DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream
Size 75ml
R45.95 - Available at all leading retailers

Your hands work hard every day, so you should indulge them with the best hand cream for dry skin for you. With Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream you don't need to visit a spa to make your hands look and feel like they've been pampered and cared for. Using this Dove hand cream as part of your daily skin care routine will help to make dry skin on hands a distant memory.

Combines a luxurious home spa experience with expert dermatological care

Gives your hands even-looking, luminous, velvety soft skin

Fast-absorbing and suitable for sensitive skin


  • Londie
    velvet softness - 21 May 2018
    not only does it works effectively, it smells heavenly. i am so in love and my ruby friends i shared it with are crazy about. i'm changing my hand cream to this one. ultimate perfection....
  • Melissa
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream - 21 May 2018
    wow! just received my pack and have tried it. I will now be purchasing this hand cream. I love the velvety feel and so happy that it is for senstive skin as well.
    thanks Dove and rubybox
    #rubybox #DoveSA #DoveDermaSpa #PamperYourself
  • Thando
    Doves hand cream - 20 May 2018
    I'd mostly try the dove range of the new released products especially since it's winter tires the hand cream will do the most since I know Doves products are so rich n thick I'll be ashy hands free so il give you'll a feedback once iv tried it out
  • zanele
    Dove Derma Spa - 18 May 2018
    It smells absolutely amazing ,soft, silky and nourishes my hands...bye bye dry flakey hands...
  • Ileene
    Derma Spa - 18 May 2018
    I love this product, after drying out my skin with a hot shower this is the best way to moisturise my sensitive skin. Lovely product!
  • Siyabonga
    First Impressions of Dove DermaSpa Hand Treatment - 18 May 2018
    I recieved my goodies today which included Dove DermaSpa Hand Treatment, i have really dry and hard hands so i was pretty amped to try this. I must say i was impressed with the packaging, the lid is a gold glitter like feel, I really elegant one at that. The texture of the hand cream is absolutely amazing, its a light weight cream, not greasy and it had my hands feeling softer than usual. Il keep u updated as i keep using it to see if it will transform my unladylike hands
  • Tembisa
    Derma Spa - 17 May 2018
    Loved it. Had my hands feeling like velvet. Truly is a luxurious home spa experience!!!
    dove - 16 May 2018
    I love the way it looks and feels from the outside. It has a very cute packaging. The tube is plastic but the soft kind of plastic. The finish of the tube is satiny. It feels so good to just hold it. The tube is mostly white with a bronze gold cap. Few of the letters are also gold in color. Packaging looks luxurious like very expensive brands. The tube has a screw lid which has to be twisted for opening and closing.
  • Ntebogiseng
    DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream - 16 May 2018
    can you please have a big tub or body lotion, its feels good, feels rich on my skin and soft. I love it, I love it. definetly in my grocery list
  • Leticia
    Dove DermaSpa Indulgent Hand Cream. - 15 May 2018
    I never ever came across such a miracle working hand cream.

    Dove DermaSpa Indulgent Hand Cream, no other brand compares or leaves you with SILKY SMOOTH & SOFT and indescribable clean smell that lingers !!!!! I simply LOVE it....

    thank you Dove!!

