Xémose Range
Skin Type Dry, Sensitive
Skin Concern Dryness
AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT LEADING DISCHEM AND CLICKS STORES Xémose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cream - R245.00 - 200ml

This nourishing, protective cream instantly soothes itching sensations that cause scratching and brings long-lasting comfort. The melting, non-sticky texture allows getting dressed immediately after application. It instantly penetrates and reduces peaks of severe dryness, bringing long-lasting comfort. 96% Anti-itching effectiveness and 98% of soothing effectiveness.It has a triple barrier action for long-lasting relief: Cerasterol-2F restores and reinforces the skin barrier, the TLR2-Complex regulates the innate immune barrier and Uriage Thermal Water re-balances the microbial barrier.

Eau Thermale Water - R140.00 - 150ml

Packaged directly at the source, it is extracted in a pure environment, protected from pollution. Uriage Thermal Water is a skincare water for daily use, a powerful treatment formulated with trace elements and mineral salts, a source of radiance for your skin. Thanks to its high concentration in mineral salts similar to the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisturising Factors), it offers unique moisturising benefits. 32% increase in skin hydration one hour after applying Uriage Thermal Water. Directions: Spray on as often as you feel the need to. A skincare gesture you can indulge in liberally. Leave it on to act. Do not dry or wipe off to boost the penetration of the active ingredients.

Xémose Gentle Cleansing Syndet - R150.00 - 200ml

This is a very gentle cleansing cream-gel specifically formulated for the daily cleansing of very dry or atopy-prone skin types. It's creamy foam gently cleanses the skin. Uriage Thermal Water, the core active ingredient, is naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, has a soothing effect on the driest skin. This cleanser is soap-free, fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic. It's extra-gentle cleansing base eliminates impurities from the skin without harshness, thanks to its physiological pH, while protecting the skin from the drying effects of water, and restoring skin comfort.

Xémose Face Cream - R180.00 - 40ml

This rich cream nourishes and soothes sensations of tightness and protects against external aggressions. The melting texture restores suppleness and softness to the skin. This face cream also brings an instant soothing action with the newly patented* Chronoxine. Safe to use for babies, children and adults, it is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic. Thanks to the Cerasterol 2F complex, this cream restores and strengthens the skin barrier with 24-hr effectiveness. The TLR2-Complex regulates the innate immune barrier and Uriage Thermal Water re-balances the microbial barrier.

Xémose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cerat - R270.00 - 200ml

Boasting an ultra-rich texture, this product intensely nourishes, protects and instantly soothes itching that causes scratching. It's formula which contains 25% Shea butter, intensely nourishes and brings instant, long-lasting comfort. This treatment brings an instant soothing action, with the patented* Chronoxine. Safe for babies, children and adults - it is fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic. 96% Anti-itching effectiveness and 98% of soothing effectiveness. It has a triple barrier action for long-lasting relief: and restores and reinforces the skin barrier, it regulates the innate immune barrier and Uriage Thermal Water re-balances the microbial barrier.


