Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

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Available in 12 bold colours - R119.95


Rimmel London’s NEW Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour delivers high intensity colour with a velvety matte finish from the very first stroke!

Bold colour with just one stroke

Impressive staying power – kiss-proof, touch-proof, water-proof wear

Velvety matte finish

Unbelievably comfortable, lightweight texture

Available colours:

Be My Baby


Latte To Go


Pink Bliss

Pink Blink

Rose & Shine


Plum This Show



Coral Sass


  • Nonhle
    Rimmel mocha review - 12 Mar 2019
    I first saw this li colour from one the YouTubers and it was on sale at Dischem so decided to buy it.It's matte but it keeps the lips moist,there is no need to re-apply and it doesn't smudge your clothes.The wide variety of colours are suitable for any skin colour
  • Tamarin
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 7 Mar 2019
    I have a very sweaty body in general. So this matte liquid lip colour works amazingly for me.
  • Kaleigh
    Solid gold - 5 Mar 2019
    I love this brand of rimmel matte liquid. It simply gives off a beautiful colour that is vibrant and a bold look
  • Siphokazi
    Love it - 4 Mar 2019
    I love the Rimmel lip colour, it is long lasting and does not crack lips
  • Zeenat
    Rimmel Matte lipstick - 22 Feb 2019
    I absolutely love the matte range from Rimmel, It is long lasting and those burgundy colors are flawless.
  • Tyla
    Doesnt create dry lips - 16 Jan 2019
    Working in the beauty industry, wearing make up everyday, it's tough finding quality lipstick at good prices, this lipstick however, has great colours and it doesnt leave your lips feeling dry and broken, definitely worth a try
  • Courtney
    NO CRUST - 19 Dec 2018
    I love that no matter how long you have this on, your lips doesn’t turn into crust after a while
  • Nothando
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid - 27 Nov 2018
    Its Matte however still moist enough for the lips to stay soft the whole day without losing colour
  • nastassja
    beautiful and colourful - 21 Nov 2018
    I love the bright colours they have in the rimmel liquip lip colour and the fact that it is matte is amazing doesnt smudge
  • Mandy
    Matte but not dry - 12 Nov 2018
    I love the fact that this product is matte without leaving your lips feeling dry and cracked. Not to mention all day staying power
  • Angelique
    Colour that POPS! - 7 Nov 2018
    I love these liquid lip colours as the colours are vibrant, long lasting and just finishes that perfect look every day.

    Love the applicator and always get compliments when I wear this!
  • Shiela
    Long lasting matte finish - 5 Nov 2018
    I love this lipstick, it literally lasts the entire day, lips don't feel as dry and the price is not too much compared to other international brands.
  • Tshepiso
    I love Rimmel products but I have never tried stay matte liquid lip colour. I am more of a lip gloss girl but I would love to try it.
  • Lungisile
    Matte and does not dry up lips - 2 Nov 2018
    I love that it does not dry up your lips and the colour was great.