  • Martha
    Whaaooo! this hand cream is amazing, it leaves my hands silky and not sticky. I love it
  • Zanele Precious
    Amazingly Silky Soft - 14 May 2018
    I'm young African lady who suffers from dry & sensitive skin , in winter my skin cracks more then in summer, I'm still looking for a hand cream that will leave my hands slicky soft and moistured during the day, Dove has amazing products I hope this will help me keep my hands moisturised , I carnt to try it .
  • Vuyelwa
    soothing hand cream - 14 May 2018
    I loved the smell and smoothness feel of my hand after using this hand cream.
  • Kwandile
    Thee best thing ever for my hands - 14 May 2018
    Let me just say the texture and feel of this on my hands is amaze balls. It is silky smooth and does wonders for my hands.
  • Chantell
    Best ever!!! - 14 May 2018
    It is the best hand cream ever!!!! Smells so nice and keeps your hands so soft and feeling moisturized the whole day!!!!
  • Sinesipo
    Silky Soft - 14 May 2018
    This has to be theeeee best hand cream ever. It leaves your hands instantly feeling silky soft. The price is abit steep but definitely worth it
  • masaku
    Dove dermal goodness Hand cream - 6 May 2018
    I love the smell of the hand cream,it leaves my hands soft and moisturized for hours....I love it.
  • Gladness
    Love it - 4 May 2018
    This hand cream is the best, it leaves the hands soft and mosturised. I would totally recommend it to anyone
  • Clarissa
    Lurv Dove DermaSpa Goodness! - 4 May 2018
    I am so in love with this hand cream... it leaves my hands feeling velvety and soft and smells amazing...
    My friend gave me this tube as part of the review she was going to do and i have been ranting and raving about it to every person who has the good fortune of being around me when i put it in...which is all the time since i carry it all over these days:-)
    So in love:-)
  • Liezel
    DermaSpa - Dove- Hand - 23 Apr 2018
    wow i am so impressed with this lotion. I usually avoid putting anything on my hands due to a sweat problem. But i can use this at night, leave my hands feeling soft and my nails are looking better and it smells lovely. Will definitely buy
  • Tracy
    Silky soft - 22 Apr 2018
    Bought this product yesterday at Clicks.
    Its leaves your hands feeling silky soft. Its a must have for Dry hands!!
    Great value for money. This product will last long even with daily use.
  • Lungile
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness cream - 18 Apr 2018
    Loved it. I recieved my sample from a fellow ruby and had to buy myself another one when it finished.
    It smells amazing and it's so moisturing which is perfect for my dry skin. Difinately stocking up on this product this coming winter.
  • Kayla
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream - 17 Apr 2018
    Possibly the best hand cream I’ve ever used. The smell is captivating and my hands were so soft, works instantly. Definitely investing in more of these, love it.
  • Charne
    Great hand cream! - 17 Apr 2018
    I never use hand cream, however, once I received this product, it has become part of my daily routine and it is the epitome of "a little, can go a long way"
    dove - 16 Apr 2018
    using the product and its treating him very well.I would not think of any product to use. When I saw the products whiles I was pregnant I was to myself my son will surely use baby dove as his skin care product.
  • Nicole
    Dove spa hand cream - 13 Apr 2018
    This is a must have product for anyone wanting beautifully smooth hands. No other hand cream compares to this ,I work in am office where my hands get dry often and after housework as well ,I use this once or twice for the day and it stays soft for hours!it smells beautiful
  • Janika
    Dove hand Cream - 8 Apr 2018
    WOW!!! I've received a sample from my friend and my hands feels amazing. Definitely my new favorite hand cream.
  • Nicky
    mind blowing hand cream - 6 Apr 2018
    If I could give this cream 10 star rating I would. It gives a velvety feel to it without it being oily. Really awesome product!
  • Merlyn
    Silky Soft - 5 Apr 2018
    Best hand cream I have ever tried. Makes my hands feel as if they were covered in silk.
  • Zanele
    A GEM - 5 Apr 2018
    Possibly the best hand cream I’ve ever used. The smell is captivating and my hands were so soft, works instantly. Definitely investing in more of these, love it.
  • Monique
    Decent - 4 Apr 2018
    Amazing! Definitely buying this again. My hands felt soft and the scent of this lotion very nice. Very pleased with this product
  • Liezel
    Dove dermaspa - 1 Apr 2018
    This product is devine, i love the silky smooth feeling it leaves you hands after every use, i love it so much i even use it for my face. I would defnitly invest in this hand cream.
  • Bronwyn
    Best hand cream - 28 Mar 2018
    I love the way my hands feel especially in winter when I struggle with dry hands this cream really works and my hands smell great.
  • Zingiswa
    Dove Hand Cream - 27 Mar 2018
    I love it. Love how it feels on my skin, the smell is amazing. I have very dry skin so the dove hand cream has done wonders for my hands. I'm 100% sold.
  • Victoria
    Dove Hand Cream - In Love - 21 Mar 2018
    The hand cream is totally amazing!!!! I makes my skin so silky, soft and my skin feels like it can still breathe.

    I am totally going to recommend it and keep buying it!

