, but this product is really great & I will recommend it. My hair is so soft and beautifully smooth. It smells great too!
  • Salma
    AWESOME PRODUCT! - 13 Sep 2018 - 30 Oct 2018
    I have used other TRESemme' products, and this is simply awesome! It saves on time and with the water restrictions it saves on water usage as well. Hair is left smooth and soft, I just love it! No more more stripping of the hair leaving it feeling like straw. Amazing product! Well done TRESemme! Thank you to Delia Munro for the sample and thank you RubyBox!
  • Salma
    AWESOME PRODUCT! - 13 Sep 2018 - 30 Oct 2018

    I have used other TRESemme' products, and this is simply awesome! It saves on time and with the water restrictions it saves on water usage as well. Hair is left smooth and soft, I just love it! No more more stripping of the hair leaving it feeling like straw. Amazing product! Well done TRESemme! Thank you to Delia Munro for the sample and thank you RubyBox!
  • Shantel
    Hair Blowing Experience - 30 Oct 2018
    I have damaged , failing and split end hair . After using TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner , I have noticed a great defence in the texture of my hair . It is lightweight , soft and less tangled . My blowing drying and straightening experience is now a breeze .
  • Genevieve
    TRESemmé is my go-to hair care product! - 30 Oct 2018
    So, the question is does it live up to its claim? Yes, it’s a good conditioner which makes hair smooth and silky. I have quite thick hair which is prone to thinning, but this conditioner did not make them further limp. My daughters absolutely swear by it as it detangles knots, adds softness and tames fly-aways!
  • Carly
    TRESemme #LOVE #LOVE - 30 Oct 2018
    Wow what can I say an absolutely fantastic product especially since I have dry hair made it so smooth and silky . Use for the whole family and we don't buy anything else
  • Carey
    TreSemme Number 1 product in South Africa - 30 Oct 2018
    I dont Even know where to begin with this product! Its absolutely amazing its smells delish almost edible hahaha...after trying this i will not go back to anything else,id highly recommend this product for any female that has the same type hair as me..leaving my curls,soft lush vibrant and refreshed.
  • Pretty
    thee best - 29 Oct 2018
    I have tried many hair products for my afro, sine tresemme i have not gone back, it leaves my hair loft ,soft and manageable.
  • Tandokazi
    #TRESemme#Wonderful Prod - 29 Oct 2018
    Because I have an Afro I thought the TRESemmé Botanic CO-WASH would have been the best. When I got this from a colleague, I said why not try it and see. Result=Awesome. Glad I tried it but will test the TRESemmé Botanic CO-WASH as well.
  • Tanya
    Smoooooth! - 29 Oct 2018
    This product is not only cost effective but keeps my hair smooth and does not make it oily at all!
    Keeps my long thick hair looking shiny and smoother for longer.
  • Fouzia
    Definitely a winner - 29 Oct 2018
    This product is definitely a winner for me. It has been added to my shopping list. Hair feels and looks great as I have very thick hair it is now manageable.
  • Adele
    I love it - 28 Oct 2018
    The best product I ever came across!!! 'My weave_& have smells so.nice and very silky
  • Romi
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 28 Oct 2018
    TRESemmé new conditioner is really worth it. It makes your hair glow and feel smooth and just perfect. It's so light and most of all your hair won't feel oily after a day (like other conditioners). This conditioner is definitely worth it and I can 100% recommend it to anyone who is willing to try this awesome new product!
  • Neliswa
    LOVE IT!!! - 27 Oct 2018
    My friend shared this product with me as she was selected for a review and I absolutely LOVE IT,my hair/weaves love it.
    Leaves your weaves and hair feeling soft and silky and has a great smell to it.
    Thank you rubybox.Literally saved my hair
  • Lailaa
    TRESemme - 26 Oct 2018
    OMG!!! I have been using TRESemme for years but, never have I tried the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing up until recently when a Ruby sponsored a bottle. My hair is no longer feeling dry, it is soft and sleek.
  • Keshia
    SHOOK - 26 Oct 2018
    I've never used a co-wash product before and was surprised that with the keratin smooth product. I have hair that is difficult to treat and keep healthy, so when I found that this product works well, I was happy.
  • Cheryl
    TRESemme - 25 Oct 2018
    My hair feels soft and silky smooth. I will recommend this product to all. Smells great too.
  • Candice
    Love TRESemme - 25 Oct 2018
    My hair feels silky smooth & smells great. Will recommend it to friends & fam :)
  • Candice
    Love TRESemme - 25 Oct 2018
    My hair feels silky smooth & smells great. Will recommend it to friends & fam :)
  • Cailin
    Tresemme Co-wash - 25 Oct 2018
    A product with 0% sulphates, 72 hour frizz control, a perfect detangler , silky shine & soft feel finish, tames fly- aways & has an amazing smell, a 'curly girls' dream product.

    After the first wash with the TRESemme CO- WASH, I immediately noticed a difference to my hair. No frizz, soft feel & of cause a silky shine. I found my dream product.

    However, after using the product more frequently, my hair would feel limp & strummy after using the product & it also did not detangle my hair, like I expected it too.

    But over all, it is a fairly good product . I would recommend it to someone looking to try a new product. Since everyone has different hair textures, they might not experience the same after effects as me.
  • Sarah
    TRESemme Keratin smooth cleansing conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    OMGEEEEE absolutely love it.From the very first wash the texture of my hair was immediately different smoother softer silkier,thinner and omw smells beautiful,and this is feeling it after washing it.
    After the blow dry there is an immediate difference in my hair,love how it tames those fly aways lol.
  • TonyandVanessa
    TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    I absolutely loved the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner Gift!