    I would not say its the best product but it is definetly good. I Like and would love to try out some colours.
  • Tshifaro
    Best - 30 Oct 2018
    I went to one of the stores the other day got tempted to try it in the store I must say compared to other matte lipstick I once used it dd justice to my lips
  • Neliswa
    Hooked - 27 Oct 2018
    For the longest time I wasn’t satisfied with the matte lipsticks I have been using because they leave your lips dry and don’t last long.BUT RIMMEL STAY LIPSTICK CHANGED MY LIFE and I’m not being dramatic.
    It lasts for the whole day,doesn’t make your lips dry and the colour pops.Im inlove
  • Mantua
    Lasts longer - 23 Oct 2018
    For longer lasting matte lipstick i'd totally recommend this one. you can eat and drink or do whatever, it stays there
    I love it❤❤
  • Carin
    All day Stay - 9 Oct 2018
    I love matte lipstick and ive been searching for a great product cause the ones i previously had just weren't doing me justice as i work a busy schedule so to keep applying lipstick is a mission but with the Rimmel Stay Matte my lips stay amazing all day #matteliquid #alldaystay
  • Mushfeeqah
    In love - 5 Oct 2018
    I absolutely love the matte range from rimmel , its long lasting and those burgundy colours are flawless.
  • Sinovuyo
    Matte Lipstick - 3 Oct 2018
    As seen from the reviews it seems like a great matte lipsticks unlike the ones I'm used to. I would love to try it.
  • Bernice
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 25 Sep 2018
    This lipstick changed my life
    it’s extra matte and it does not dry out your lips like other matte lipsticks usually do. I swear this lipstick is the best
  • Chantal
    love it - 25 Sep 2018
    the product quality is exceptional . the colours are radiant and in trend
  • Akhona
    RIMMEL STAY - 21 Sep 2018
    One can never have enough of matte lipstick but the Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lip colour sure takes the number one spot for me :) The texture on your lips and what I love more about it, it lasts longer on your lips.
  • Carin
    Rimmel lips - 18 Sep 2018
    What a nice product, you can feel on your lips it is quality you wear and it is super moist! Never going back.
  • Snakho
    Rimmel stay - 9 Sep 2018
    They last more then 24 hours on my lips and make my lips to be soft i love rimmel stay lipstick
  • Lauren
    Always a fan of Rimmel products and this lipstick is no exception. The packaging is so pretty - I love the plastic tube with frosted finish and also find that the applicator's design helps to evenly spread the lipstick. The lipstick itself is lightweight and does not transfer easily plus the colours are so bold and gorgeous!
  • sanele
    Amazing red - 3 Sep 2018
    Soooo inlove with the red colour,the best matte lipstick I've ever had!!
  • Michelene
    Rimmel Stay MATTE - maroon - 22 Aug 2018
    absolutely love it. brings out the fullness of my lips and it stays even after i ate. it doesnt smudge and i dont have the need to do a touch up. absolutely amazing
  • Jacqueline
    Amazing! - 19 Aug 2018
    I own the red one and I wear it everyday.
    Definetely a must have
  • Marcia
    Red Colour - 17 Aug 2018
    I love, love, love these. Great quality. I own red. Its a great product I must say.
  • Nolwazi
    I stan a matte lip - 17 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love this matte lipstick, it's the one beauty products I simply cannot do without. Even if I have no makeup on, I will Always ALWAYS have my red matte lip. Great product!
  • Utlwang
    Mattified - 16 Aug 2018
    I must say this Rimmel Stay matte liquid lip colour is the best liquid matte lip colour for me. So soft and gentle on lips, you won't even recognize that it's matte. Ooh and did I mention that it lasts all day long. Amazing!
  • Refilwe
    Affordable and sexy - 16 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love these... matte lips at an affordable price and non drying to lips. Colours are also amazing on dark skin
  • Sinayo
    Matte - 16 Aug 2018
    This product is amazing, it doesn't dry your lips and it has a longlasting effect
  • Panana
    Impressed - 14 Aug 2018
    Rimmel have done an amazing job. They need a round of applause. it is long lasting
  • Mondy
    HOOKED - 14 Aug 2018
    I tried this lipstick its so rich and smooth and it does not get you lips dry i love it
  • Emily
    lipstick love - 13 Aug 2018
    I fall in love with the colours
  • Wandile
    Wow - 13 Aug 2018
    Being someone who is obsessed with Matt lipstick... I just love this... It is super comfortable on the lips and it lasts, you don't have to reapply all the time.. Would definitely love to own more colors
  • Olwethu
    For the love of Matte - 12 Aug 2018
    I absolutely love these!
    It is light on the lips and it stays on allll day and even all night (it even lasts through a steak meal!).
    Surprisingly it is easy to remove.
    Value for money!
  • Boipelo
    Always great - 9 Aug 2018
    Have 2 shades and I love them.... great for work cause there’s no need reapply... great product all round
  • Doreen
    The love of colour - 9 Aug 2018
    A woman can never have too many lipsticks. Agreed? Also, there’s nothing better than a long-lasting lipstick that will take you through the entirety of your day or night! I tried the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick at Clicks and i loved it.
  • S'bonisile
    Ohh wow im obsessed - 8 Aug 2018
    M super obsessed with colors and matte is the world's best thing it stays on your lips the whole day
  • Siyabonga
    Rimmel - 6 Aug 2018
    Rimmel ha the best products, this i would love to try as i love matte lipsticks
  • Cheri
    rimmel stay matte liquid lip colour - 1 Aug 2018
    I love the colors, it makes my lips look so good, it's affordable and it's long lasting
  • Mona
    Lipstick that lasts - 30 Jul 2018
    love the product. The lipstick lasts for the day. the texture is so soft and velvety.
  • Carla
    Colour that lasts! - 18 Jul 2018
    Lovely soft texture, non drying and doesn't kiss or smear off. sexy! would love to try the darker colours
  • kea
    Rimmel lip color - 11 Jul 2018
    These are the best I love the colors, it makes my lips look so good, it's affordable and it's long lasting
  • Kenastacia
    Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 10 Jul 2018
    I love the staying power of this liquid lipstick. Intense colour and great staying power,lasts the whole day without having to reapply after eating and drinking. I bought the colour called firestarter,its a beautiful red shade.
  • Anthea
    Stay Matte liquid lip colour - 10 Jul 2018
    I love everything Matt , found this one great. Definitely long lasting and love that it is in a liquid form. It is really easy to apply. Great buy for a great quality. Compared to the more expensive brands I use, this one is a winner.
  • Leshe'
    stay matte all day long! - 2 Jul 2018
    I absolutely love the Rimmel Stay matte liquid lip colours , it is long lasting and delivers high intensity colour ,Makes your lips look good and feel good.
  • Cindy-lee
    Pigmented and Matte babe - 21 Jun 2018
    I am a sucker for Matte. This is definitely a long lasting dry matte lip colour. If you prefer a more velvet matte , then this probably isn't for you because it is DRY! BUT use a lip scrub before applying your lip colour for best results
  • Serisha
    Awesome pigment - 3 Jun 2018
    This liquid lipstick is perfect for those who are on the go and don't have time for touch ups Inbetween the schedules.. I tried it and it lasted for long hours and just one application gives full coverage over the lips..the pigment of the colors are outstanding..its worth every penny
  • Koketjo Millicent
    Must have - 1 Jun 2018
    This is like that emergency something a lady should always have. The rimmel one is the best option it has no complications in applying like you have to put it 15 times so that it lasts longer or use to tissue to make it last longer, it just lasts long, all day and if you sleeo with it you'll wake up with it on
  • Mandisa
    Gorgeous - 29 May 2018
    The feel is amazing,giving bold non greasy non cracking lipsticks.the colors stay longer and are super bold with a luxurious feel.it's a definite buy!
  • Natasha
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 29 May 2018
    I loved the quality and affordability of the product. I loved the sleek look of the packaging as well. I loved the longevity of the lipstick
  • Jabulile
    Matte lip colour - 28 May 2018
    I am usually bad at keeping my lip colour for a long time but ever since I tried this brand I can stay more hours with my colour on. Rimmel matte is perfect. Icam in love. The colours sre stunning too
  • Nelisiwe
    In love - 18 May 2018
    Used to think that matte was not for everyone but Rimmel just did wonders for me, I'm in love
  • Kimantha
    Rose and Shine - 18 May 2018
    Such a stunning colour! One coat does the job as well which is a big plus for me. The only issue I have is that I needed to use a lip balm with it because it does dry up your lips without any. Not a dealbreaker for me though.
  • Lettie
    Rimmed stay matte lippie - 14 May 2018
    I bought 800 midnight lippie,I'm so obsessed with it,it is very pigmented and it last the whole day without trying my lips
  • Nelisa
    True Matte - 4 May 2018
    Finding a true matte liquid lipcolour is a hassle. Even Revlon Ultra Matte ain't true matte. Finally, a big makeup brand that got the formula right.
  • Janine
    Stunning - 4 May 2018
    Wow, what a product this makes my skin instantly beautiful, these clours compliment my skin tone. LOVE IT.
  • Gloria
    Rimmel stay matte liquid lip colour - 21 Apr 2018
    Ooooooh My goddnees the best thing i did for my lips,makes me look younger and beautiful,love it
  • Tracy
    Absolutely beautiful - 17 Apr 2018
    I love the Rimmel range of cosmetics. I like the way the lipgloss makes my lips feel. No sticky residue and lasts at least 6 hours for me. The colour choices are awesome.
  • Chante
    Long , Lasting - 17 Apr 2018
    If you are looking for long , lasting results you should consider buying the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour. It comes in various colours and even though it is a liquid it does go matte and stay on for very long.
  • Goitsemang
    Matte Please - 16 Apr 2018
    Lovely product, does not leave my lips chapped over time, the matte effect does not over dry and it last longer and offers many fabulous colours.
  • Kholeka
    Good - 11 Apr 2018
    I find that the colors are vibrant and hip but the lipstick color tends to fade away overtime and makes my lips dry. But i would love to try other colors.
  • Noluthando
    excellent - 11 Apr 2018
    perfect colours. good product. it last very long actually all day on my lips
  • Monique
    midnight - 22 Mar 2018
    I have this product, the midnight colour i absolutely love it coz its stays on my lips for a long time
  • wandile
    Amazing! - 18 Mar 2018
    This is amazing. It stays longer and it comes in nice shades for different styles. I totally love it
  • Amanda
    Matte by Rimmel - 14 Mar 2018
    this is such an awesome product plus my lips don't crack when I use it
  • Zimkhitha
    AMAZEBALLS - 14 Mar 2018
    I was referred to purchase this product by a friend of mine who was gifted this product and bought it at clicks oh wow !! its one of my favourites right now, i do not have to apply it so frequently ,and i dont have chin stains after eating this is why i loooooove it :)
  • Siyabonga
    Matte is Perfect - 6 Mar 2018
    Matte lips are the best, lasts throughout the day... i would love to have these
  • Portia
    Nice n it stays longer in my mouth - 4 Mar 2018
    Wuw what a nice lipstick. It's stays a longer period on my mouth that is why I love it. Sample pls
  • Siviwe
    Amazing - 3 Mar 2018
    I love the matte lip colour. It lasts longer and is light on my lips. It also doesn’t smoodge. I feel confident when im wearing it!
  • Anuscha
    Stays on the whole day! - 28 Feb 2018
    This Lip Colour is fantastic! It stays on the whole day and the colours are so fantastic, definitely a 5 star in my books!
  • Mbali
    MMMMMMM - 27 Feb 2018
    I just love this product,almost all the shades look stunning on my lips.its amazing
  • Erika Theresa
    OoohhWoooww - 26 Feb 2018
    I went to clicks today and tried the tester on some of this Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Colour. This is simply amazing. It’s really an awesome product. It stays on and looks amazing . Can definitely record this product
  • Seipone
    Amazing - 25 Feb 2018
    I am totally impressed with this product...
    From the bold colours, one stroke application, to the long lasting matte finish.
    By far the best 'long lasting' colour I have ever used.
  • Roxanne
    Amazing - 22 Feb 2018
    Stay matte is just amazing i would highly recommend it to anyone
  • Lindi
    Rimmel stay - 21 Feb 2018
    It's definitely worth the money spent.light weight&not sticky as well.You do have to re-apply throughout the day but overall an awesome buy!!♥#gorgeous colours&truelly matte#RimmelLonden
  • Thandazile Zama
    Totally in love - 16 Feb 2018
    I'm so in love with the matte lipsticks the last the whole day. I have a very busy schedule that I don't have time to reapply my lipstick now and then. These are my Best Buy's thus far
  • Lindi
    dissapointment - 12 Feb 2018
    Didn’t like the application. Thought it was too flaky. Dint like the colours also. Too many light shades. A few bold colours would have been wonderful.
  • Siyabonga
    Perfectly Matte!!! - 9 Feb 2018
    Finally a matte lipstick that knows the true meaning of matte!!! Rimmel has truly out done themselves, a matte lipstick that doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry and flaky, one application lasts the whole day!!! There is no feeling of dryness on ur lips, its perfectly moisturised but absolutely matte!! A big thumbs up to Rimmel
  • Cindy Michelle
    Matt Finish - 8 Feb 2018
    thee best brand when it comes to make up, lasts up to 24 hours really amazing product. gives off a perfect Matt finish which i love... i recommend this to all females really good quality :)
  • Camryn
    i loooooooove the name because it literally stays matte all day!!!!! - 7 Feb 2018
    I loooove the look and the different colours. the quality is amazing. one of the best matte lippies I've come across. First matte lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips, you can literally wear it all daaay! I have super small lips but rimmel london gives me such a fuller look. I love it. It does not crack and make your lips feel dry like other matte lipsticks which is incredible!!!! this is fantastic, ill definitely recommend this liquid lip colour because it is by far the best one ive ever come across.
  • Nomzamo
    A total YES! - 6 Feb 2018
    This product is a total YES! It last's long and would really recommend it to other people.
  • Sade'
    Impressive - 6 Feb 2018
    Not only is the Rimmel London's Liquid Lip colours amazing but they last up2 24hours.......
    Another must have product for your bag Ladies.
  • Lizell
    Rimmel Stay matte lips - 4 Feb 2018
    It's definitely worth the money spent.light weight&not sticky as well.You do have to re-apply throughout the day but overall an awesome buy!!♥#gorgeous colours&truelly matte#RimmelLonden
  • Nicola
    Excellent value that lasts all day - 2 Feb 2018
    Wow! I bought this product because I saw it here on RubyBox and I have no regrets. It lasts all day, it feels like I have nothing on! No stickiness whatsoever. It's a must have!
  • Sonja
    Love - 19 Jan 2018
    I am totally obsessed with these liquid lipsticks. They actually last long and are very pigmented.

