Color Seal Silver Shampoo
Size 300ml

Color Seal Silver Shampoo contains acid violet and acid blue which aids in neutralising warm tones. Enriched with Mongongo oil, which forms a protective film on the hair cuticle when exposed to UV and is rich in Omega 6 and high in Vitamin E that provides excellent antioxidant properties.



  • Kelly
    Product is amazing, bottle... not so much. - 24 Apr 2017
    I really loved this shampoo. I do feel it brought out my highlights, and also didn't dry my hair like a lot of other shampoos do. However, the bottle mechanism needs some work. I had it in my bag when I went away for a wedding and it leaked every where!!!!
  • Tanja
    Biosense silver shampoo - 3 Apr 2017
    Love it! I found this product a lot thicker than other silver shampoo I have used.
    My colour is fab and I will definitely buy this product.
  • Elizma
    Loved it! - 31 Mar 2017
    I tried the Biosense color seal shampoo and I was very happy with the results. My hair colour was more "ash" after the first wash already and after the second wash the brassiness was completely gone. Although the shampoo was excellent for colour correcting, it did not left my hair feeling clean. I washed with my normal shampoo after. I would definitely purchase this product in the future.
  • Chandre
    Colour vibrancy - 28 Mar 2017
    I loved how this shampoo took my brassy colour to a way more vibrant and natural looking blonde. IN ONE WASH. Its great for colour but I still use another shampoo and conditioner and hair mask every once in a while because I have very damaged hair. It doesn't leave your hair dry but it doesn't restore it (which is also what I look for in a shampoo). It does however leave my hair soft. I definitely would've loved this when I went platinum blonde a while back. This is a great shampoo in general
  • Michelle
    The good, the bad, and the purple - 24 Mar 2017
    So here's the thing. It is pretty potent and very, very purple. They recommend using gloves, so I did. But I might try without next time, as washing hair with gloves on is just weird. The shampoo felt a little hard (not a lot of movement, I guess from the lack of foaminess) and my hair didn't feel as clean as it does with my normal shampoo. The conditioner didn't feel soft while it was on, however it wasn't difficult to brush my hair afterwards. I do love what it does for the colour - definitely tones down the yellow and leaves your hair less likely to be mistaken for straw. It left my hair moisturised, with a healthy shine. Next time I might wash with my normal shampoo first though. In terms of packaging/instructions: I'm not sure if it different when it is on the full-sized bottle, but I wanted a little more info. Like is this for daily use? Weekly? Oh, and, I totally put it on my roots too, as I didn't like the idea of brassy roots and less brassy lengths? So odd.
  • Mia
    awesome product - 23 Mar 2017
    hi really love this product, Since it ticks all the boxes for makes my hair look healthy and gives me a nicely toned blond and I m able to use it with Brazilian treatment on hair since its sulphate free.
  • Bianca
    Biosense color seal silver shampoo - 23 Mar 2017
    I have blonde highlighted hair and this product is probably the best silver shampoo iv used(and iv used many!) Enhances and brightens hair quite fast leaving your hair looking shiny and removing all brassy tones.if i leave the shampoo on longer than required i get a lovely vibrant platinum look. Loved the product will definitely be purchasing.
  • Lolly
    Great Silver Shampoo - 23 Mar 2017
    I love the tones of the shampoo - such purple tones really does well for bringing the blonde out in highlights. I adore everything about this conditioner from the texture to the smell and the way it leaves my hair looking and feeling. the only thing i would change is the foaminess of the product, i didnt feel it produced enough lather so it left me feeling like i hadnt washed my hair properly - i alleviated this by using my normal shampoo first and then using the biosense shampoo - left my hair looking and feeling amazing
  • Maura
    Biosensor Colour Diver Shampoo - 22 Mar 2017
    I was absolutely mind blown by the quality that was produced when I washed my hair!! Full of body and moisture, well done Biosensor!!!
  • Carla
    Love it love it - 22 Mar 2017
    I firstly enjoyed the smell of the product and the packaging is definitely attractive. I like that my hilites are more prominent now and that my hair is softer in texture especially the hilites.
  • Jane
    It did its job. - 22 Mar 2017
    There were things I liked and didn't like about this product. I didn't like that is struggled to get it to foam and the scent kind of reminded of Pantene products.
    It did do a great job of neutralizing the yellow in my hair as well not drying the hair out as many of the other silver shampoos I have tried in the past. Not being a natural blonde, I need products to help the dryness and not products that dry it out. This was one of the gentler ones in my opinion.
  • Jo
    Love it - 22 Mar 2017
    Really enjoyed the Colour Seal Shampoo, it helped brighten up my highlights
  • Ashleigh
    Hello Highlights!! - 16 Mar 2017
    I could see the difference in my highlights after the first wash, they were brighter and whiter - exactly what you want from a silver shampoo. The shampoo does dry out your hair (Like all silver shampoos) But the Hydrate Conditioner is really nourishing which helps to soften and smooth the hair. Love the products and they are amazing value for money!
  • Colleen
    Biosense Shampoo and Conditioner - 15 Mar 2017
    I really struggle with my highlights going a golden/yellow colour from all the sun and outdoor activity, and I have tried other silver shampoos without much success. I must say I was very impressed with both the Biosense shampoo and conditioner, it definitely removed the brassiness from my hear and left it soft and silky. I will definitely recommend this product to family and friends.
  • Catherine
    Bye Bye Brassiness! - 14 Mar 2017
    My highlighted hair sometimes tends to have some brassiness near the roots, and after just 2 washes with Biosense Silver Shampoo, it's really neutralized the blonde! My highlights are bright and light again :)
    An added bonus is the beautiful fragrance and soft texture. Silver shampoos I've used in the past smelled quite chemical. I followed with the Biosense Conditioner which is heavenly - really helped soften my hair which tends to dry out from highlighting. I'm so glad I discovered this new brand! Thanks Rubies x
  • Kim
    Just what I needed - 14 Mar 2017
    Really a fab product... after 1 application I could see a huge improvement in the tone of my highlights. I used the corresponding conditioner and together these products give me the exact results I am after. I currently spend R800 on my salon shampoo and conditioner... this product offers my fine, damaged hair a much better result for less than half the price. Highly recommended!
  • sue
    Silver shampoo - 13 Mar 2017
    I found the shampoo to be slightly drying - you do need a whole lot of conditioner afterwards to make your hair soft again. I have used other purple shampoos and this seem to be a general side effect. The shampoo definitely brightens my highlights - it truly is da bomb!! And for the price, it's great value for money!!
  • Tayla
    Biosense Color Seal Silver Shampoo - 13 Mar 2017
    I have SERIOUSLY struggled to find a silver shampoo for my platinum locks over the years. This silver shampoo is moisturizing and doesn't leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. It also has an absolutely swoon-worthy scent. My main aim when using a silver shampoo is to rid my hair of the brassy tones that so often rear their nasty heads after getting your hair done. This silver shampoo leaves your hair glowing with absolutely 0 brassy tones. I am in awe. Definitely worth the buy!
  • Alexia
    Awesome products! - 13 Mar 2017