    5 star quality approval from me.
  • Mkabayi
    OMGoodness! - 15 Mar 2018
    They are sooo not lying when they call it "goodness!" I'm not lying when I say that I have one of those movie moments when I out this hand cream on for the first time, It was love at first sight, or rather TOUCH! I have made all of my friends and colleague use it! I love that I can put it on and have that soft velvety feel and a beautiful subtle scent. The scent is not too over powering that I could taste it while having my lunch, but just right for me to get a good whiff in while getting through my day. LOVE IT!
  • Tebogo thokozile
    Thoko - 15 Mar 2018
    Soft , silky hand everything a lady asks for in one product.and the scents turns heads in a taxi or around people
  • Mbalenhle
    Smells Divine - 14 Mar 2018
    I looooooove this hand lotion i am definitely changing to this, it keeps my hands so soft and smell so good, every time when i open it i hear people saying something smells nice
  • Angelique
    Smells soooo good! - 14 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love this hand cream. Leaves my hands feeling super soft and smells great.
  • Angelique
    New Favourite - 14 Mar 2018
    I love this product. Leaves my hands feeling super soft and smells great.
  • Lerato
    loving it - 13 Mar 2018
    I have never thought my hands can be this soft. i cant help but tell every one to try it. i soo love this. and it also smells great
  • Rudo
    Amazing handcream - 13 Mar 2018
    This is the best hand Cream I have used, makes hands soft and it feels amazing. Its a must have for every handbag.
  • Shahina
    DermaGoodness! - 13 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love this product. It smells so good and has a velvety silky texture.
    My skin gets really dry in summer and after using this product for about a week I noticed significant differences. My hands are much softer and is not looking dry or feeling rough. This product is a must for every handbag ❤
  • Monica
    My new favourite hand treatment - 13 Mar 2018
    I absolutely love this product. A must have for winter which is around the corner. I no longer have dry hands.
  • Lisa
    Skin so soft, radiant and moisturized... - 13 Mar 2018
    Can dove please make a body butter of the same quality as the hand lotion? Thank you. I walked in at Clicks yesterday and saw there's a Dove body Oil, I bought it compulsively. In my collection I just need a Body butter of Dove.In the interim, I use the hand lotion as an all rounder :P ;)
  • Magdeline
    velvet smooth hands - 13 Mar 2018
    This is my favourite Dove products, my hands feel new and young, velvety smooth. It does make you feel like you are being pampered every time you put it on.
  • Antoinette
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream - 12 Mar 2018
    Using this product really does make you feel like you are being pampered at a spa. The silky smoothness it leaves is heavenly.
  • Mkateko
    Dove Hand lotion - 9 Mar 2018

    Dove is really great quality,lotion smells wonderful no need for re-application throughout the days leaves hands feeling soft.
  • Khossy
    I love my hand cream. It not greasy and sticky. It the velvet touch so aoft and smooth . I am so happy and I will definitely contineu use the product. For the very 1st time in my life experiencing such a texture of the cream - 9 Mar 2018
    #dove beauty bar cream left my skin so soft and smooth most of all it is clean. I could see the different within 3 dates of use. #dove spray I am happy I finally find the product that will not act badly on my underarm skin no longer have rash and even dark skin starting to clear. The products met all my expections and I am happy. I will definetly contineu to use the products. I am happy
  • Leah
    Derma Spa Dove Goodness Handcream - 8 Mar 2018
    oh my goodness! this hand cream is pure goodness!