    Will definetely have to get them in all the shades soon!!
  • Zianca
    Personal thoughts - 18 Jan 2018
    Okay , so when this matte liquid lipstick came out , I immediately bought it. After a lot of use , I can finally declare that Yes this product is really good and the colours are amazing. However it's not a perfect formula and does have flaws. Like it does leave a stain mark after a while like on a cup etc. It crumbles and peels a bit so you have to dust it off. Apart from that it's pretty light weight and smooth .
  • Mirielle
    Amazing product - 14 Jan 2018
    I love how it stays on my lips all day, throughout coffee breaks, it is a bit dry and has some cracking after a while but overall I love the colours, so work appropriate.
  • Danielle
    Doesn't live up to all the hype - 12 Jan 2018
    This product comes off even after having a cup of coffee. I also have to rub off some of the product that crumbles off my lips. Definitely not worth buying again.
    Rimmel Matte rocks! - 8 Jan 2018
    Gorgeous colours! Stays on for a remarkably long time, does not wipe off or fade easily. I've received many compliments when wearing Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour
  • Dineo
    Yes - 29 Dec 2017
    Plum this show!!
    No more stained teeth with your lip colour.
    No more lip licking and re-applying the whole day.
    Matt lips is the new trend.
    Love it
  • Samira
    The Rimmel stay matter liquid lip colour is one of the most amazing and long lasting matte lipgloss - 21 Dec 2017
    No more have to worry about smudging or the colour disappearing from your lips while eating. I love this product, I personally think it’s one of rimmels most amazing lip colors!
  • Irene
    Rimmel Stay Lipstick - 17 Dec 2017
    It's one of my favorite lipstick, it last the day and it's a really nice matte.
  • Zingisa
    Lipstick - 16 Dec 2017
    These lipsticks look great on the lips and really compliment a person's compection.
  • Diane
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lippie- Loving it! - 12 Dec 2017
    I'm absolutely loving the new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lippie. I purchased the colour Firestarter. I'm impressed by how rich the colour is, how long it lasts, it doesn't feel like your lips are dry and its super affordable. It is definitely worth every cent. Cannot wait to grow my collection.
  • Leyla
    Rimmel Stay Matte (110- Blush) review - 9 Dec 2017
    The lipstick applies easily, and has a soft finish which I love! I have very dry lips which tends to make liquid lipsticks look awful, but it's velvety texture doesn't highlight the dryness as much as other liquid lipsticks. The colour I received (Blush) is very pretty and natural- perfect for summer!
  • Lesa
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 8 Dec 2017
    Love the colours, and the long staying long lasting colour on the lips, will definitely be buying more and trying the rest of the range that is available. I will be telling my friends about the product.
  • Judy
    Best lipstick in town - 8 Dec 2017
    I love the smell of the lipstick. I love how it makes my lips look visible and stylish
  • Nirupa
    The lipcolour doesn’t do the name justice. - 8 Dec 2017
    Didn’t like the application. Thought it was too flaky. Dint like the colours also. Too many light shades. A few bold colours would have been wonderful.
  • Bianca
    Lushes for hours - 7 Dec 2017
    It doesn't feel heavy like other Matt lipsticks and Matt lip glosses .. So I absolutely love it!!!! Its comfortable to wear and bonus it doesn't smudge
  • Gugulethu
    Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Colour - 7 Dec 2017
    Great lipstick. lovely bold colours and it has a beautiful soft and smooth finish.
    It's also great cause it lasts long and doesn't smudge.
  • Lesley
    Dry feeling..not Matte - 7 Dec 2017
    Most of the colours didn't suit my skin colour. Might have been better for someone fairer in complexion. It left my lips feeling dry instead of moisturized. On a positive note: The colour LASTS long, even after washing my face, the lip colour was still slightly visible.
  • Yolanda
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 7 Dec 2017
    Love the fact that it stay long on my lips, and its not to dry. And so many colours to choose from. Will definitely buy myself more.
  • Catherine
    STAYS on ALL DAY! - 7 Dec 2017
    Wow, I can't believe how long lasting the Rimmel Stay Matte is! Against all odds, it survives brushing teeth, coffee and kisses, and my lips are still beautifully rouge-stained by the end of a long day!
    AND it doesn't rub off onto my son's cheeks when I plant hundreds of kisses ;)
    I love the matte look, but sometimes I like to mix it up and apply a clear gloss over.
    I don't even need a lipliner, as the applicator glides smoothly and creates the perfect outline and finish.
    My favourite lip colour - Thanks so much Rubybox!!
  • Roxzanne
    Rimmel Matte lip Color - 7 Dec 2017
    I've tried the Matte lip color it stay on long,but I dont like the feel it leaves.
  • Nadia
    Matte liquid lip colour - 7 Dec 2017
    I love that you can apply it once and not worry to reapply after eating or a few hours.