    My hair has a link in it but after using this fabulous Product I found I could allow my hair to air dry with not an iota of 'frizz'.

    My hair is smooth yet soft and silky; bearing in mind that I have extremely thick coarse hair.

    I would recommend this Product to anyone without hesitation - we don't even have to be discussing products In going to tell my friends about it as some of them have already remarked on how amazing it's looking - and I actually barely ever use Conditioner! 10
  • Rushnie
    Tresemme smooth keratin conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    It made my hair feel soft but limp. No volume. Made my hair feel too oily and I noticed dandruff. Maybe my hair doesn't need a lot pf conditioner. I don't think I will buy this product. I was very disappointed, but i love the smell. It has a clean and pleasant smell. Other family members who also tried this product were quite happy with it and they will recommend this product to other people. It made a difference in texture and smoothed their hair making it very sleek.
  • Lameez
    Tresemme' keratin smooth cleansing conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    Love how silky and smooth my hair feels. No more dull dry looking hair, thanx to TRESemme' keratin smooth.
  • Yentel
    WAY TO GO - 25 Oct 2018
    I always look for something that makes my hair feel light as its think and heavy. This is totally a wash and wear product for wavy hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I now have extra shine, strength and less frizz
  • Marli
    Quality conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    At first it made a huge diffence in the texture of my hair but then the smooting, softening results started to fade. This is still a great product if you airdry your hair tho and I would recommend you try it out for yourself.
  • merencia
    TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    Absolutely love the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner. No more frizz or fly away hair. My hair stays smooth and silky when ive flat ironed it and bouncy, shiny and not frizzy when I wear it au natural!! Love it!!!
  • Melanie
    Keratin Smooth - 25 Oct 2018
    Love the product and smell of my hair. Will definitely use this in the future.
  • Yolanda
    Keratin Smooth - 25 Oct 2018
    Love this product, very nice to use between washes. Makes my hair so soft.
    Will definitely use this in the future.
  • Lerato
    HAPPY SCALP - 25 Oct 2018
    This product was a surprizing as it left my scalp moisturised and itch-free. I could have never purchased this as I never thought it catered for my ethnicity.

    Pleasantly surprised and will be purchasing it again!
  • Amelia
    Worked great on colored hair - 25 Oct 2018
    Love this product. My color of my hair was fading and my hair was dry. I felt and saw a big difference after the first wash.
  • Lizaan
    Nice Product - 25 Oct 2018
    Good product. Left my hair soft after almost every wash. Used the product as an in-between wash product since i found it doesn't foam and cover my hair quite the same as the same amount of shampoo would. But otherwise it is a great product to leave hair soft and manageable.
  • Mishka
    Great Conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    This worked great on my hair and the smell was great. I will be using it from now on.
    Tresemme Keratin Smooth Cowash - 25 Oct 2018
    This has been the most amazing product I have used for my hair. I have very curly hair! My hair feels nourished and healthier. Would never use a different product again!
  • Dorothy
    Works great with curly/kinky - 25 Oct 2018
    One wash and I could already tell the difference. It's an amazing cleanser and conditioner. And if you're one of those people that tend to wash their hair often in a week this is a great replacement for shampoo because it doesn't dry out your hair and leaves it clean
  • Kayla
    Love this conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    It worked great on my hair . Loved it. Would recommend it to all. On my first wash i could see a differenc. My hair looks norished and smooth. It has a great shine to my hair and it cuts down on the time i spend on my hair treatment. Love the fact i can have the salon look and feel without spending alot of money.
  • Lisa
    Smooth - 24 Oct 2018
    Great concept however this product didn’t work well with my hair type. Left my strand feeling a bit rough
  • Ashleigh
    Manageble curls - 24 Oct 2018
    Wash day hasn't been easier. This cowash has cut down time on wash and left my hair in a much healthier condition. For those looking for a good product for their curls, this cleansing conditioner is the one. Bye bye frizz! Hello beautiful curls!
  • April
    Curly hair days - 24 Oct 2018
    Perfect for summer with wash and go days for natural curly haired girls like myself! On days that I can't stand to use heat to style, this is a perfect solution for Frizz free curls for me. I wouldn't be able to use it every day however as I feel like it leads to product build up. Very nice product overall
  • Bendre
    Tresseme Co Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    I will recommend it to my friends, it left my hair shiny and more manageble. I will just advise not to use it every day as it tends to over condition hair and you will have oily hair, but all in all it is a good addition to my hair care routine.
  • Whitney
    Smooth like an expert - 24 Oct 2018
    Definitely for those suffering from frizz!! It helps minimise the static frizz, leaves your hair feel refreshed and not weighed down. Please do try it out
  • Melissa
    Tresemme - 24 Oct 2018
    Love how soft my hair was after using this product. It left my hair a tad bit oily at the roots after a day but other than that, great product!
  • Cass-Leigh
    Making wash days 50% easier! - 24 Oct 2018
    This is a light two in one so I'd recommend it be used in between washes, not necessarily as a complete replacement for shampoo and conditioner.

    I love the smell and love the immediate difference in how much hair looks afterwards. A subtle, clean smell, very refreshing!