    I absolutely love these products! this is the best silver shampoo I have used so far.
    My hair and hands were not left purple and the brassey tones were removed from my hair after the first wash.
    The conditioner left my hair feeling softer and more manageable.
  • Lee-Anne
    GREAT FOR HIGHLIGHTS - 13 Mar 2017
    This shampoo definitely made my highlights pop and helped take out the warmer / brassy tones.
    I also love the smell, smells like I've just walked out of the hair salon.
  • Emmogene
    biosense color seal silver shampoo - 13 Mar 2017
    I will be recomending this product to friends and family. Thank you
  • Courtney-Joss
    Effective and affordable - 13 Mar 2017
    I'm so impressed with the price point of this product. I found it to be super effective as a silver shampoo, it is a little drying but a good conditioner will balance this out and it's totally worth not having yellow tones.
  • Amanda
    Blonde ambition - 10 Mar 2017
    When it comes to silver shampoo's that claim to eliminate brassiness, 2 factors that always concern me are..will it leave my hair dry and am I going to end up with purple hair? Biosense passed with flying colours on both (no pun intended :-)) . While eliminating yellow, your hair is not left purple and after using the Hydrate Conditioner, my normally course hair was left beautifully soft!
  • Léan
    Great value, great product - 10 Mar 2017
    So, I was chosen as one of the lucky Rubies to review the Biosense Color Seal Silver Shampoo.

    It has a gorgeous smell and hair look and feel healthy after use. This shampoo is really very good value compared to similar silver shampoos on the market. And I really recommend it.
  • Agnetia
    BLONDE BRILLIANCE - 27 Feb 2017
    This product is truely amazing and made my hair shine and gave it a much needed BOOST to go platinum blonde again, I am so HAPPY with this product and it is a MUST HAVE for any blondie!
  • Doll
    beautiful - 7 Feb 2017
    love this product used on my daughters hair she is blonde and hair goes greenish from swimming ..this product def helps


Inspired By Nature

Natural Ingredients used to ensure the hair’s health and shine no matter the condition.

Perfected by Science

Biosense is a Professional Range sold exclusively through hair salons. Your hair scientist is your Hair Stylists!

Company Overview

Biosense Professional is a full range of Retail and Back Bar, as well as Technical Color for the Professional Hair Care Industry. In our Retail and Back Bar range we have 5 different ranges to best suit the different customer's needs. A range of Styling Aids can also be found under the Biosense brand, as well as our very own Super Powerful Spoil and Biotin Hair Supplement. Biosense technical colour, known as Color Sense has 97 variants with 6 accentuators and 22 families. It is enhanced with the latest Nano Technology and is based on the Tri-Base System.