  • Nazma
    New Fave Lip Colour - 6 Dec 2017
    Absolutely love the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour. Obsessed with the look and feel of the product and very happy with the fact that it stays on for up to 12 hours. Definetely my go to lip colour from now on!
  • Odile
    Forever lasting bold - 6 Dec 2017
    Great Colours,really does last super long! Was not a fan of how dry it makes the lips look after sometime. Overall great value for money. Highly recommended.
  • Nazma
    New Fave Lip Colour - 6 Dec 2017
    Recently received the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour and absolutely love it! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.
  • Tasneem
    Rose Matters - 6 Dec 2017
    The shade is the perfect pink for my complexion (nc42) expecially now for the warmer weather. The formula is super comfortable. One of the most comfortable liquids i have ever tried it does however fade while eating
  • Akielah
    Velvet lippies - 6 Dec 2017
    These Stay Matte Liquid Lippies are the cutest little size , firstly. I love how I can literally pop them in any bag, even the smallest little clutch. The colours are sooo pretty ! My favorite has to be mocha !!! I love how soft & velvety they make the lips feel. Even though it is a matte liquid lipstick it does not dry tacky or sticky and it doesn’t transfer. When it fades it does not leave lips patchy , it fades naturally. Really amazing.
  • sofia
    Paint the town Red - 6 Dec 2017
    The red was absolutely mind blowing but the rest didnt wow me....
  • Robyn
    Good product for long wear - 6 Dec 2017
    The lipstick is matte and stays put once applied. The colours are a nice range and suitable for all skin colours. The lipstick does not dry put your lips. Good product overall, price is not too bad either.
  • Cindy
    Rimmel Stay Matte colour - 6 Dec 2017
    Some stunning colours but found that the matte liquid colour tends to make my lips feel dry.
    Boldness - 6 Dec 2017
    I love the Midnight Rimmel lip colour, it made me look different in my own glow ;)
    #staymattelips #rimmellondonsa
  • Lisa
    STAY MATTE - 6 Dec 2017
    I am totally impressed with this product...
    From the bold colours, one stroke application, to the long lasting matte finish.
    By far the best 'long lasting' colour I have ever used.
  • Sibusisiwe
    Lip color for days - 6 Dec 2017
    I love the lip colours they last longer and they don't make your lips dry I am in love with these.
  • Farah
    Rimmel stay matte liquid lip colour - 6 Dec 2017
    Has a beautiful matte finish with deep, rich colours. Very nourishing and lasts all day long. Love the Rimmel liquid lipstick
  • Benita
    Rimmed stay matte.... oh yah - 6 Dec 2017
    Yah yah yah... what an awesome product. Stays on for at least 4 hours... of you don't eat. Look gorgeous and comes in the most on point colours.... yah yah yah.... love
  • Benita
    Rimmed stay matte... really stays - 6 Dec 2017
    The colours are lovely and so on trend with current tones. The product really does stay and doesn't even feel heavy... in fact if is super light. I will recommend this... great value and great product
  • Jainisha
    Rimmed Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 6 Dec 2017
    This product is really good! I really like the way it suits my skin tone. Im really looking forward to trying more and I can't wait for any new colours! I love how it matches the rest of my make up. I haven't had any allergic reactions to this which is simply amazing! I'm looking forward to trying more products, that's how much I love make up! Posting selfies and reviews about the products is one of my favorite parts so that others know how much I love it!
    bomb - 6 Dec 2017
    I received fire starter fro my friend,Its an amazing red color i love it. I have tried a couple of different brands of makeup But this is the least drying and the color is unusual. It has a very creamy texture which i love , (reminds me a lot of the stilla stay all day liquid lipstick - which i love as well), It is very water proof and touch proof, The smell is so appealing i could eat it. What i do love most is the thin tip of the wand ,i was able to use it as a lip liner as well. All in all i would definitely buy this again....♥
  • Lianne
    Colour that stays and stays and stays and... - 6 Dec 2017
    What a reliable lip colour - it just stays and stays and stays and stays, without smudging. Definitely "staying" with this one ;)
  • Nasreen
    Rimmel stay matte colour is lovely - 6 Dec 2017
    I like the product colours are vibrant .it feel so luxurious on my lips and long lasting .I would buy it again as I don't have to worry about re-applyibg all the time cos it's there
  • Sumaya
    MatteMazing - 6 Dec 2017
    So this Rimmel lippies are life... it applies very easily, literally shows bold colour after one apply.