    Loved how it made everything a whole 50% simpler.
  • Janet
    Amazing - 24 Oct 2018
    This is truly the amazing cleansing conditioner. Love the way my hair was so smooth and silky and easy to blow wave my hair
  • Anke
    Tresemme Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    Thank you for the opportunity to review this product, I really liked this product the only complaint I had is that i was my hair every day and by the second and third day my hair had an oily build up i first thought that it was because i did not rinse it good enough but it was not the case therefore not such a good review
  • Farzaana
    Tressemme Co Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    The product helped to smooth my frizz. It is not completely gone but I can see that it is better.
  • Natalie
    TRESemmme Keratin Smooth - 24 Oct 2018
    I was super excited about this product, because I really struggle with fine, brittle and dry hair ends.
    After the 2nd wash I already felt a difference and detangling my main was a breeze!
    The only crit I have, is after a week, it left my roots a little oily. So I ended up only using it on my ends and not my whole head.
    But I'll definitely purchase it again!!
    Thank you, Ruby BOX!
  • Chanel
    tresseme - 24 Oct 2018
    Amazing product love the smell and feel of my hair when i am done using it couldn't ask for a better product
  • Danielle
    Something Different - 24 Oct 2018
    I tried this product when i received it, i was ver sceptic about using the product as i do not like 2 in 1 hair products. at first i was not happy with the results hair was dull and lifeless, but as the weeks went on and i used it more it my hair got its shine back and is a product i will use again.
  • Leana
    Not what I expected - 24 Oct 2018
    This product did not work well with my hair at all. It left my hair extemely oily when using without a shampoo. When using the product closer to my roots, it made my hair look oily even after the wash. I started using the product on my tips only, as a conditioner, and was very happy with the result. Would not recommend washing your hair with the product/using it without a shanpoo, but using it as a conditioner only, showed good results.
  • Taya-Leigh
    Pleasantly surprised - 24 Oct 2018
    I got a bottle of Tresseme from my room mate. I have never used these products as they are normally out of my price range but I was so surprised. My hair was feeling so gross and lifeless because I dye it a lot but after about the 3rd wash, my hair is looking awesome. It feels much lighter. It is super soft and shiny and just lovely. I didn't even have to use much so the bottle will last me quite a while but I will definitely buy another bottle when this this bottle is finished. Well done Tresemme
  • Taya-Leigh
    Substandard product hiding behind a fancy name - 24 Oct 2018
    I got this product from a friend to test. I have never used anything from Tresemme before but always hear good things. As much as I would like to give it a glowing review, I just couldn't. The bottle was a nice size and it smelled good but it did absolutely nothing for my hair. It left my hair greasy looking and dull. Sorry but I won't use it again.
  • cornelia
    Tresseme cleansing conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    Excellent product will buy the product future use. And i would defenity prefer friend to use the product works really good and good on my hair. Very very good product. My hair is more radiant healty looking hair and becomes very strong. Ive found new love for shampoo/conditioner that i will continou to use for a long time.
  • Taya-Leigh
    Tresemme rocks - 24 Oct 2018
    I got a bottle to test from my Mom. I have horrible hair that always ends up in knots. I also have ugly dry scalp and my hair is dry. After the first time I used it, my hair is soft and I don't rip my hair out when I try to comb the knots out. I also don't have flakes in my hair anymore but that took longer to go away. I really like the smell.
  • Bronwyn
    Best Shampoo Ive ever used!! - 24 Oct 2018
    I love this, product, it has cut my morning prep time in half, I no longer have to shampoo and than condition my hair, this works perfectly for me, I dont believe that I will be using any other product in future. And the best part of all, it really makes my very curly hair so much easier to manage, I hate combing my hair but with this product I feel no pain, I just love it. Well Done Tresemmë
  • Shakira
    Great for curly hair - 24 Oct 2018
    This cowash worked really well for my curly hair. Made detangling a breeze, and left my hair feeling clean and soft. I also saw a reduction in frizz. It is also could value for money considering other cowash options available.
  • Tammy
    TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    I found this product did not work well for my hair. I tried using it with a shampoo and it worked better then but overall was a bit too strong and left my hair greasy.
  • Katherine
    Great! - 24 Oct 2018
    My hair was super soft from the first wash! And way easier to detangle.
  • Samantha
    Great product - 24 Oct 2018
    This product works very well! Am I quite impressed with it as it left my hair feeling soft and shiny after only a few uses. I would definitely recommend it to others as it works well and is great value for money
  • Tania
    Best of both Worlds - 24 Oct 2018
    Love this product, would definitely recommend it and love the fact that helps with my hair texture, which is thick! a bonus is that its like a two in one, and leaves a shine without your hair looking oily, thank you Ruby Box
  • Kayla
    Sad - 24 Oct 2018
    I was so excited to use this product. I jumped straight in the shower when I got home. Sadly it left my hair feeling as if it is still dirty and I did not like that. Sadly I wont be using this anymore
  • Shireen
    Tresseme co-Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    This is a lovely product and the first day of use my hair felt stunning, but the next day felt a bit oily. I would use this twice a week, but use my normal shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis.
  • Rolanda
    Tresseme Co-Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    Really a product i can get used too.Just what my curly hair needed :-)
    Love that my hair is smooth and silky after using it. The smell is also very nice. I can manage my fly away hair now with ease and it is a must have in mu house. Good for the whole family to use. Wonderful product simply love it!!!!!!!!!
  • Nicole
    For an on-the-go day - 24 Oct 2018
    This product is perfect for those days you just don't have extra time to do a full hair care routine. I use the co-wash for lazy days when I leave my hair to naturally dry. It makes my hair feel smoother and softer, less harmful than normal shampoos and it smells great too! Would definitely recommend this product, especially to girls who like to keep their hair natural....less heat, less damage!!!
  • Leticia
    TRESemme' keratin SMMOOOOOTHHHH - 24 Oct 2018
    Just 2 washes my hair was sleek and soft. I often have to use lots of various products to tame stubborn hairs ....