  • Salma
    Awesome! - 25 Jul 2018
    This is an Excellent product. We are eczema sufferers and just in general have sensitive skin! The itching is down to a minimal and I am sure with continued use, it may very well go away. I have found a product that I can now use on my face as well. So this definitely is doing the job for myself and my kids. My hubby even likes it!
  • Mellissa
    Uriage - 14 Mar 2018
    I have used this product on my daughter who suffers from chronic eczema and it really works!!! The only problem is that it is too pricey but I guess that you have to fork out money for a good quality product that actually works, It calmed her skin and stopped the itching and took away the redness.
  • Lindi
    Sounds amazing - 12 Feb 2018
    I am looking to buy this product after using the samples I received but could not find it on the Clicks or Discuss online store. Please let me know where I can order please. This product is the best I used for a dry skin and I tried almost everything!
  • saleha
    Love this Brand - 12 Oct 2016
    This i would consider as a great high end skin care product for very dry, sensitive skin. I have a tube of the moisturiser in my bag at all times and especially when I am travelling. I would highly recommend this brand. It is available at select Pharmacies, Clicks and Dischem.
  • sandy
    Uriage Range - 7 Oct 2016
    I use the Eau Thermal water on hot days when I'm abit flushed, i just spray it on my face, this product has a very cooling effect. I carry it in my handbag so its never too far away.
  • Jasmine
    Uriage Xémose range review - 27 Aug 2016
    Recently I received the samples of the Urigae Xémose range to use and review. Thank you Rubybox for saving my skin!
    The last few years I've been suffering from a weird case of being allergic to the change of weather. As you all know, Cape Town can have all 4 seasons in one day, which causes havoc on my face. I constantly have to look in the mirror to check for peeling skin, which looks like dandruff on my face. Worst case scenario is when it starts to burn, like someone is placing a hot coal against my face.
    I've used one of the Uriage products for this ailment, but was totally blown away with the new range. Gentle, yet effective is how I sum it up. There is no more need for me to constantly check my mirror. I don't have any more burning, peeling skin. Even the dark marks I had around my mouth have started clearing up. My face is healthy and glowing. I am extremely happy with these products and recommend it to anyone who has sensitive skin.
  • Fadimatou
    Love it - 22 Aug 2016
    I have been searching for years for face products that will suit my skin type. I have very dry skin and found it difficult to find something suitable.
  • N
    Uriage - 25 Jul 2016
    This cleared my eczema in two days, while other creams usually take 2 weeks. Cleanser is so gentle yet cleans effectively.
  • Zani
    Great product - 22 Jul 2016
    I suffer from extreme dry skin during the winter. This is truly a great product
  • Corne
    Uriage Xemose Range - 14 Jul 2016
    Thank you so much for my Uriage Xemose Range sample. I love the product. It soothes my skin and helped a lot with itchy eczema.
  • Gerda
    Uriage LIPID replenishing anti irritating cream - 11 Jul 2016
    I am looking to buy this product after using the samples I received but could not find it on the Clicks or Discuss online store. Please let me know where I can order please. This product is the best I used for a dry skin and I tried almost everything!
  • Nazliyah
    Eczema prone - 11 Jul 2016
    was recommended this by my dermatologist as i have very dry eczema prone skin. i love to body wash, foams up nicely and non drying. body lotion is non greasy but sufficiently moisturizing.
  • Nalize
    Tried This and Love it - 11 Jul 2016
    I have tried this and absolutely love it, the thermal spray and the anti itch creams are amazing
  • Lungi
    Amazing!!! - 10 Jul 2016
    I have a very dry skin, I started using Uriage Xemose Range three days I go and I can already feel the difference, my skin is so mosturised good bye to dry skin
  • nicolene
    Awesome Product - 8 Jul 2016
    My face gets very dry and I have used many products, but non of them really kept my face moisturised. When I used Uriage I could feel the difference immediately. It made my skin feel healthy. No oiliness, which is a surprise! The best cream.
  • Carmen
    Uriage Xémose Range - 4 Jul 2016
    After the 2nd day I used the product I could already seen a differents I already swaped my old body cream the Uriage Xémose Range love this product
  • Phinell
    Magical Product - 4 Jul 2016
    I couldn't believe how fast the cream worked. I have been struggling the past few months with very - very dry skin. I used the sample and by the end of the day I didn't even have a problem anymore. My skin was so smooth and soft. It is already on my shopping list. Loved it.
  • Lisa
    Uriage Xemose Range & Ichthyosis - 4 Jul 2016
    My Son has Harlequin Ichthyosis, so he has extremely dry, flaky and itchy skin. I found this range to be really gentle and soothing. They Eau Thermale water is an amazing product. With Harlequin Ichthyosis your body needs water, so the convenience of this pure water in a can was just really convenient for when he got really itchy and uncomfortable. Definitely a great range that I would recommend to anyone!
  • Natalie
    Uriage Xémose Range - 4 Jul 2016
    I received this sample for review and i loved that it made my skin super soft which brought comfort
  • Pesana
    Great product - 2 Jul 2016
    Have tried and tested this product...the results are wonderful. My skin feels moisturised and smoothe
    Will definately be purchasing this going forward. Thank you Ruby!!
  • Arthi
    very good product - 2 Jul 2016
    I was very excited on receiving my samples. I couldn't wait to try the Uriage range. I heard about it before bt never could afford to buy the products. And I was so excited that Ruby Box gave me this opportunity to try out the Uriage range. From the first use I actually felt a huge difference in my skin texture and appearance. Due to the fact that I use alot of makeup, to cover acne scars, my skin gets very dry. After using Uriage my skin felt smooth nd soft nd moisturised. I will definitely recommend this product to family and friends. Thank you Ruby Box for giving me the opportunity to try out this product.
  • Ayesha
    Uriage Xemose Range - 2 Jul 2016
    OMG! My skin feels so soft and is so clear. Thank you so much for sending me a uriage xemose range. I absolutely LOVE the product, cant stop using the range! #HappyRuby
  • Nompilo
    Uriage Xemose Range - 2 Jul 2016
    Tank you so much about my product . I have been getting compliment after using it for like a week . My skin is usually dry during winter but this product keeps me nourished and glowing . I love Uriage range best product . Tank you so much x
  • TonyandVanessa
    URIAGE EAU THERMALE Xémose Itch Relief Care for Very Dry Skin - 1 Jul 2016
    I received 5 Sample Products:
    *URIAGE Thermal Water
    *Lipid-ReplenishinG Anti- Irritation Crème
    *Genlte Cleansing Syndet
    *Face Cream
    *Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cerat

