Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File
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What’s this?

A luxurious pedicure device that removes calluses and hard skin, leaving your feet perfectly smooth after 1 use (batteries included).

How does it work?

It's specially designed Micralumina™ roller gently buffs away hard skin in minutes. Use on dry skin.

What are the benefits?
  1. Effectively removes hard skin
  2. Ergonomic shape
  3. Easy to use
  4. Gentle & Safe to use.
How do I use it?

Read below or watch Jeannie D's demonstration video.

Gently roll across the affected area with light to medium pressure and even movements. Repeat regularly. Do not use on one area for more than 3-4 seconds at a time.


  • Tanya
    A Girl's Best Friend! - 10 Mar 2017
    I have used the electronic foot file since it first came out and no one knew about it. I am still using the same file and it is still as effective!

    I am glad they brought refills out, as well as an electronic nail file. Such an awesome tool to have!
  • Daniela
    A must have for me. - 6 Mar 2017
    This item has changed the game. No longer will I waste my time with foot scrubs, foot files and cheap, nasty replicas of the scholl electronic foot file. This tool is powerful and easy to use. My feet are super soft, thank you scholl.
  • Hafizah
    Amazing - 11 Feb 2017
    I absolutely love it . It's the only product of this nature that works to perfection . My mum is obsessed with it aswell.
  • Insaaf
    Baby soft feet! - 16 Jan 2017
    So i used my moms the other day and was amazed. I only did one side of my foot and was really impressed.

    I am saving up to get my own Scholl so i can have my feet done... both feet. Lol!!

    Im planning to get the manicure set in the future. It looks amazing as well.
  • Ruth
    Awesomeness - 13 Jan 2017
    The best buy I have ever done. Simply love it! Will never go manual again.
  • Lourensa
    AWESOME!!!! - 5 Jan 2017
    I will never go manual again!! Soft as a baby's and never embarrassed to show my feet of heals off!!
  • Sadia
    Disappointing - 21 Nov 2016
    Sadly I think this was a waste of a LOT of money.

    This product promises to give you smooth wonderful feeling heels/feet.

    I have used it a couple of times, and to be honest it was a big waste of R399.

    It makes your feet smooth for that moment and then in order for it to feel that way you have to use it on a daily basis which would probably wear out the skin in that area.

    My mom also purchased this and also feels that it was a big waste of R399.

    Very disappointing for all the hype that was created around it.
  • Kim
    five minute footie - 7 Nov 2016
    i am not one to spend loads of time self preserving - BUT this is definitely worth 5 minutes of my time . works like a charm!
  • F
    Wow - 12 Oct 2016
    Awesome awesome awesome.... my feet feels sooo smooth since using the scholl
  • rosetta
    Oh Bliss - 22 May 2015
    The perfect gift for the mom, girlfriend or wife that has everything but time. I love it, and as i don't have time to spend hours at a salon to do my feet, this has become my new best friend.
    Get one and see what we are all raving about. it is worth the investment in yourself...
    Invest Invest Invest - 19 May 2015
    Save yourself a ton of money on salon treatments. This once a week wonder will keep your heels smooth as silk! So glad I invested in one.
  • Samukeliso
    Brilliant - 10 May 2015
    I love this thing , i use it once a week , I bought it at clicks and it was a lot cheaper .
    I just find it difficult to clean the file .
    Otherwise its the next best thing .
    Saves you a lot of money as salon visits are less .
  • Madelle
    Velvet Smooth - 7 May 2015
    This is my bestest ever buy. I love it. Convenient. Easy. It is awesome and I pamper myself at home.
  • Lolita
    Smooth Feet - 22 Apr 2015
    I have tried it and it works. My feet have never felt smoother. Con: Replacing batteries are expensive.