    it feels amazing on the hands, almost like velvet. It luxurious and really does moisturize the hands. i lovit!
  • Nondumiso
    hand cream - 8 Mar 2018
    This is superb the smell it leave on the hands and there ae smooth after applying it. Will never carry a bag without it
  • Megan
    Dove Handcream - 8 Mar 2018
    I am a serious hand cream hoarder , I keep one in my handbag, one next to my bed and I have one on my desk at work. This one is an absolute keeper! The smell is amazing, the cream has a silky,matte feel to it and keeps your hands feeling softer for longer. I highly recommend this product
  • Carmen Anne
    Soft silky hands - 7 Mar 2018
    I must admit I don't suffer from dry hands but the cream made my hands so soft. I have never experienced such softness before
  • Sisanda
    Dove hand cream - 7 Mar 2018
    I have very dry hands so I use hand lotion all the time but the Dove Dermaspa Goodness hand cream is different.My hands are so soft...well moisturized and look amazing.Even the nails look and feel great.I do not need to apply all the time.Thank you Dove team...this one is a winner!
  • Sue
    Dove Dermaspa Hand Cream - 7 Mar 2018
    Absolutely love this handcream. I love how it doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky and the way it smells. It leaves my hands feeling soft and well moisturized.
  • Tania
    Dove Derma spa - 7 Mar 2018
    Wow, this is great, ,makes your hands feel smooth and soft and so nice, and it smells great! Love it!
  • Zamashandu
    Eh - 7 Mar 2018
    I loved it for the two days I had then my boyfriend snatched it, he says he loves it so much!
  • Nadine
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream - 6 Mar 2018
    75ml retails at R45.95 For myself, I often work with harsh chemicals when cleaning at my home. And I found from the get go, when applying this Derma Spa Hand Treatment from Dove, it worked like a protective barrier. My hands are left, soft, nourished and almost like sleeve-protected from drying out. Again the scent of this Dove product does not fall short from any of the other Dove products, and for me personally even smells better. I love the packaging of this product with its gold like accents, its reminiscent and feels such like royalty if you catch my drift. Dry hands is nothing but a thing of the past to me now, and I would definitely repurchase this product again, worth every cent.
  • Sinesipo
    Silky Soft - 6 Mar 2018
    I am totally sold on this product. It leaves your skin feeling silky soft
  • Lindi
    HEAVENLY - 6 Mar 2018
    his is the best hand cream iv ever used, it leaves your hands soft ,silky and smells gorgeous! every lady will fall for this. its a must have.....
  • Charlene
    Wow - 5 Mar 2018
    Product of the year 2018! I absolutely love love and recommend to every femme fatale out there!