    I love that the colour doesn't crack or rub out easily and after a long day, I can depend on my lips still looking smashing :)
  • Nicky
    Perfect lipstick - 6 Dec 2017
    I love the matte lipstick look but hated the dryness and the smudging when you use a dark shade.
    Until Rimmel came to save the day!!!
    No dryness and no smudging!! I cant believe it. Definitely my go to lipstick from now on
  • Louise
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 6 Dec 2017
    This product is simply amazing!!! I love the texture on my lips and the fact that it doesn't dry out my lips at all. It applies easily and blends in beautifully, without a mess! Simply love the product!
  • Kutlwano
    Love IT - 6 Dec 2017
    I love this product very much. The fact that it actually stays on and lasts for hours is a bonus. Love love love it
  • Elle
    The perfect party partner... - 6 Dec 2017
    Nothing worse than leaving the home looking fabulous and by the time 9pm has come, your lips look bare and like you put no effort in at all - this is NOT the case with this product.

    When they say last for 12hours - they were not kidding! This is an amazing product and delivers on the promise of long-lasting !!!! I will be buying this going forward and so will my friends.
  • Fiona
    Firestarter - 6 Dec 2017
    WOW! i recently went blond after being brunette for a few years and this is my fav red and it makes me feel like a blonde bombshell! Not only is the colour amazing but it doesn't move and it truly is matt! Well done rimmel - I'm throwing away my other wanna-be-mattes today cause this is a winner
  • Snqobile
    Bold and Beautiful - 6 Dec 2017
    Talk about the perfect fit!
    The color - Perfect
    Quality - Perfect
    Long-lasting - Perfectly so.
    I haven't tried the other colors, but Midnight was my perfect fit, love it!
  • Christine
    Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Colour - Great Product - 6 Dec 2017
    This is a awesome product. It lasts the whole day. I would recommend it to all my friends. The price is also very reasonable for the quality that you get.
  • liesl
    Rimmed Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 6 Dec 2017
    I'm blown away by this product, it's exactly what was advertised. I love the matte finish and the fact that it lasts for hours. Thank you so much! I can't wait stock up on the other colours
  • sashnee
    Amazing liquid lipstick - 6 Dec 2017
    I really love how bold the colours were.I felt that this product lasted a long time and it did not dry my lips.It applied really easily and felt smooth on my lips
  • faatimah
    Amazing - 6 Dec 2017
    Love this lipstick so much
    Absolutely keeps all its promises
  • nalini
    Rimmel - 6 Dec 2017
    I love the bold matte colour's, its velvety finish is amazing.. Everyone wants to know what lipstick i'm using, friends are purchasing as well... Awesome
  • faatimah
    Stay Matte Whole Day - 6 Dec 2017
    Absolutely love this lipstick and its rich velvet texture
    Love the way that its waterproof and foodproof

