Vita Liberata
Luxury Tan

The combination of ingredients in our products combined with our unique moisture locking system draws water to the surface of the skin and locks it there for 72 hours, creating very soft skin and a perfect fade every time.


All of our products are bursting with certified organic extracts that are kind to skin, offering anti age benefits and conditioning. This enhances the natural-looking tan result as the skin is smooth, even and plump - the perfect base for tanning.


Due to our unique formulation, Vita Liberata tan solution dries on contact with skin so you can dress with confidence after just 5 minutes.


Thanks to Odour Remove technology, in an independent survey of 200 participants, 99% said Vita Liberata had no smell on the skin.


The non-toxic and organic nature of our products combined with our unique moisture locking system means all Vita Liberata tans dry instantly and fade perfectly. No snakeskin, patching or streaking; just a gentle fade to nothing, like a natural tan.


  • Carike
    Beautiful Golden Glow - 14 Mar 2019
    I love this product ! Left a beautiful lasting color !

    It is on the expensive side for a self tanner but it is well worth it for a special occasion .

    I covers pigmentation and stretch marks ! I recommend this product if you want a beautiful natural tan that also hides a lot of flaws !
  • Shannon
    Always a fav - 3 Dec 2018
    I’ve used and worked with this brand many times and it never disappoints ! The quality is amazing and your tan always looks so natural ! I love it x
  • Celeste
    wowww - 13 Mar 2018
    it covered my stretch marks. you use very little product.
    easy to use.
  • Candice
    Best spray tan - 16 Feb 2018
    if youre looking for a spray tan, try and find this product! I had one for my sisters wedding and it gave the perfect glow!
  • Anthea
    super awesome results - 13 Dec 2017
    loved this from the first application, its a Summer "must have"
  • Elle
    LoVE at first tan! - 20 Nov 2017
    Love this product and wouldn't use anything else! Totally going to get another tan before the festive season starts…

    If you haven't tried it, you should

Vita Liberata

The Vita Liberate team are passionate experts in skincare and tanning. From their Irish base they created the world’s first odourless tan in 2007 and their unique Odour Remove™ technology is now present in all of their at-home self and salon spray tans. In 2011, they became the first completely non-toxic tanning brand, developing a collection of tan solutions free from parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals of concern. As the first tan brand in the world to do this, they became the self tanner of choice for the world’s top spas including George V Paris, St Regis, Viceroy, Ritz-Carlton and Burj Al Arab.

Their ingredients are the purest in the tanning world. Natural, certified organic and Ecocert approved extracts are key to their formulas. Offering a conditioning skincare treatment that also tans the skin is the goal, giving you a flawless skin finish that combines natural looking colour, velvet soft skin and long lasting hydration.

They have continued to introduce world beating tanning technologies to revolutionise the industry, making self tanning a viable alternative to sun exposure for all. These include Moisture Locking for 72hr skin hydration, Odour Remove™ for zero smell, pHenO2™ for the longest lasting tan, HyH20™ anti age hydration and Trystal3™ technology which allows tanning to work in a dry crystallised form.

Vita Liberate offer the widest range of at-home and professional tanning solutions to suit every skin type and tone, guaranteeing the ultimate tanning experience every time, that fades perfectly back to nothing, without you even noticing.

Vita Liberata