    but after using this CO-WASH I ain't looking back ..... TRESEMME co-wash is here to STAY !!!
  • Monique
    It is simple enough to understand - 24 Oct 2018
    Thanks Rubybox for the sample. Tried it out and i love this. It feels so good when using this on your hair - it is soft on your hair. Your hair smells so nice and it looks great - perfect shine.
  • Kirani
    Not for all Hair Types - 24 Oct 2018
    I have curly hair (about 3A) and I have quite a lot of it. When using this product, I found I had to use a ridiculous amount to make sure both my scalp and ends receive product, about 3 handfuls. This made detangling slightly easier but not like my usual conditioner. My hair felt clean and soft afterwards but almost too soft because my curls lacked their usual definition before styling. I honestly think this would be better suited for people with thin or short hair, but I must say that my boyfriend used this product with me and he has short curly hair (3B) and he also complained it's not as moisturising as my other conditioner which gives his curls more definition.
  • Gail
    Loved it!!! - 24 Oct 2018
    My hair felt amazing afterwards and so shiny...
    I will definitely recommend this product to my curly/frizzy haired friends.
  • Devonne
    Tamed my curls! - 24 Oct 2018
    My thick, curly hair is much more manageable with this co-wash! It smells wonderfull as well. Happy the results, and will continue using in the future.
  • Nuha
    TRESemme Co Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    All I can say is wow!!! After 2 washes I could see the difference... never thought I could use a conditioner to cleanse my hair and make it look fabulous...Thank you RubyBox :)
  • Lilani
    Lovely cleansing conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    If you're like me and wash your hair everyday...(with gym and busy warm days, I can' skip a day.) this cleansing conditioner is for you. Your hair doesn't feel stripped of its natural oils after washing. It took me a few days to get used to the non-soapy feel, but my hair felt smoother and shinier after every wash. Some weeks I used my eczema shampoo in conjunction with the cleansing conditioner as I sometimes have flare ups, but the other days I could solely rely on the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner. :-)
  • Ingrid
    Not the best - 24 Oct 2018
    I used the product for a few weeks, it did not do as much as I expected. It did help to de-tangle my hair but I could not see a big difference in shine. The sad part was that my hair still frizzed and because of that is not my best product. Not bad, just not for me.
  • Danielle
    Tresemmé Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    I really liked the way my hair felt after treating it with TRESemmé's conditioner. It felt smooth and soft and was so my hair wasn't as difficult to untangle as it always is after a wash.
  • Shamiema
    #TRESemme#CoWash#Feels Great - 24 Oct 2018
    I was very fortunate to try out the new Cowash. It leaves my hair soft silky smooth and straight for a longer period as I have frizzy curly hair. I love TRESemme Keratin smooth its one of TRESemme's excellent products.
  • Samantha-Lisette
    Not for twice a week washing - 24 Oct 2018
    If I washed my hair daily it would work well but not really for twice or three times a week but loved the feel of my hair directly after a wash. Great product.
  • Leigh-ann
    Tresemmé - 24 Oct 2018
    I have officially changed over to Tresemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner, absolutely love the way it makes my hair look and feel, so soft and manageable. easy to brush. thank you Ruby Box for introducing me to this amazing product : )
  • Debra
    TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    was very impressed with the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner. The product smoothed my wild hair and the frizz was also tamed although not 100%. I will definitely buy this product once the sample is finished. Debra Allie Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape Age 56
  • Sanelisiwe
    Keratin Smooth - 24 Oct 2018
    I used TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner on both my afro and my weave and I didn't know my weave had curls until I used TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner. my hair is soft and smooth. I'm definitely going to continue using it.
  • Bridget
    TREsemme Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    The conditioner smell good plus it kept my hair smoother for longer. Detangling my hair happens with ease and thanks to TresemmE conditioner. Love the product
  • Yolanda
    Pure Bliss - 24 Oct 2018
    I must admit, I doubted the power of the product at first, but after I saw the results I am sold. My hair and my kids hair is now easier to handle and shines beautifully.
    Thank you Tresemmè
  • Roshana
    Expected more - 24 Oct 2018
    When I used it the first time I was unsure about not using shampoo first, well my hair didn't come as clean as I would've liked, it still had that oily feeling especially at the back and roots, second wash i used some shampoo to get the greasiness away and used the cleansing conditioner afterwards and I have been using it that way ever since, great smell and does make my hair smoother.
    Love Love Love - 24 Oct 2018
    I thought at first this product would not live up to the salon brands I use. My hair has been treated with a Brazilian Keratin blow out so I can only use specific shampoo and conditioner. This product is absolutely amazing. It is so soft on the hair and the best is it has:
    NO Parabens
    NO Dyes
    NO Sulphates
    Definitely a winner and also on my monthly shopping list :)
  • Yolandi
    Tresemme - 24 Oct 2018
    I really like the smell and the way it makes my hair feel. I would definitely consider buying this product in the future.
    Keratin Gold Must Have - 24 Oct 2018
    I really loves using this product, I have short hair and with the large bottle the product will last me a long time. it made my hair so soft & smooth but also gave it nice body after I dried it. Would definitely recommend it
  • Ethne
    Tresemme Co-Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    I wash my hair everyday so this product was ideal as it is very gentle on your hair. I also used it on my daughters hair and it removed her frizz and helped with detangling her hair.
  • Faieza
    Tresemme Co-Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    Great Time saver that actually works. Love that it is a shampoo & conditioner in 1. My hair was soft, moisturised and manageable. love love love it!
  • Adilhia Fernandes
    Tresemme CoWash Keratin Smooth - 24 Oct 2018
    i had used this product and its very nice that we can replace it with our shampoo and conditioner. My hair was soft and smooth but I found that it gave me a lot of dandruff.
  • Melissa
    TRESemmè co-wash - 24 Oct 2018
    I wasn't aware of this product until my sister shared it with me. It really does tame your frizz and hair feels softer. I feel that I will still need to use it with my normal shampoo though.
  • Faieza
    Tresemme Co-Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    It is a time saver that works extremely well. Love that it's a shampoo that conditions at the same time. My hair was soft, moisturised and manageable. Love, love love it!
  • stacy
    TRESEMME - 24 Oct 2018
  • Milyska
    TRESSEME CO-WASH - 24 Oct 2018
    Nice product to tame and ease hair , but with my hair type i would need to wash everyday. I would use this in addition to my normal shampoo as it is not as tough on your hair and alternate or over weekends when you can skip a wash. I would not replace my shampoo as it left my hair a bit limp , but i do not have extremely thick hair.
  • Janet
    Tresemme -co-wash or conditioner?? - 23 Oct 2018
    The Tresemme co wash feels very much like a very, very gentle conditioner and it is rather odd washing one’s hair with just that and no conventional shampoo,as we are used to doing. It does leave my hair feeling very soft and frizz free and the smell it leaves is lovely. However after a day my hair looked lanky and dull, and like it needed a wash. So I guess as an everyday 2 in 1 this would be great. But not as a twice a week wash.
  • Elmarie
    Tresemme Hair Products - 22 Oct 2018
    I always use Tresemme as I believe it is good value and not expensive. I was not aware of the Tresemme Co-wash until I received the product from a friend to test. I will defenitely recomment the co-wash as you truly get the best of both (shampoo and conditioner) in one bottle.
  • Mishka
    My Hair is alive again - 22 Oct 2018
    I was gifted TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner.
    By a rubybox friend Angelique De Mink Marks.
    I wear the islamic headscarf (hijab) and I find my hair is always dry and lifeless/limp.
    After using TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner and styling my hair.
    I found it had so much volume and its looking healthier.
    Even a few days later it still smelled amazing and retained my natural oils ,no dryness.
    Thank you TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner.