    It’s small enough to fit snugly into a bag yet it moisturizes in such a powerful way.
  • Asemahle
    Dove Handlotion - 5 Mar 2018
    One of the handlotion ,it makes my skin feel silky .I will buy it again
  • Victoria
    Dove hand cream - 5 Mar 2018
    A lovely soft hand cream that abbsorbs well and leaves your hands moisturised throughout the day. The fragrance is very nice. A real winner!
  • Jacqueline
    LOVE IT!!!! - 5 Mar 2018
    This cream is so amazing, keep your hand moist all day....always in my bag.Smells amazing and makes your hand feel so soft.
  • Rufaro
    dove - 5 Mar 2018
    this cream is a little thin for my skin! but i can tell that it works very well for those people with the right skin type!
  • Maggie
    Dove Hand cream - 5 Mar 2018
    I love the smell and texture of this hand cream. It doesn't leave my hand feeling sticky but leaves it feeling soft and well moisturised.
  • tarry
    love dove - 5 Mar 2018
    i tried this product for the first time and i absolutely love how skin feels after moisturizing. i have permanently moved to this
  • Michell
    Goodness - 5 Mar 2018
    Wow! silky smooth!! Amazing Smell!! Now this is a Super Product i would keep on using! Absolutely Amazing!!
  • Letisha
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream Review - 5 Mar 2018
    Thank you RubyBox for introducing me to this delicious product! Loving it from first use and the smell is addictive. As someone who uses their hands a lot during the day, I often suffer from dry hands but with Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream, my hands feel soft and supple all day, err'day!
  • Bonita
    I'm blown away - 5 Mar 2018
    I have never used a hand product that felt this smooth...ever! My hands are extremely dry and hard but now it feels truelly soft and hydrated. I simply just love this product
  • Debbie
    Love the Derma Spa Range - 5 Mar 2018
    I tried the Derma spa range and just love it. My hands and body are super soft. So soft and silky. Would recommend this product to my friends.
  • Roxanne
    Soft as silk - 2 Mar 2018
    I've tried the Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream and my hands feel as soft and smooth as silk. I feel that this is a great buy as after an application the hand cream lasts for up to 3 hand washes. Great value for money and perfect if you want to avoid those dry winter hands!
  • Bianca
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness - 2 Mar 2018
    This is a great product. It makes your hands feel so soft. I will recommend it to everybody, and it is not even expensive.
  • Siphokazi
    Dove DermaSpa - 2 Mar 2018
    This is the best. Honestly speaking i am not looking back, i am keeping dove now and forever.. i have very dry skin, but since i started using Dove Dermaspa, my hands are amazing. it leaves my skin very soft, moisturized and also feels like i have done some sort of treatment. its nothing but the best.. Thank you Dove for giving us quality products.. i will never doubt your products for any reason.. i'm your happy Customer. totally satisfied
  • Snothile
    Dove hand cream - 1 Mar 2018
    Wow! Its the best hand cream. I like the fact that it is not greasy. It keeps my skin silky and smelling good
  • Farzaana
    Velvet Heaven - 1 Mar 2018
    This leaves my hands feeling soft and velvety. Soft to the touch.
  • Galeemah
    Silky smooth hands - 1 Mar 2018
    As someone who has to wash hands constantly in my field of work, hand creams are a God send to avoid dry and cracked hands. Thay being said, I am so sad that I cannot use this product due to allergies caused by fragrance :( Despite that, I have used it a few times and wow, it left my hands so soft & velvety. It doesn't leave a sticky or oily residue. Love the little sparkle it leaves behind as well. If it was made in a fragrance free variant i would be purchasing all the time.
  • Makhosazana
    All Day Luxury - 1 Mar 2018
    Love this lotion! It's nourishing but not greasy, leaving hands soft and supple. Bonus: I used it as a face cream just to see and my face loves it too! Get it!
  • Anuscha
    Converted! - 28 Feb 2018
    I have never been a hand cream girl, but after trying Dove Derma Spa goodness, I AM CONVERTED! This product makes my hands and skin feel like real velvet, and the smoothest is to die for. The feel stays on the whole day!! Definitely buying more!
  • Thabile
    Silky Dove Hands - 28 Feb 2018
    this is the best hand cream iv ever used, it leaves your hands soft ,silky and smells gorgeous! every lady will fall for this.
  • Dahnelle
    Dove Goodness Hand Cream - 27 Feb 2018
    I love Dove products but I am not to fond of the Dove hand cream. The oily residue that is left behind after application is not good, you can't help but wipe your hands on a town after applying the hand cream. Not very impressed.
  • nontando
    Best hand cream - 27 Feb 2018
    This is far the best hand cream I have ever used! I like the soft feel it leaves on your skin. My skin has been very dry and I tried out other brands but did not work out well. I love the fragrance and I love that it keeps my skin moisturised for long. It was also quite a lovely surprise to have gotten this product.
  • Michelle
    Dove Goodness - 27 Feb 2018
    i'm blown away by this cream it's absolutely amazing!!! it makes your skin silky soft and smells fantastic!!
  • Yolanda
    Best Hand Cream Ever!! - 27 Feb 2018
    I have extremely dry skin and Have tried almost all of the brands of hand cream on the market from low to high end and this is by far the best, It has a very subtle scent which is not overpowering and keeps my hands supple and moist for a long time. It is also not greasy
  • Sthembiso
    dove dermaspa hand repair - 27 Feb 2018
    moisturizing my hands to be soft and silk, love it so much, i will never go back , will make sure that i always have this in my bag
  • Angelique
    Silk on my hands - 27 Feb 2018
    I have this product on my bed table, in my bag, in my draw at work. It feels so silk soft like silk fabric over your hands and the fragrance is amazing.
  • Luzibo
    I think Im in love - 27 Feb 2018
    I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and the slightest of fragrances makes me sneeze. Well, that was until i started using this. I'm so happy. It feels good, absorbs quickly and does the job effectively. I love products that do what they say and this seem so be one of them!
  • Erika Theresa
    Dove HandCream - 26 Feb 2018
    I can just slap myself right now
  • Erika Theresa
    The Best Product - 26 Feb 2018
    My hair gets easily tired of shampoos and Conditioners!! But this one I’ve been using for quit a while and my hair just adores this product. It moisturizes and let my hair shine like I’ve just came out of the Salon.. I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone. It’s really worth the money!!
  • Nicole
    Dove Derma SPa Hand Cream - 26 Feb 2018
    this is the most amazing hand cream ive ever used. (and ive tried many!). the moisture lasts way longer than normal hand creams and the scent is wonderful and powerful. definitely worth it
  • Xabisa
    Silky Soft Hand Cream - 26 Feb 2018
    This hand cream is magic, your hands literally feel like silk each time you use it, The smell Oh my word, honestly this product blew my mind
  • Gadija
    Good Quality 4 money - 26 Feb 2018
    Oh I'm just loving this hand cream! I've used it daily now 4 the past 7 days and my hand are much softer than before and I love the smell.
  • Charles
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand cream - 25 Feb 2018
    Oh wow, love this handcream. It has a great smell and leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized. I love the consistence of this cream too. It doesnt leave a greasiness feeling on my hands.
  • Senzeni
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand cream - 25 Feb 2018
    Thank you Dove, for this great product. I absolutel love it. The cream has a great smell and leaves my hands feeling smooth and soft
  • Tapiwa
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand cream - 25 Feb 2018
    This cream is absolutely divine and smells amazing. It has a great consistency, not too creamy, and it absorbs nice and quickly into the skin leaving a soft non-oily/non-greasy feeling. I absolutely love this product.
  • Shameera
    Soft - 25 Feb 2018
    What an amazing hand cream! I used it as a hand cream and even applied it to my dry and cracking elbows. It helped to keep my skin soft. The smells of this cream is amazing! Not over powering, its just perfect and not weak. It does not leave any sticky feeling behind like most other hand creams. A definite thumbs up from me. I'll definitely recommend this product to anyone I know.
  • Tlaleng
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream for Goddesses! - 25 Feb 2018
    I feel like a goddess thanks to Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream. I love that while it is fast absorbing,it still leaves my skin highly moisturised. It smells sooooo devine too!
  • Khensani
    DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream - 24 Feb 2018
    One of my favourite products included in the Dove 7day Test is this amazing hand cream. It smells divine! I don’t like strong scented hand creams because I have sinuses, so I avoid anything that will make me sneeze. The scent in the DermaSpa Goodness is perfect for my problem. I don’t have to worry about smelling good while getting a good treatment. It does feel like I had a hand massage at a Spa. My hands are softer and smoother! Dove really does its job with these two aspects. I honestly have no suggestions of some sort or negative opinion about this one! I love it and will put my money in it every month.