    As directed I used all of the varieties as per the pamphlet directions.
    I am more than pleased with the results; infact having Psoriasis outbreaks this range has more than met with my expectations! For years I have been prescribed medication which can only be bought having a Doctor's Script - The URIAGE Range of samples gave me an immediate soothing reaction to my skin.

    The larger patches of Psoriasis were basically 'calmed' as they become extremely itchy, form scabs and often weep and burn, this stopped almost right away!

    I would without hesitation recommend this product to anyone with extremely dry skin/Psoriasis as I was astonished that it worked as well as it did, showing amazing results within two days!

    Thanks so much for choosing me to review the products, it's been a complete eye-opener vs chemical based products. I could have done with the larger quantities as advertised; however I now know where to purchase them and they will without a doubt be my first choice from now on.

    Having very dry skin for example - if I rub my hands across my legs and arms it's almost like dandruff falling off of me (if you can imagine what I am describing). So 10/10 for the URIAGE Range I received. Thank you again. (Before photo's were posted on Facebook, I will post more tomorrow as the lighting isn't quite right now to show the benefits and results achieved).

  • Sheva
    Sauce for the Goose, Sauce for the Gander - 1 Jul 2016
    Excellent range of products for extremely dry skin and psoriasis. It is not a cure, but it delivers what is promised for the most part. The itching (and by extension flaking and bleeding) caused by the psoriasis on my dad has significant chill now. I have managed to find multiple uses for the Thermal water in particular. I use it post-exfoliation, and to set powdery or cakey make up.
  • Bahiya
    Uriage - 30 Jun 2016
    Thanks for selecting me to test the product, fantastic, fantastic definitely buying it in the future.
  • Ranaicia
    Uriage Xemose Range - 30 Jun 2016
    These wonderful products work amazingly and has made my skin much softer and moisturised. My skin also appears to be feeling lighter and looks brighter. Amazing product especially if you on accutane
  • Raeesa
    Xémose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cerat - 30 Jun 2016
    If you're suffering from eczema, very dry skin, razor burn, insect bites or if your skin is highly sensitive - then the Xémose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cerat is definitely worth trying out.

    I loved using the product and it has basically replaced my everyday body lotion. My skin feels so soft after using it and any sign of dry skin basically disappears after once applied to the skin. And the best part is, only a very little amount is needed for each application which gives you great value for money.

    I've even used it on my very sensitive and acne-prone face and didn't experience any breakouts,