  • Laura
    Shampoo to be replaced by Co-wash? Or nah? - 22 Oct 2018
    Recently,I was fortunate enough to be able to try out the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Co-wash. Now, I had absolutely, positively no idea what a co-wash was. Was it a product that waste be used in conjunction with my normal regime or was it more like 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner. With all these questions, I decided to take it to Google and clear the matter once and for all- especially if I was to be of any helot my little following on social media.

    I eventually found out what it was (and Yes, I am pretty sure that if you're reading my review, you've read others, so you probably have a good idea of what it is but I will tell you again anyway, just for good measure)
    A co-wash , according to TRESemmé is not supposed to entirely replace your conditioner and shampoo, it is more of an add-on to your regular beauty regime. It was created to provide you with an alternative solution, on days where your hair needs a more "gentle and nourishing cleanse", you are able to swop out your conditioner and shampoo and use the co-wash instead. The aim of this is too allow you to gently cleanse and nourish your hair without stripping away to much of the natural oils.

    However, after one wash, I felt cheated. Cheated by the packaging and my expectations. My hair did not feel cleansed, neither did it feel nourished, it just felt oily and sticky. It smelt amazing though, I give it that much. Needless to say, I struggled to style my hair and when it dried, it was an oily mess. I felt like throwing the bottle away and not giving it a second chance. However, I noted that other bloggers had had the same problem in the beginning until they tried it out for a second time.

    So I thought it couldn't hurt to try, why not give it a go again...and thats when I saw the results and started to reap the benefits. My hair was no longer an oily mess and I was able to style it with no problem. It felt so incredibly soft to the touch and smelt amazing. It literally shined like the top of the chrysler building in the sunshine.

    So, yeah I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone looking for an amazing product with regards to convenience and quality!
  • Gloria
    Co-wash leaves hair in oily mess - 22 Oct 2018
    For the past three weeks, I have been fortunate enough to try out the keratin smooth co-wash. Before trying out this product, I had no idea what a co-wash is, let alone how to use it. However, I soon found out that my co-wash was almost like a 2-in-1 shampoo mixture, but not quite. It is supposed to be used on days when your hair feels like it needs a little extra TLC and you don't necessarily want to strip away the natural oils.

    So what was my experience like?
    I immediately felt a difference after the first wash, my hair was softer to the touch and felt extremely manageable, as if I had doused it with lots of conditioner - and thats where the problem lies. As soon as I tried to style it, my hair became incredibly oily and sticky and I was unable to style it effectively.

    All in all, I believe that this is an excellent idea from tresemme, however, they definitely need to work on the formula and make it less conditioner like and more like a cleanser.
  • Stacey
    CO-WASH - 22 Oct 2018
    I am so torn with regards to whether or not I love or hate this product. It creates excellent curls and cuts out frizz like a pro. It's great when leaving my hair in its natural state. But when it comes to styling my hair, it left it in a horrible oily mess. I'm so torn! I love the convenience of only using one product, as well as the fact that there are no nasties in the product. I might be using this on those hot summer days when it's just too to pick up those styling tools.
  • Connie
    TRESemmé - 22 Oct 2018
    I love the convenience of this product. As well as the time it cuts off of you're shower especially with the water restrictions in CPT. Works well and left me with fantastic frizz free curls
  • Roxanne
    If at first you don't succeed, WASH AGAIN! - 22 Oct 2018
    When I first received the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner I was a bit sceptical. I asked myself how it would be possible to clean my dirty hair with a conditioner but very reluctantly gave it a try. After my first use I was a bit dissapointed because the cleansing conditioner does not foam and my my hair seemed to be quite oily after washing it. I swore to never use it again but after reading blogger reviews I gave it another try. This time I used a bit more product and made sure to rinse my hair thoroughly. After a few washes the result was amazing. After blow drying my hair it seemed much smoother and soft to the touch (almost silky) with NO product build up.