    Thank you Rubybox
  • Zoleka
    I love it - 24 Feb 2018
    This hand cream has been on my list of to try products and I'm glad I got it. It is amazing, it has a serum consistency and a luxurious touch. The smell is lovely and soothing. I love that the cream absorbs quickly but the moisture doesn't disappear, my hands are super soft, my only complaint is it has no spf.
  • Banele
    Dove DermaSpa hand cream - 23 Feb 2018
    Im so obsessed with this hand the smell and my hands feels so smooth and soft.
  • nicole
    Best hand cream hands down! - 23 Feb 2018
    Omw this hand cream.. I'm amazed!! Why haven't I seen it in store before. It leaves your hands silky soft. Goes on easy and smells divine. I am in love with this hand cream. I absolutely love the dove dermaspa goodness hand cream!!! Thank you Dove and Rubybox.
  • Lerato
    Dove Derma Spa Goodness - 23 Feb 2018
    The smell catches you immediately! It smeels amazingly good and keeps your hands completely moisturised at the same time. This is my new hand cream from now on as I have always been looking for one that smells good as well as provide moisture. I am absolutely blown away
  • bianca
    Hand Cream - 23 Feb 2018
    Oh my this is one's I LOVE!!! I can not stop using this on my hands it dissolves quickly when rubbing your hands and the smell stays on my hands for hours!!!!
  • Samantha
    Dove Derma Spa Hand Cream - 23 Feb 2018
    I luurv the velvety feeling it leaves on my hands. By far the best hand cream i have ever used in my life! Would recommend it for every female out there. A must have in every woman's purse!
  • Jabulile
    Derma Spa Gododness 3 hand treatment - 23 Feb 2018
    Lets start with the smell! #devine
    I have dry skin and applying this every time i was my hands has been an absolute treat. My skin is softer and doesn't feel tight.
  • Dani
    DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream :) - 23 Feb 2018
    This cream is absolutely divine! :)

    It smells amazing, like a yummy Dove shampoo, but super fragrant!