    Cheaper at Clicks. I bought mines at R319-00.
  • Siobhan
    Amazing - 20 Apr 2015
    My mom and I got one of these to try out and we ADORE it! It makes buffing your heels so much easier, and it really really works.
  • Bedine
    Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File - 19 Apr 2015
    Would love this Electronic Foot File as it is so convenient and saves so much time. Definitely adding it to my wish list.
  • Janine
    Scholl Velvet Foot File - 5 Apr 2015
    I got this as a gift for my Mom, she has always struggled with cracked heels. She absolutely loves it!! Need to get my own :)
  • Kim
    At last! - 2 Apr 2015
    My hubbie and I are thrilled by this file. My feet have never looked and felt better... oh - and he loves it just as much!
  • Zakia
    A must have - 1 Apr 2015
    I always had cracked heels. After using this product in one application I saw a tremendous difference.

    my new favorite product
  • Melanie
    Not for heavy duty filing - 28 Mar 2015
    Obviously everyone else that have reviewed this file has baby soft feet to begin with. Mine isn't as bad as it's been before-a bit dry with a few hard spots-some shallow cracks on the heel. I expected the file to easily remove the dead skin but unfortunately it couldn't handle the pressure! Any amount of pressure and the motor stops so I'm not sure how it's supposed to remove really tough skin. I'll definitely keep using my old file
  • Candice
    Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File - 23 Mar 2015
    I have seen so many amazing reviews on these and heard so many great stories. Definitely want to invest in one soon before they sell out again!
    OHH MY...GOD - 19 Mar 2015
    This is the best thing ever! I used to have the cutest feet before I started using heels. it helped get rid of my hard skin and corns and after daily use I have baby soft feet
  • Larissa
    Smooth Operator!!! - 17 Mar 2015
    I am totally blown away by this "Magic Machine". I have never come across a product so true to its title SCHOLL, VELVET SMOOTH ELECTRONIC FOOTFILE! Every man (men tend to have more dry and hard skin under the foot than woman do as they almost never take care of it) or woman should invest in this revolutionary product. When i first saw this on Rubybox, it was no surprise that it was sold out & what a bargain to get it at 33% off when the site had a special on the online shop. I am so excited to have bought it and when I used it for my mom in law and myself, in minutes it effectively removed the dry, cracked skin that has accumulated for weeks & we were obviously tired of manual filing. I own and am a therapist at my beauty salon, I am considering getting this for the salon as I think that it would be a valuable, time-saving investment that would definitely help keep my clients happy!!!!
  • Aneke
    Amazing! - 12 Mar 2015
    This is a wonderful product that works easily and keeps feet and heels beautifully soft! I love it! Worth every cent!
  • saleha
    worth the money - 9 Mar 2015
    I purchased the Scholl velvet smooth electronic foot file, following seeing an endorsement by Genie D, and it was well worth it, it gets the job done - smoothing and softening dry, hard and rough heels, which I have as a result of being in closed shoes and standing all day at work. It also helps me save time and money as I wont be needing a pedicure that often any more.
  • Rhea
    We'll hey there Smoothie! - 21 Feb 2015
    This product will change your life. It is truly an amazing, economical and safe way to to have pedicure like smooth soft feet at home. This works from day 1 and has changed my feet. Truly a must have.
  • Emma
    Life changing! - 12 Feb 2015
    I (sadly) struggle to find time to go for regular pedis and spend a lot of time outdoors and barefoot, which means my feet definitely could use the TLC!
    With this product I can get nice smooth, soft feet in under 10 mins without even going to the salon! Easy to use and effective results.


Where they’ve come from

Scholl is the brainchild of Dr William Mathias Scholl, whose quest began in 1899 while working for a Chicago based foot shop. He was especially intrigued by the number of people who suffered from painful foot conditions; so he dedicated his life to studying the anatomy and physiology of feet. Shortly after qualifying as a doctor in 1904, Dr. Scholl patented his first invention that revolutionised the foot care industry- an insert placed in shoes to reinforce and support the foot arch called Foot-Eazer. In 1907 he founded Scholl Manufacturing Co. Inc. He passed away in 1968, but his lifelong quest to improve people's comfort, health and well-being by caring for their feet, lives on through his company.

Where are they going?

Today, Scholl Footwear is a leader in foot care innovation that offer a high level of comfort to support the natural functions of the foot. The company already enjoys a high level of brand awareness and positioning across Europe and many Asian markets and is also popular in Australia. Scholl footwear products, some of which have medical device status, are predominantly distributed through pharmacies and medical supply stores in Europe and can be found in the general shoe trade across Asia.