    I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great moisturizing, non-irritating cream for both face and body.
  • Nazira
    Uriage - 29 Jun 2016
    Thanks for the opportunity to review these products. What a refreshing change in that this is actually a product that works but the price is reasonable as well. Definitely on my shopping list.
  • Candice
    A little goes a long way - 29 Jun 2016
    Absorbed really quickly into my skin. I like that it can be used both on my face and body. It’s fragrance free so it doesn’t interfere with my perfume. A little goes a long way due to its thick texture.
  • Angel
    Uriage - 28 Jun 2016
    Thank you Rubybox for the opportunity to help review this amazing product. Skin Dr told me there will never be a cure for my eczema. Pain and expensive cortozone creams was my future. As soon as I applied the Uriage there was this instant relief and with prolong use I can guarantee my legs will look healthy, smooth and beautiful again. And the Uriage Water really does help for nappy rash. Tried it on my son and it helped. Thank you.
  • Lynette
    Uriage - 28 Jun 2016
    WOW... I love how the Uriage range feels on my skin, so cool, clean, hydrated and refreshed. Stunning product!!!!
  • patty
    Uriage Xemose Range - 28 Jun 2016
    wow, what a stunning product. my new favourite. love love love it. thanks Ruby box for the free sample
  • Bernice
    Uriage - a superb product - 28 Jun 2016
    I was bit sceptical to try it as there are so many products on the market. I was blown away by the effect. From the samples I can already feel a difference, I do not itch so much. My son has eczema on his face and I applied the uriage on his face and it makes such a difference. I will definitely be getting the face cream. It is however a bit pricey, but the face cream really works for him, so will get that one.
  • Lucinda
    Urine xemose range - 27 Jun 2016
    I used the sample creams on my little girl with exima and she definitely scratched less and I will definitely buy this product in the future. I've been trying different creams and non of them made the itching better except cortezone but this one made a difference. Thank you for selecting me to try this.
  • Sonet
    Lovely product - 27 Jun 2016
    I have psoriasis so I was a bit scared to use the sample at first but when I did my skin felt so moisturized. Can't really say from the samples but I will have to give it a try. I love the Thermal water. This product is a bit pricey!
  • christine
    Love this - 27 Jun 2016
    This is such a great product and it really left my skin feeling moisturised. I went to go look for it in the shops and i struggled to find the full range.
  • Cashe
    Eczema Schmeczema - 27 Jun 2016
    I've struggled from really painful eczema since birth. I was send the Uriage goodies recently and started using them as soon as I had finished photographing the products.
    I'm not even kidding when I say that within 2 days, my split open and awful fingers were smooth and healed.
    You don't even realize how incredible it is for someone who deals with split eczema to have smooth hands!
    Thank you Ruby Box and Uriage! You can't begin to imagine how this little review drop has helped me!
    I recommend it to everyone!
  • Philipa
    Overall these products were great. - 27 Jun 2016
    I have very dry sensitive skin. Most face moisturisers are not rich enough to hydrate my skin, and if they are it will leave my skin iratated. This product is rich enough for very dry skin but works amazingly for sensitive skin. I enjoyed the samples ruby box sent me very much and saw a big difference in my skin after only a week. I highly recommend this product.
  • Zainab
    Pleasantly surprised - 27 Jun 2016
    I have to say I'm usually not so keen trying out new products since my skin is very sensitive, i have very very dry skin since moving from the coast to now JHB. my skin is usually flaky and itches terribly. I used this product for about 3 days till i ran out, and i was so surprised it left my skin so soft and supple and i didn't itch, even after shaving. the face cream went on thick and left my skin feeling a little oily but the amazing this is i didn't break out. i used the lipid cream as a diaper cream for my son and the redness went away. the day i ran out i went to my local dischem and purchased the whole xemose collection! i must say myself,my husband and my little one are a fan!
  • Erica
    STUNNING! - 27 Jun 2016
    I will definitely purchase this range - thank you for allowing me to sample - much appreciated.
    URIAGE - Dry skin goodbye! - 24 Jun 2016
    Thank you for the samples - this is an amazing range of products. I have extremely dry skin and my mom suffers from Eczema (dryness and itching). Using Uriage, both of us have experienced super hydration and relief from dry skin. I will recommend this to everyone!
  • Leigh-ann
    Uriage Is Great - 24 Jun 2016
    My mother suffers from Psoriasis, and to date have not found anything that REALLY helps relieve the burn and itch. When I gave this to her to try, she called me back following day raving about how great it was!! We will definitely be purchasing more of this product!! Thank you, what a great relief! :)
  • Yasmeen
    Uriage - 24 Jun 2016
    Thank you for the samples.
    Uriage products work so well I simply love it .
  • Yasmeen
    Uriage - 24 Jun 2016
    Thank you for the samples.
    Uriage products work so well I simply love it .
  • Candice
    No more itch - 23 Jun 2016
    Thanks Ruby box. Received my samples. Have been using the anti irritation and worked like a bomb. Skin feels so much better.
  • Dorette
    Uriage - 23 Jun 2016