    The consistency is nice and thin, not too creamy, and it absorbs nice and quickly into the skin leaving a soft non-oily/non-greasy feeling :)

    My hands haven't felt softer and more moisturised in ages! I also see a difference in my cuticles which are usually quite dry :)

    I would definitely repurchase this product! :)
  • Mariska
    Derma spa handcream - 23 Feb 2018
    This is a very rich hand cream so use only a little bit as it does leave a film on hands afterwards but dries quickly , what I love about this hand cream is that after washing hands your hands still feel sort not like other cream that actually makes it feel you need to reapply immediately
  • Nicole
    Best hand cream ever! - 23 Feb 2018
    This is probably the best hand cream I have ever used. It leaves my hands feeling thoroughly nourished, with no weird stickiness that one sometimes gets from hand lotion.
  • Portia
    I love it! - 23 Feb 2018
    Not only does it make your hands soft and smooth but it smells divine too
  • constance
    Best Hand Cream Ever - 22 Feb 2018
    This is the best hand cream that I have used in my entire life. I even used some on my dry feet. My friend gave me a sample she got and I'm so much in love with it
  • Dineo
    Dove goodness on the move - 22 Feb 2018
    The feel of this product on my hands and body is the best. Now this is a product to use forever, after receiving my pack i went and stocked up for the year
  • Nathasha
    Dove Hand Cream - 22 Feb 2018
    This is an amazing product. It does exactly what is says on the product. "for velvety soft, even-looking and luminous skin" I LOVE IT!
  • Tebogo
    Tebogo - 21 Feb 2018
    My hands are super soft and it smells good, my friend ask me for a drop and after she went to buy it immediately its amaze ball's
  • Nondumiso
    Dove Hand lotion - 21 Feb 2018
    I got the package from a friend of mine,i love the hand lotion,my hands became soft when using it and the texture is awesome, I really loved it especially because I have dry hands so it moisturised my hands and repaired it ,but there is too much fragrance,I'm suffering from sinus and the fragrance in that lotion makes it worse so I had to stop using it.
  • candice
    dove - 21 Feb 2018
    This make my hands feel so soft. i just want to use it all the time
  • Canax
    soft and silky ☺ - 21 Feb 2018
    just love this product, makes your hands feel soft and silky!!
  • Octavia
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream - 21 Feb 2018
    Soft, smooth and smells devine.
    Also feels silky....I looooove it :-)
  • Nomalla
    touch of heaven - 21 Feb 2018
    I got my samples to try out. and i must say this hand cream is too die for. It smells so so good and love the way my hands feel after applying the product. i would definitely recommend it to anyone with dry hands
  • Tandokazi
    Dove Derma Spa - 21 Feb 2018
    I have the driest hands you could find so I was excited when I received my pack. Am on day 2 today and I must say, am wow(ed). My have never felt this soft and silky. This is now one Item I will always have in my bag ALWAYS. Thanks RubyBox.
  • Lusanda
    Dove dermaspar goodness hand cream - 21 Feb 2018
    I love it a friend of mine gave me to try it and I was blown away, it's an amazing product I love the smell of it and how it makes my skin smooth and soft like a baby skin its great.
  • Amery
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness Hand Cream - 21 Feb 2018
    I naturally have dry rough hands. This hand cream is heavenly and really moisturizes my hands.
  • Buyisiwe
    Luxury feel - 20 Feb 2018
    Best hand lotion I’ve ever come across. The smooth texture on my hands and the rich thick consistency of this lotion is so luxurious. I love it .
  • Patience
    My hands never felt smoother before - 20 Feb 2018
    Thank you so much Rubybox for introducing me to this amazing product. This is a muct have for any lady's handbag; i will never be without it. It makes my skin feel so soft without being greasy. Absolute love for me; will be purchasing and definitely recommend.
  • Lerusha
    Dove derma spa Hand Cream - 20 Feb 2018
    This hand cream is absolutely amazing. Feels like silk on my hands. If you use a daily hand cream I would definitely recommend Dove.
  • Tania
    Dove Hand cream_Goodness - 20 Feb 2018
    Love the look, feel & size of the product.
    Hand Moisturizer is silk to the touch and provides a cool feeling once on. However I would use this product as part of my night regime due to the fact I found it to be slightly oily using it during the day especially in this heat.
  • Chené
    Softest skin - 20 Feb 2018
    I can't remember the last time my hands felt so smooth and soft!
  • Dumisile
    Marvelous hand cream - DermaSpa - 20 Feb 2018
    The first day I used the hand cream my hands felt silky soft even my husband has joined me in using it. The scents are rejuvenating.
  • Fazlin
    Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Hand Cream - 20 Feb 2018
    I absolutely love this product, feels like silk, leaves, my hands feeling soft and smooth. No sticky feeling at all. it moisturizes well too
  • Lerato
    SILY SMOOTH - 20 Feb 2018
    ITS IN MY BAG! Love this product so much.