    This is a great product and very gentle on your hair and scalp. You have to bear in mind that because the cleansing condition does not foam you therefore have to use a little bit more product than you would normally use with an ordinary shampoo and you have to work it through your hair well and rinse thoroughly. The results are definately worth the extra little effort. I would recommend this genius product to anyone looking for that natural summer glow. Say goodbye to dry ends and nasty, little flyaway strands.
  • Nichole
    Great Product - 22 Oct 2018
    I received this and was a bit skeptical as I'd never used a co wash before. I was really surprised as it made my hair feel so soft and manageable! Smells amazing and great for hair that gets easily tangled like mine
  • Theresa
    SO SMOOTH - 22 Oct 2018
    After 2 or 3 washes my hair was sleek and soft. I usually straighten my hair and after this product it was much quicker to straighten.
  • Chanell
    WOW!! - 22 Oct 2018
    I was very skeptical about using the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner as I've tried a few products already that I was so disappointed by. I am so happy that I gave this a try as by the 2nd wash I could see a difference in my hair! It was smooth, softer and so easy to brush afterwords. My hair smelt so clean and fresh that even my daughter wanted to use it.
    I would definitely recommenced this to anyone.
  • Karen
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner -VERY GOOD PRODUCT - 22 Oct 2018
    After 2 washes I could feel and see the difference my hair was softer, not tangled and my hair smelt clean and fresh. I have shared this with colleagues and family.
  • Kerry-Ann
    This conditioner worked extremely well and I could easily put a comb through my hair after showering and it smells wonderful! I have heard keratin in frequent use is not healthy for the hair so I may limit my use of this in my routine, but it's an excellent product!

    Hair Type:DryWavyCoarse
    Interested in Hair Products for:Color ProtectionDamageFrizz
    I loved this product - 21 Oct 2018
    It made our hair so soft and more manageable. It was amazing to see the difference just after 1 wash. My new product going forward.
  • Dee
    Sample cowash - 21 Oct 2018
    I love the Cowash. I gym 3 to 4 times a week and colour my hair so prefer to wash once a week. The Cowash is perfect for a massage in and leave then rinse. I have less frizz and my colour lasts longer. Hair is shiny and soft with curls. Best product thank you
  • Santie
    Too smooth - 19 Oct 2018
    Very nice product but since I have fine and straight hair, not suitable for me.
  • Tracy
    New body and shine! - 19 Oct 2018
    I loved this conditioner, my hair has been less knotty and easier to handle. The frizzes have been less. Finally a product that works!
  • Tarren
    The softest and most manageable! - 19 Oct 2018
    So this product is THE BOMB! I have never felt my hair so soft and manageable EVER! At first use, I was quite sceptical as it doesnt lather like the shampoo I was use to. But boy, oh, boy, was I mind blown from the first wash. My hair had no tangles and no tight knots (ouch) as previously, my hair is now frizz free; no fly aways!! I will continue purchasing this product and have already recommended it to friends and family! Thank you TREsemmé and Rubybox!
  • Francis
    Tresseme co-wash - 18 Oct 2018
    This is a fantastic product, especially if you need a time saver. I can use it and simply let my hair air dry. No frizz or fuss!
  • Madre
    From fussy hair to no fuss product - 18 Oct 2018
    I have thick, coarse and curly hair that usually requires deep conditioning, so naturally I was sceptical after my first wash having had to abandoned my regular conditioner dreading that my hair would be wild and uncontrollable. Needless to say my hair in fact seemed more oily after the first day. After 1 week of using the product my hair is much softer, sleeker looking and easier to manage. No need for extra products during styling to get this desired effect. Great product!!!!! Thanks TRESemme
  • Mona Liza
    Tresemme Keratin Smooth - 18 Oct 2018
    What an awesome product!! Im very picky when it comes to conditioner, makes my hair soft, shiny and helps get all my knots out in a few minutes when im in the shower! My hair is curly and fine, so getting knots out of my hair in the morning WAS a nightmare, but not anymore! I will definitely purchase this conditioner from now on. ♡
  • Dawn
    TRESemme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    After the first wash using this Cleansing Conditioner, I fell in love. My hair feels amazing, it looks and feels really healthy. I can't wait to see how my hair looks and feels after a few months of using this amazing product!!!
  • nicole
    Cleansing conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    I was sceptical about a cleansing conditioner. However the product made my hair shiny and my hair had less tangles. I would recommend it
  • Jade
    TRESemme Keratin Smooth - 18 Oct 2018
    I was confused as I thought this was a conditioner only. When it was given to me - I was under the impression it was a conditioner. So I used it after shampooing - until I realised it was a co-wash. Only then did I swap and use it on its own. I personally prefer to have a separate shampoo and conditioner as it allows me to choose how much conditioner I need. So ideally, I would buy a shampoo and conditioner not a co-wash. I was REALLY excited that there are no parabens in this product. Thats a massive deal for me and something I look for in products I buy.
  • Regan
    Not very impressed - 18 Oct 2018
    I tried the conditioner in place of my current shampoo and conditioner and it made my hair sticky and got dirty much quicker than my normal routine. It also felt very flat and did not have its usual body. I did also try it as a conditioner only and used another tresemme shampoo first and that worked better as a conditioner only. Smell is good.
  • Cayla
    Love it!! - 18 Oct 2018
    This new TRESemmé keratin smooth cleansing conditioner is moat definitely wort it! It makes my hair a lot less frizzy, more smooth than ever and shiny! Absolutely love it! Will recommend it to anyone who has frizzy hair. Saves me a lot of time doing my hair! Love love love!
  • Megan
    Tresemme Co-Wash - 18 Oct 2018
    I Opt in for buying this product again. I am a firm believer of using Co-shampoo which has no sulphuric ingredients in it and this has brought my curls a bounce that I have never knew could come back.

