TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner
What’s this?
Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner (Strengthen & Protect)

Available at leading Clicks, Dis-Chem and Pick N Pay stores - R79.99 (750ml)

The new Cleansing Conditioners from TRESemmé are shampoo-free formulas that cleanse and refresh your hair without stripping or depleting all of its natural oils and nutrients. Co-washing skips the sulphates that are mainly found in shampoos, instead it uses a conditioning formula to gently cleanse your scalp and hair.

This renewing complex co-wash is perfect for those with curly/wavy hair which is dry and/or damaged.

• NO Parabens

• NO Dyes

• NO Sulphates


  • Lethu
    This product is magical on all my wigs. It de-tangles and adds glows to all my wigs and leaving them very soft. Its amazing and very cost effect. Its a definite hair angel
  • Tamarin
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 7 Mar 2019
    Ive ALWAYS loved TRESemme and my hair is extremely thick and falls out like crazy. This is the only thing that make it feel alive and like there isnt weight on my shoulder. Gives my hair the best strenght.
  • Eutricha
    Strength - 11 Dec 2018
    I have tried this and it's an absolute wonderful product. I have bleached my hair a while back. Thanks to the product my strength has improved and also less hairloss. My hair looks very healthy again
  • Estelle
    Treseme platinum Strength cowash - 20 Nov 2018
    I tried this thanks to Rubybox and my daughter who shared this product with me, Im very impressed with how soft and moisturizef my hair felt and lovely to use in between shampoo and conditinioning days, no more dry hair days
  • bongeka
    afro girl - 20 Nov 2018
    before i used this product my afro was dull and tangled all the time, after using tresemme i saw a huge difference.
  • Amy
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 19 Nov 2018
    Give this product one week and you will see a major difference! From dry, dull hair to shiny bouncy hair! Thank you for the opportunity to Test and Review this amazing product!
  • Shana
    Tresemme Platinum Strength - 18 Nov 2018
    My Colleague shared this product with me and after just washing my hair once, i am totally blown away. I have curly wavy hair and it frizzes very quickly.. Split ends and just really unhealthy hair...! But after just one wash, my hair is silkly, manageable and smooth... I even felt how tangles were disappearing as i was rinsing... Awesome product... I will definitely go buy some more and stock up! Thank you Rubybox for this amazing opportunity..
  • Chelsea
    Would recommend this to everyone!! - 17 Nov 2018
    after the first week , the cleansing conditioner made my hair feel so smooth , my hair was easy to detangle and i could leave it natural , I've recently stopped applying heat to my hair as its no longer necessary when my curly hair looks so healthy and shiny
  • Cindy
    Tresemme Platinum works for my kinky hair! - 10 Nov 2018
    I have been on the natural hair journey for a few years. And I do blow outs around once a month or every 2 months. However, my hair goes frizzy quite fast. With this Co wash, my hair stayed silky. Thank u Rubybox! Definitely recommend this to Naturalistas!
  • Daniele
    First off, thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to Test and Review this product with a few friends RUBYBOX!
  • Chantal
    Super strong hair! - 6 Nov 2018
    I received TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner to test and I absolutely love the strength and shine it gave my hair. Its saves time because it is a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner which I am so happy about. The only thing that let this product down was the fragrance.
  • Esmerelda
    TRESEMME - 2 Nov 2018
    This product is a great product. It leaves ur hair feeling feeling soft and managable.
  • Nonhlanhla
    tresemme platinum strength cleaning conditioner - 1 Nov 2018
    My niece shared her samples with me and I'm loving my hair and my daughter's hair it looks beautiful after we both used Tresemme conditioner it's soft and shinning Thank you Tresemme and ruby box
  • Nolene
    Tresemmé co-wash - 31 Oct 2018
    I absolutely loved this product. Left my hair in amazing condition. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone.
  • Kristen
    Definitely a hit! - 31 Oct 2018
    I received this from a friend to trial after my keratin smooth co-wash trial and I must say TRESemme has designed a hit product for all hair types!
  • Zanele
    Such a great product - 31 Oct 2018
    People recommend this product and I wish I had a test as ruby box thinks that I have received the Products
  • Nikita
    Tresseme Platinum - 30 Oct 2018
    I tried this product and after just one wash I was in awe. The cowash left my hair feeling, soft, sleek (and thatssaying alot as I have thick hair that's full of volume) and super shiny. I am truly amazed at how wonderfully this product works. Thanks Rubybox!!!
  • Annemarie
    tresemmee platinum - 30 Oct 2018
    I received a sample from rubybox. My hair feels oily when I use it without shampoo.
  • Heloise
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength - 30 Oct 2018
    This product really surprised me .
    I have no tangles in my very badly bleached hare . My hair does not break when I brush it out its just total bliss!!
    Great shine and everyone complement's me on how good my hair looks .
  • sharolene
    TRESemme platinum strength - 30 Oct 2018
    WOW what a great product. only 1 wash and my hair feeling soft and silky. I love this product Thanks Ruby box.
  • Sandile
    My kinky natural hair feels soft - 30 Oct 2018
    After using this product a few times, my Natural Hair was left soft and shiny, definitely going to replace my current product.
  • Alison
    Not so shiny... - 30 Oct 2018
    This product leaves your hair lovely and soft but lacks the shine that I love!
  • Siyabonga
    Its the best - 30 Oct 2018
    Wow wow wow... its the first shampoo ive used that made my hair not tangle... thank you rubybox,
  • Zanele
    absolutely lovely - 30 Oct 2018
    I love this product.. many people recommend it but unfortunately I haven't receive any sample or test for this product