    Love it so much ...
  • Lerato
    Beautiful Lip Colour - 5 Dec 2017
    I loved the liquid lip colour, is flawless and very light on lips.
    Love it
  • Themba
    Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Colour - 5 Dec 2017
    Love how it doesn't flake or crack like most matte lipsticks.
    Also love the colours and how it is smudge proof.
  • Lindi
    awesome - 5 Dec 2017
    Rimmel is the best. It suits me perfectly and makes my lips to super shine. Its matte and last longer on lips.
  • Insaaf
    Rimmel Stay Matte Rose and shine - 4 Dec 2017
    I was not one of the lucky ones to try it out from rubybox...So, i went and bought my 1st online item and it was the Rimmel stay matte liquid ROSE AND SHINE and i was impressed. I have to purchase a few more shades to build up a good collection of this...and btw i got 50%off.
  • Caitlin
    Enjoyable - 30 Nov 2017
    I enjoyed this liquid lipstick. The formula was non-drying and relatively long lasting.
  • faatimah
    Lip Color that Lasts - 30 Nov 2017
    I love this product so much!!!
    It Keeps all its Promises with lasting for 12 Hours
    Definately worth the money
  • Ananthi
    #Everything - 30 Nov 2017
    After many...so many...horrible experiences(all my experiences) with matte lip colours. Rimmel has literally just blown my mind. Their Stay Matte Lip colour is literally everything I have wanted a matte lip colour to be. It is not "cakey" on your lips, it is not tacky and sticky. There is no cracking or peeling off or flaking. One coat is all you need for a vibrant, bold colour that drys like a lightweight second skin and really lasts a looong time, it's coffee and food proof.
  • Khensani
    My Red Lip Rimmel - 30 Nov 2017
    I got myself the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour from Dischem last week and I can’t stop using it. I love lipstick so I usually have a different colour everyday of the week but this week all I have been using is this lipstick. The most important thing for me is that, it does not make my lips feel dry or crack after a long day of applying it. The colour stays and it stays!!!!! I apply it in the morning and the whole day it stays Matte and bright! I’m definitely going back to buy more colours!

    Dischem Price: R109.00

    Thank you Rimmel
  • Shazya
    Rimmel London’s Matte lip - 29 Nov 2017
    Thank you to #rubybox for the amazing Rimmel London’s NEW Stay Matte Liquid Lip

    Amazing ,bold vivid and velvet smooth finish lippies!

    I am definitely changing from Avon mark matte to the Rimmel matte liquid lip!!

  • Zuleikha
    Amazing!!! - 29 Nov 2017
    The stay matte liquid lip colour is amazing. Long lasting !! Kiss and touch proof. The bold colours give the lips an amzing pop of colour. Deffinetly a good buy for you and as a gift for friends.
  • Vhutali
    Rimmel lips the best - 29 Nov 2017
    Rimmel is the best. It suits me perfectly and makes my lips to super shine. Its matte and last longer on lips.
  • Kelly
    Be my Baby - 29 Nov 2017
    Totally surprised that this product stuck to the promise of kiss proof, smudge proof and waterproof. The formula is so smooth. The colour suits me, and I will only be using this product going forward!
  • Nicole
    Cashmere sensation - 29 Nov 2017
    I have not tied any Matt lipsticks before.
    And those ones, for me hooked.
    They're soft, smells good and lasts for hours.
    They're light weight as well.
    I will definitely be purchasing the nude shades.
    They a great value for money has you don't have to reapply all the time.

    -satisfied customer
  • Tara
    Matte lip colour - 29 Nov 2017
    I simply love this velvet finish lip colour... it’s perfect for a night out with friends or for a date that requires lots of eating. There is nothing worse than having a lip liner effect on your lips because you didn’t re apply your lip colour. The colours are gorgeous and it’s what every girl needs in her purse.
  • Zita
    Rimmel Stay Matte review - 29 Nov 2017
    This is probably one of the best matte lip colours I've tried. The texture is superb, it's not rubbery. Its light-weighted and long-lasting.
  • Anmari
    Rimmel Stay Matte Magnificent - 29 Nov 2017
    What an amazing lippie....it glides on effortlessly and really lasts without touch ups...definitely a new favourite ...honestly want this in every shade!!
  • Juwayra
    Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Heartbeat - 29 Nov 2017
    I received this lip color is Heartbeat. I loved the fact that it feels super soft on my lips and lasts longer than what I have expected. This is definitely something I'd purchase.
  • Alexandra
    Girls Night In With Rimmel - 29 Nov 2017
    As gal pals, my friends and I love spending nights together talking nonsense over food and a good glass of vino so adding 5 lip colours into the mix was bound to be a good laugh.

    As a very pale group of gals, using colours such as Latte To Go and Be My Babe made us feel like we were stunt doubles for the victims on CSI. Pale lips plus pale girls is not a good combination. But, Be My Babe works wonders as a quick fix dark circle concealer ;)...

    After lots of giggles, Coral Sass was the next lip colour to run the gauntlet... Yes, it was a perky colour but again, skin tone plays a major role here so a few of us were feeling a bit too Julia Roberts pre Richard Gere in Pretty Woman if you catch my drift;). If you have gorgeous Olive or dark skin or can pull off a bold bright lip then this colour is for you. If you look like you've been living in a cave and fear the sun - steer clear.