    Thank you Tresemme.
  • Andrea
    TRESemme cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    I must admit that it was a bit strange for me to use 1 product as a shampoo and a conditioner as I have never believed in 2 in 1's.

    This product definitely tamed my flyaway hairs and made it very easy for me to detangle after washing.

    However, I exercise vigorously during the week which causes me to sweat a lot (especially on my scalp). I did miss a shampoo that makes for a nice foamy wash which makes it feel as if I am really washing the sweat and oils off my scalp.

    I really do love this product and will continue to use it, but will add my little bit of foamy shampoo before I apply this.

    This product is VERY easy to use and I will be buying it again. It made my hair shiny and easier to manage and less tangles. Nice Smells also...
  • Charnelle
    Tresemme Keratin - 18 Oct 2018
    This product is so easy to use and def a rebuy....It made my hair shiny and easier to manage and less tangles. Smells so divine.
  • Nicole
    TREsemme Keratin Smoothness - 18 Oct 2018
    Let’s start by saying that it’s super weird just using one product instead of two (Shampoo and Conditioner) but It’s a pretty great time saver- bonus points there!

    My first time wash was a disaster! My hair was knotting so much that even my tangle teezer was taking strain! I was a bit disappointed to say the least because this was a brand that I have had in my household for years. So I bucked-up the courage to try the TRESemme Co-wash again and thank goodness I did because the results were completely different second time around.

    Second time round, which was a day later, my hair wasnt as knotty at all and my brush glided through my hair smoothly. Phew! (close one there). It left my hair feeling really soft once dried and quite moisturised. I sometimes have to put serum on the ends of my hair for that extra moisture but I haven’t needed to since using the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Co-Wash.

    If you are looking for a product that will nourish and restore natural oils back into your hair- TRESemme is definitely a good pick!
  • Paula
    Tresemme Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    Made my hair soft, silky and manageable. however a shampoo is needed from time to time. will continue to use this product.
  • Christina
    Fussy Hair Under Control - 18 Oct 2018
    Love the product. Makes hair washing process quicker and faster. Hair is softer and more controllable. A great product!
  • Janine
    TREsemme keratin 2 in 1 - 18 Oct 2018
    I love this product so much. It gave my hair shine. Made my hair very easy to manage and tangle free. Smells so divine. Will use it again....
  • Lisa
    Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    I was extremely excited to start using this product. But unfortunately it just didn't work for my hair. It left my hair extremely greasy, and I've never had greasy hair in my life before. I tested it for 2 weeks, but it just didn't improve, it just made my hair a complete greasy mess. I however gave the rest of my bottle to my mom to try and she loves it! She says it left her hair feeling soft and really shiny, and it gave her great curls with almost no frizz. I think she may even be converting from her usual shampoo and conditioner to this product.
  • Julia
    Manageable hair - 18 Oct 2018
    I really enjoyed using this product! It left my hair feeling soft and more manageable! What is really love is that it contains no Parabens, Dyes or Sulphates.
  • Samantha
    Best hair product - 18 Oct 2018
    This product is so amazing it worked from the first day I washed my hair!!

    I love how soft and shiny my hair is it’s a breeze to wash and brush my hair now and the smell is amazing

    I’ll never turn back now
  • Leah
    TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    Definitely detangles and makes my hair feel smooth, but it makes it look a bit oily. Will definitely continue to use it once week, but won't replace my usual products entirely.
  • Javad
    Tresemme Magic - 18 Oct 2018
    The Tresemme cleansing conditioner turned my dry curls into shiny luscious curls after 1 wash.My hair is more manageable now.
  • Nikita
    Keratin Smooth - The Bomb!!! - 18 Oct 2018
    I absolutely love this product. It is so convenient to use a 2in1 that works. It smells divine and left my hair so shiny and even gave my "curl" definition. My hair did not frizz as normal and was way more tamed than usual. Highly recommend this to anyone.
  • sherriann
    Tresemme - 18 Oct 2018
    I absolutely loved this conditioner, my hair is smoother an it was so much easier to straighten after washing.
    Not for me - 18 Oct 2018
    Weighed my hair down quite a bit, not suited for my fine hair unfortunately. Felt soft afterwards. Easy to use. Big bottle will last a while if used correctly.
  • Charmaine
    tresemme - 18 Oct 2018
    This product made my hair a bit tooo oily. My kids loved it though and the friends I gave products to, but I myself will however not purchase it for myself.
  • Janet
    I was sceptical to try this product as I have never been fond of 2-in1 products but I have to confess that the result was amazing. My usually fly away hair was smooth and manageable with no sacrifice to the body or volume! I will continue to use this regularly and highly recommend it!
  • Shahistha
    Amazing results after the first wash - 18 Oct 2018
    What a wonderful product. Most two in ones do not condition your hair properly. It feels dry after. However, with Tresemme, you hair is clean and soft and silky. It was easy to comb through after the first wash and my hair was shinier. It also smells great! What a great product. This works and I am sticking to it.
  • Baderoeniesa
    Tresemme cleansing conditioner - 17 Oct 2018
    I actually love it because I don't have to waste time anymore using shampoo and conditioner separately. It made my hair silkier and smoother than ever before.
  • desiree
    Tresemme wonderful - 17 Oct 2018
    I love this product as a conditioner not as a conditioning shampoo as it made my hair a bit oily. However it has mad my hair smoother and softer and i love the way it shines. I no longer have to blow dry and straighten my hair :-)
  • Zelmarie
    Pleasantly Surprised! - 17 Oct 2018
    I thought I would hate this product, but i actually love it! It is super convenient, especially having an eight month old baby and being time restricted some days. Be warned though, you can only use some oil and heat protect, otherwise you WILL look like a grease ball. Product smells lovely too
  • Annemarie
    tresemme keratin smooth - 17 Oct 2018
    My hair felt softer and more manageable, but I had to wash my hair more frequently as it became oily by the end of the day. I would rather use it as a conditioner after using my shampoo.
  • Nicole
    Mind Blown - 17 Oct 2018
    I was really surprised with this product