    Extremly hydrating for the dskin. Stops my skin itching from dryness and great relief for all skin redness
  • Janine
    Uriage Samples - 23 Jun 2016
    I was pleasantly suprised, and excited to start the sample range I received. I suffer with eczema and very dry skin overall. The products are great and I felt an almost instant relief. Absolutely love the range and would recommend to anyone wanting some relief. Will definitely use again. Thank you for a great product.
  • Joande
    Really impressed - 23 Jun 2016
    I've used a few products in the Uriage range before, but not Xemose yet. I must say that I am very impressed with the effect it had on my skin, especially under my arms, where I suffer from red and itchy patches. It cleared the skin right up, and I will definitely be adding these products to my trolley at the end of the month!
    Uriage sample box - 23 Jun 2016
    I have eczema and my skin dries up alot - so this product in a short space of time replenished the moisture in my skin. I enjoyed using the Thermal water - different but very refreshing on my skin.
  • Soretha
    Uriage Xemose - 23 Jun 2016
    I received my samples of the Xemose range and was pleasantly surprised- it really works! I struggle with eczema and the anti-irritation cream works wonders! No more itch!
  • Caamila
    Magic Range - 23 Jun 2016
    I received my samples and my skin needed some TLC and it cleared up the redness and was really soothing on my skin. I really liked the thermal water and the face cream. It truly works amazingly! Would definitely recommend it to others with sensitive skin.
  • Simone
    Works wonders - 23 Jun 2016
    My skin has been extra dry and flaky since this cold winter weather arrived - but I must say I can really see and feel the difference when I started using the range. On pay day I will be adding this to my cart at Clicks :) Thanks rubybox
  • Michelle
    Life Saver - 23 Jun 2016
    My child suffers from bad eczema and itchy skin - this range worked from day 1! Thank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful brand - I am definitely a fan for life!
  • Yolande
    Mslandie - 23 Jun 2016
    I have very dry skin, because of excema, i must reckon the face wash was exceptional, helped my flaky skin on face immediately. However the creams was abit oily for face and the cream i used o hands did not keep it moistened.
    Overall a good product but rather expensive.
  • muneerah
    amazing - 23 Jun 2016
    i used very little on my very dry spots and saw immediate results, although pricey i would pay for this quality product
  • Nerusha
    Great formula! - 23 Jun 2016
    I have seen the Uriage products around but have never actually tried them, so this was my first. (Thank you Rubybox for the sample pack!) I have really dry skin, so dry that during winter my legs start to flake. All the other products I've tried have a thick oily formula. So much so that I've gotten used to it, and felt a huge difference when I had used the Uriage Xemose. It stood out so much I kept asking my husband to feel my skin "feel how smooth it is". It's incredible how light the formula is and it kept my skin hydrated the entire day. I'm definitely sold on these products! I think I'm going to try their lip balm next
  • Melissa
    amazingly impressed - 23 Jun 2016
    I received my product sample and immediately started using it, it was the best results I've gotten for my eczema, and my flare ups. I used the soothing cream and I haven't scratched since applied, also my skin has more moisture, I love it.
  • chanelle
    awesome - 23 Jun 2016
    Loved the products makes skin feel super great will definite buy more thanks for the sample
  • Alison
    Good-bye Dry Skin - 23 Jun 2016
    The cleanser and moisturiser leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and drenched in this lovely soft cream. It soaks in so quickly and isn't greasy! Definitely sold!
  • Sheena
    Amazing!!!! - 23 Jun 2016
    Thank you so much Rubybox. I suffer from contact dermatitis and it has been an uphill battle trying to find a product that will relieve the itching/burning/rashes/puffiness/breakouts without another side effect. Winter weather tends to aggravate the dermatitis even more but since using Uriage my skin has improved vastly. No more skin discolouration/flaking/itching and my face has that baby soft feeling and youthful glow once again.
  • Dominique
    Great Product - 23 Jun 2016
    I recently received Uriage from the rubybox team. Thank you so much for this awesome product! It really has been a lifesaver. I have been suffering from a dry irritating rash on my face and neck, The Face cream really helped to soothe and soften the rash. Definitely adding this product to my shopping basket.


Since its creation in 1992, the Uriage brand has been meeting the needs of sensitive skin thanks to its internationally renowned dermatological expertise.

Uriage is one of the leading dermo-cosmetic brands on the international market. Every day, thousands of products are shipped in France and over 70 countries worldwide. With 20 years of skin expertise, Uriage Dermatological Laboratories develop products in collaboration with dermatologists and pharmacists from all over the world. The products are subject to clinical testing which support each of their claims. All skincare products are formulated according to a strict charter which adheres to pharmaceutical standards. The formulas are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and with a minimum concentration of preservatives to better respect your sensitive skin. Uriage products respond to the needs of all skin types, regardless of age, including the most sensitive.