    After far too many glasses of wine, the beautiful deep pink shade of Heartbeat was the clear winner as none of us ran away from our reflections in the mirror or questioned our ability to wear lipstick ;). But in all seriousness, it's a lovely shade that suited all of us and was a colour that could be used either as a daytime work colour or something to liven up an evening outfit.

    The lip colours come in a variety of shades and the packaging is quite cute but in terms of smell, texture and the colour difference in packaging vs what it looks like on your lips, it's not a product me or my friends would rush out to buy in a hurry again.

    Not a bad drugstore buy if you're looking for beauty goodies on a budget but there are definitely better matt lip colours on the market.

  • Charlene
    Bold and beautiful - 29 Nov 2017
    The lip colour has a velvety smooth finish. Best of all it doesn’t stain or smudge and is touch proof!
    Would recommend this to all the chic girls out there. Am definitely switching to Rimmel this time around!!
  • faatimah
    Everything Promised - 29 Nov 2017
    Absolutely love this matte lipstick
    Kiss proof
    Evvvvvvvvvverthing Proof
    Amazing !!!!!
  • Prenissa
    Stay Matt liquid lip colour - 22 Nov 2017
    I tried the "plum the show" lip shade and i loved the texture .it is smooth and easily glades on . I found it does flake after a hour and requires re-application but none the less it's affordable and does the job!
  • Tumisang
    Best matte lipstick ever - 21 Nov 2017
    I absolutely love how this lipstick glides on the lips on application and doesn't dry my lips like many other matte lipsticks I've tried. It has an amazing velvety feel on the lips and the color pop and stay on all day long no need to reapply. This is by far the best matte lipstick I've ever tried!!
  • Janine
    Stay Matte Lip Colour - 21 Nov 2017
    The colour did not last as long as I thought it would, it came off in flakes after a few hours.
    The texture and colour was good.
  • Nikita
    Nude Matte is perfect - 21 Nov 2017
    I loved the nude matte. It lasts for a long time and you don't have to re apply the lipstick always.
  • Khanya
    so impressed - 21 Nov 2017
    i am so impressed with the product, my boyfriend wouldn't kiss me when i have lipstick on because he would have it, but after i used the Pink Blink i get a lot of kisses and he doesn't complain :)
  • Bianca
    The Colours And Packaging is Absolutely Stunning .
    The Formula Feels Like A Mouse.
    It Dries Down To A Soft Velvety Matte.
    Scent Free.
    Love The Applicator , its nice and bendy.
    Amazing and Affordable.
  • Noluhle
    Stay Matte Liquid heaven - 20 Nov 2017
    I received 5 out of the 15 beautiful matte lippies and they were all incredible. The colours are bold and bright. It dries up fairly quickly and never makes your lips. It lasts longer than the specified 12hr. I’d definitely recommend these lippies, girls best friend. It feels smooth and velvety to the touch.
  • Chantal
    Very long wear - 20 Nov 2017
    Loved how long lasting it is, loterally the whole day. Doesnt come off on your coffee cup etc. Gorgeous colours too. Moisurise yoir lips overnight though as it doesnt look as good if your lips are a bit dry.
  • Nadia
    Matte liquid lip colour - 20 Nov 2017
    I love the matte look. Choosing colour that suits me is kind of difficult, but trying different products has helped me alot.

    The matte liquid stays on for almost the whole day evenafter eating so you don't have to apply and apply and apply like most lipsticks.
  • nusheena
    mattte lippies - 20 Nov 2017
    Vibrant colours that are really eye catching , smells good.
    Glids on with ease and easy to remove aswell
  • Nicole
    Stay matte liquid lip colour - 19 Nov 2017
    I was disappointed in this product. Although it went on smoothly and had intense colour payoff, it is definitely not waterproof. As soon as I started drinking the Lipstick started to "peel" off into little balls. It also felt extremely dry about 10 minutes after application. All in all I would not purchase this product in future.
  • Lindi
    silky finish - 16 Nov 2017
    I absolutely love the new rimmel colors.
    The feel of the liquid lip color..it makes me feel like I have nothing on my lips..
    It feels amazing and lightweight
    Definitely worth your money
  • Charlene
    Simply the best - 16 Nov 2017
    I totally loved the product. I received it via my rubybox friend and it was the best lip product I have ever used to date. I will definitely make more future purchases.
    Thank you Rubybox and Rimmel!
  • Sandra
    Stay Matte Liquid Lip (plum this show)colour - 16 Nov 2017
    Thanks Rubybox, i love my plum lip colour and my friends also love the ones i gave them. It stays on my lips for over 12 hours.
  • Bianca
    Rimmel Stay Matte Lippie - 15 Nov 2017
    These babies are amazing! I firstly have very dry lips, so matte lipsticks don't do too well with me, but these are so comfortable to wear and does not dry out my lips. It is so long lasting and definitely is water, touch and kiss proof. The colours are AMAZING and so pigmented. Love each and every colour. Definitely worth it. Now take my money!! <3
  • jerishka
    Stay matte liquid lipsticks - 14 Nov 2017
    For a matte lipstick this was super comfortable to wear it did not leave my lips all parched and dried up. In a way it is moisturizing. I also the staying power on these lip colours it can basically survive a nuclear eating war and not budge at all! The only down side is out of 12 shades only two suited my skintone the other shades made me look washed out and sickly.
  • Samantha
    Finally a lip colour that does not smudge - 14 Nov 2017
    Very happy with my stay matte, it does exactly that. It does not fade, I drink coffee and it will still be on my lips and not my mug. I definitely recommend this product.
  • Lolly
    Love in the form of a lipstick - 14 Nov 2017
    I absolutely ADORE the new lip colours from Rimmel London. They stay on for hours through eating, drinking, kissing and more! Apply once in the morning and remove again at night before bed, its that simple! They smell great (I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!) and they look even greater when applied! My go to colour is BE MY BABY as its perfect for every occasion but every colour in the range is equally beautiful. I usually use another very well known brand but rimmel seems to have kicked it off of the logs. If you're looking for a versatile and long lasting BOLD lip colour then this is the brand for you!
  • Kekeletso
    Rimmel London Stay Matte Lip Colour Is the Bomb! - 14 Nov 2017
    I can not describe how much I am enjoying having the London Look. Lip colour is visible for longer and the matte effect is smooth so you even forget you are using Matte. I absolutely love it and will definitely buy it again.
  • Shawnee
    Matte me baby! - 14 Nov 2017
    This is one of the best matte lipstick brands on the market! The colours are gorgeous and they are long-lasting.