    I never used to like co-washing
    But this changed my mind and my hair

    I used it with the Keratin Mask as well.

    I coloured my hair while using it as well. And it saved my hair a bit from the dye.

    I highly recommend
  • Camryn
    TRESemme KERATIN SMOOTH - 17 Oct 2018
    This is such an amazing product. The smell is everything!! It made my hair super soft and silky and gave it a beautiful shine too. It was sooo easy to detangle my hair with this product... with other products my hair is usually full of knots. I love the concept of this product. Its brilliant. Thank you TRESEMME!
  • Ntombi
    I loved it.. - 17 Oct 2018
    I really loved the product. It cleaned my hair properly and also made my hair soft and not only for that time but even washing it the second time. I have an afro and I did not have a headache when combing my hair after the wash. Absolutely loved it. Cant wait for it to hit the shelves...
    I am really impressed with this. I gave my sister, mother and my sister's mother in law to use it and they also love it.
    Very impressed :)
  • Roshana
    Not too bad - 17 Oct 2018
    First try I was a bit skeptical because my hair felt not clean... thought I would give it a second try and it made my hair cleaner and much more manageable. I would recommend this product to family and friends and also advise them to use it more than once.
  • Cindy-Lee
    Not for meh! - 17 Oct 2018
    I really liked how soft and shiny my hair was afterwards and it smelt amazing:) However, it made my hair extremely oily very quickly. I knew it wouldn't lather much, but it didn't lather at all and I felt the amount of product I had to use to 'wash' my hair was quite a lot and it didn't feel completely clean afterwards.. I'd only consider using this as a conditioning hair masque and then wash it out with real shampoo.
  • Chantelle
    Not impressed. - 17 Oct 2018
    I did not love this product that much. The first one or two washes were fine, but after that my hair stayed oily and was not cleaned properly. Even when using my normal shampoo in between washes, I would still not recommend using this conditioner in future. Not impressed.
  • Pamela
    Awsome product - 16 Oct 2018
    Absolutely loved it!!! Great to have a product to use that really gives you results....
  • Jamie-lee
    TresEmme Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner - 16 Oct 2018
    This is an awesome product and will recommend this to all my family and friends..Just after 1 wash you can feel and see the difference.. Your hair is really soft and smooth after using this cleansing conditioner.

    Absolutely love it!
    Many thanks @rubybox and TresEmme
  • Bethany
    TRESemme co-wash conditioner - 16 Oct 2018
    Love the TREsemme co-wash conditioner. Definitely a brand I would recommend and continue using. Thank you Rubybox and TREsemme
  • Marlize
    Keratin Smooth - 16 Oct 2018
    My hair was soft and smooth. didnt even struggle to de-tangle my hair. if felt healthy
  • nikita
    Keratin Smooth - 16 Oct 2018
    Lives up to its label, "keratin smooth". First keratin product that can be store bought that didn't turn my bleached hair a funny yellow tone. It has actually helped my bleached hair, would even use this as a treatment for brittle hair.
  • Chrissie
    TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner Co-Wash Amazing Product - 16 Oct 2018
    I've continued using the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Cleansing Conditioner co-wash and I'm still pleasantly surprised by this product. It definitely helps with my frizz that I've been struggling with all my life and leaves my hair soft, shiny and loving the way that my curls are looking and it smells so awesome as well. Will definitely recommend this product to others. Once again, thank you so much RubyBox for giving me this wonderful opportunity to try and test this product. Love Love love it.
  • Tarryn
    Tresemme cleansing conditioner - 16 Oct 2018
    This cleansing conditioner smelt amazing and detangled my hair beautifully. But it also left my hair very oily which made me have to wash it more.
  • Mareldiah
    TRESemmè - 16 Oct 2018
    I absolutely loved it! the smell was the best its amazing! my hair is smooth and silky and absolutely soft
  • Katherine
    Super soft - 16 Oct 2018
    My hair was super soft from the first wash! And way easier to detangle.
  • Farrah
    Tresemme Co wash - 16 Oct 2018
    Left my hair feeling soft and manageable. Would definitely buy again.
  • Chantal
    Keratin Smooth CoWash - 16 Oct 2018
    My hair over these past weeks has transformed from being a bit lifeless, looking bland, my hair colour dull, my curls undefined due to all the frizz and me feeling blue to my hair and me feeling and looking great! My hair colour is vibrant, my curls much more defined, frizz is a thing of the past, my hair is super soft and light whether curly or straight. I have never received this much compliments for my hair before! I’m loving and truly enjoying this new product and I’ve been recommending it to all I know. I’m unashamedly in love with this product and my hair!