    Its thick but absorbed by the skin fast. Instantly giving my skin a silky smooth feel.

    It is so sexy it makes me touch myself through out the day!!

    Thank you
  • Siwapiwe
    Silky softs, melts in the skin - 20 Feb 2018
    Day1 of using the hand cream.For now i will just write about the texture. It melts on my hands, not sticky, with a nice velvety feel. Not too much scent. I'm loving it.
  • Nqobile
    Derma spa Dove handcream - 20 Feb 2018
    OMGeeee this handcream is amazeballs, love the velvetty feel and its long lasting. Cant wait to buy more as gifts to my friends:)
  • Buyisiwe
    got it from a friend - 20 Feb 2018
    smells nice and makes my hands feel silky and soft. Derma spa makes my hands feel like a million bucks:)
  • Bernice
    Love Dove - 19 Feb 2018
    I absolutely love Dove products. But this hand cream has me loving dove even more. It's amazing on my hands. Like a manicure in a cream. Feels amazing. Smells amazing. Best dove product yet. I love dove
  • Lerato
    Dove hand cream - 19 Feb 2018
    This hand cream is everything!! I love it, it smells good and leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturised for a long time. It's everything I've wanted in a hand cream ❤❤❤
  • Chiedza-Adelaide
    wow wow wow! - 19 Feb 2018
    I never knew such wonderful handcreams existed!! I true spa treatment it has been. I will definitely buy and continue to use it! Thanks Ruby
  • Takudzwa Tinashe
    Lovely - 19 Feb 2018
    OMG!!! my hands have never felt so "pampered"...literally! The scent is great, it absorbs fast, and it leaves my hands feeling so velvety and so soft for longer! I love it
  • shaneen
    Derma Spa - 19 Feb 2018
    I loved the quick adsorption and non-sticky feel so much that even my kids don't mind using it. Thank you so much #Rubybox and #Dove
  • Umber
    Dove Hand cream - 19 Feb 2018
    On The Go magic. Non greasy and non sticky. I love this hand cream. It smells great and my hands are so soft.
  • nonkululeko
    dove DermaSpa - 18 Feb 2018
    ive used it for 2 days my hands feel fresh and silky, love it so much, will make sure that i buy it every month
  • Nomcebo
    Wow! - 17 Feb 2018
    Received my package yesterday and this hand cream ia absolutely amazing. It feels good on my hands. They feel soft and it smells great! A must have
  • Itumeleng
    Smooother hands - 17 Feb 2018
    Just recieved the pack yesterday and within the next two days i am already excited. I cant wait to see the results after a week....Dove never disspoints.
  • Setha
    What a Wow! - 17 Feb 2018
    Really blown away. My hands are very sensitive and dry up very quickly. I have apply hand cream at least 3 times a day but with DermaSpa I only had to apply it once and my hands were in great condition even after washing them.
  • Nosihle
    Dove - 16 Feb 2018
    Just received my pack today wow so amazed,hand lotion smells very nice and makes my hands soft wooow ,I Iove it.
  • Amanda
    smells heavenly - 16 Feb 2018
    I've just received the pack
    i am super exited I've already tried the hand cream and it smells divine feels good on the hands not too light or too thick its just perfect..
  • Aysha
    Derma Spa - 15 Feb 2018
    i have just received mine and so excited to try it, so far the fragrance is wonderful. I am sure this product will turn out great for my hands, Dove products never fail


Where they’ve come from
Dove has been at the forefront of research and breakthrough technologies since its inception in 1957. It all started with the launch of the Dove Beauty Bar, which revolutionised the way women cared for their skin by providing the first nourishing alternative to soaps, which are known to dry and strip the skin.

Where they’re going to
Extending their range beyond Dove Beauty Bars, their now extensive range of toiletries are all designed to help women take care of their precious bodies.