    My favorite shades were Heartbeat and Fire Starter although I can’t wait to try the others!

    Rimmel has definitely out done themselves with this product, it will be on the market for a long time to come!

    Shawnee - The Crown Slips ZA
  • Lebone
    stay matte - 14 Nov 2017
    Bold and fierce colours that stay for long. And its the first matte colour that is actually matte from all the lipsticks I have used. thank you
  • Thandi
    Rimmel London: Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 14 Nov 2017
    Loved it!!!!!!!

    This lipstick is everything proof.
    I love the bold colours and how smooth it feels on my lips.
  • Aniqah
    Rimmel - Stay matte - 14 Nov 2017
    Looooooved the shades of the stay matte collection. It really lasts a long time! I’ve been eating and drinking with it on to experiment whether or not the statement is true - and yep, it is !
  • Smudged
    Amazing staying power - 13 Nov 2017
    At only R119.99, the staying power of these colours is so good!
  • Megan
    Stay Matte liquid lip color - 13 Nov 2017
    Thank you @rubybox, one of the best products I have ever used on my lips it's my everyday go to, use once on the lips and I'm ready to go doesn't dry my lips out at all...compare to other products you don't need to use it twice.. #smooth #beautiful #1strip #readytogo #rubybox I'm loving it.
  • Nadine
    Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour - 8 Nov 2017
    If you want high intensity matte lip colours, that sits comfortably without any product buildup on your lips and with a velvety finish, that's really lightweight, you should definitely get these Rimmel Stay matte liquid lip colours. They retail at about R119.95 and are really compact in size, which makes it easy to carry them all over with you. Also these lip colours are smudge proof, kiss proof and waterproof so its a summer must have! It gets my 5/5 and I would definitely repurchase them again! Colours to suit every single woman's taste and preference! ;-)
  • Simone
    stay matte - Heaven on earth - 7 Nov 2017
    I absolutely fell in love with these !! OMG!! the CORAL SASS is my absolute FAVE !! my husband was also so happy that I got them, because they don't make his lips all different colours (like some other brands) :)
    Really, completely worth every cent !!
    Kiss & Waterproof 4/5 <3
  • Smudged
    This lipstick isn't going anywhere! - 7 Nov 2017
    The staying power of this lipstick is just amazing, super close to my ultimate matte lipstick (from Yardley) and with even more shades!
  • Chantelle
    Love Rimmel Lip Color - 7 Nov 2017
    Wow! What an amazing color!
    I finally found a lip color that stays on, and looks fantastic.
    I am a huge fan of nudes, but will definitely try the bolder colors in this amazing lipstick ☺
  • Simone
    My ultimate kiss proof beauty - 7 Nov 2017
    What a night!! ... Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour was my saviour in the fact that I didn't have to worry about it fading off and having to re-apply or having to see it on the super cute guy I snogged either .. LOL - it lasted the whole night - 12hrs plus!! Great product, an absolute must for all woman/girls out there... xxx
  • Faheemah
    Rimmel Stay Matte Lipstick - 6 Nov 2017
    I'm shook at the quality of this product! It's amazing ,colour payoff is so pigmented smells amazing and works like a charm ,my lipstick lasts all day even after eating and drinking without flaking and drying out , I would purchase this again and in all the shades !
  • Aakifah
    Love Love Love - 6 Nov 2017
    I absolutely enjoyed this product from first application.
    Dries matte super fast and feels super lightweight on your lips!
    It lasted for a while before it needed reapplying which is also a win!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this product.
    Thank you Rubybox :)
  • Joclyn
    Great colour! - 6 Nov 2017
    After reviewing the lip colour, I was in love with the fact that it was stay fast. I kissed my kiddies all over their faces and it left no marks. Although, when I touched my lips it did leave a little colour on my fingers. The colour lasted for at least 4 hours, which is a lot longer than I'm used to.
    It's a great product and amazing colours.
  • Sameera
    Rimmel london stay matte liquid lipsticks - 6 Nov 2017
    Hi rubies ❤️

    I've been testing out these liquid matte lipsticks from Rimmel London and I'm amazed at how true to its claims it is!

    I apply it once and it literally lasts through to the night without having to touch up.

    The shades are beautiful and I love the variety that they have to offer. From perfect nudes to daring bolds... this range has it all.

    My advice: when applying, make sure to let the product completely dry down before rubbing your lips together or touching it (about 30 seconds) to avoid smudging or a cakey dry appearance. Other than that it is super comfortable on the lips and definitely worth it!
  • Ananthi
    Everything you were looking for... - 6 Nov 2017

    After many...so many...horrible experiences(all my experiences) with matte lip colours. Rimmel has literally just blown my mind. Their Stay Matte Lip colour is literally everything I have wanted a matte lip colour to be. It is not "cakey" on your lips, it is not tacky and sticky. There is no cracking or peeling off or flaking. One coat is all you need for a vibrant, bold colour that drys like a lightweight second skin and really lasts a looong time, it's coffee and food proof.
  • renda
    it has a great texture and it stays on really well, it does not disappear as much and it lasts.
  • Shazya
    Rimmel stay matte liquid lip - 6 Nov 2017