  • Tammy
    Soft curls - 30 Oct 2018
    I am so impressed with the results I got after using this cowash! Super soft, super shiny hair! I am in love!
    Ps. It smells great too!
  • Marissa
    Tresemmé Platinum Strength - 29 Oct 2018
    Absolutely Love this shampoo and Conditioner!!! I will change it for nothing
  • Opeal
    TRESemme The Best - 29 Oct 2018
    It's the best hair shampoo and conditioner. My hair has improved a lot. Thanks
  • Opeal
    TRESemme co wash - 29 Oct 2018
    This is the best hair wash I've ever used my hair breaks bad and now it's better although it's still breaks and is very dry.
  • Christina
    Great New Product - 29 Oct 2018
    I was lucky to get the chance to review this great product. It made my hair silky and easy to detangle. Great for a quick hairwash as you only need 1 product.
  • Sarah
    quick & easy - 29 Oct 2018
    The TRESemme PLATINUM STRENGTH has been such a game changer for me, making my hair much more manageable. It leaves your hair feeling smooth, easy to brush & removes the frizz once dry - i can now leave home without straightening & blow drying - amazing :)
  • Maimoena
    Nothing short of amazing!; - 29 Oct 2018
    Thank you for the opportunity in order to test and review the Tresemme Cleansing Conditioner .. I didn't see results at first but after about the 3rd wash I could immediately notice the change.. my hair feels stronger(I had lots of hair fall after my last pregnancy) and sleeker..
  • Rhona
    Great & Fitting - 28 Oct 2018
    My hair thinned out because of medication I was using. After I've started to use Tresemmé PLATINUM STRENGTH CO-WASH I could see the difference within a week. Thanks to my friend who's shared the product which was sent to her by Ruby Box, my hair is strong and shining. Thumbs Up to Ruby Box!!
  • Laeeq
    Soft and silky - 27 Oct 2018
    I sport an curly afro which can become quite difficult to maintain, but after receiving and trying the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner I was amazed at the result. My " curlfro" felt soft and moisturized, it was amazing to look in the mirror and see how shiny and healthy my hair looked, I'm definitely just gonna use this product in future
  • Amanda
    Mrs Mauritz - 26 Oct 2018
    This new TRESemme Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner is the best. My hair feels good lovely shine. Will definitely be using it from now on
  • Felicity
    Teresmme - 26 Oct 2018
    love the smell and light feeling from the first wash till the last
  • Nomfundo
    Amazing - 25 Oct 2018
    The product has changed my hair problem because before my hair would break whenever I comb them but now they are strong,healthy and shining
    It did an amazing job
  • Asheka
    My TRESemme AMAZING Experience ❤️ - 25 Oct 2018
    Firstly I wasn’t to keen on using the Tresemmè Platinum Strength cleansing conditioner,
    Firstly I can’t use a conditioner it’s makes my hair oily , but after trying the Platinum Strength conditioner it’s changed my entire perspective.
    I’ve never used a 2 in 1 product, but let me tell you how amazing my experience was and still is , after a few washes.
    I officially love this PRODUCT
  • Zembo
    SHINNY HAIR - 25 Oct 2018
    Thanx rubybox for the product that changed my thin hair to thick one easy to comb and manageable now my hair is growing,hoe can i forget such nice fragrance its smell like a bunch of beautiful flowers a very expensive one thank u so much guys.....
  • Natalie
    Most Awesome - 25 Oct 2018
    This has changed my daughters hair forever, I love it so much, Her hair is amazingly soft and easy to work with.
  • Monique
    Excellent - 25 Oct 2018
    My hair is so soft and curly! My curls last way longer than normal! I love jt
  • Taneal
    Good product - 25 Oct 2018
    The product was overall very nice, however I still prefer to use shampoo and conditioner separately.
  • Yentel
    AWESOME - 25 Oct 2018
    This product will totally replace my conditioner and be used as an in between wash. But because my hair is oily I will still need my shampoo
  • Sania
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    My is much more softer, shinier and stronger after using the Tresemme co-wash. I recommend this product to all!
    Soft - 25 Oct 2018
    My hair is soft, no longer breaking. Using this product saves time unlike using shampoo and conditioner. I'm happy with the results.
  • Raeesah
    Tresemme platinum strength cleansing conditioner - 25 Oct 2018
    This product works wonders. It's really amazing. Hair smelt really great and brought a shine to it
  • Lizelle
    TRESemmeCoWash - 25 Oct 2018
    This product has left my hair shiny and manageable. My hair looks and feels healthy and I will continue using it as I can really see a difference. There is also minimal hair loss after washing as with previous hair products. I love the fact that it does not contain sulphates, parabens or dyes. Good overall experience
  • Nadine
    Most Amazing product - 25 Oct 2018
    This is literally the most amazing product from tresseme this is literally the first product I can use without shampoo and normal conditioners I love this product and will keep on buying it. My hair feels great
    TRESEMMÉ PLATINUM STRENGTH CLEANSING CONDITIONER.. This is a very good product. Unfortunately I did not receive it from ruby box as advised via mail. It was never delivered. I bought it myself and I was very happy with the product. I will definitely recommend this product.
  • Lisa
    Platinum - 24 Oct 2018
    This product worked great with my hair type! Left my strand feeling smooth and was so much easier to deranged. I would definitely recommend this product
  • Janine
    Greasy - 24 Oct 2018
    My hair doesn't feel fully cleansed. It feels more like product build up than anything else.
  • andrea
    tresemme cleansing conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    There was a noticeable softness and shine after about 3 washes. It is a great alternative to using shampoo and conditioner which is great to save time and money and effort
  • Taryn
    Really soft hair and awesome scent - 24 Oct 2018
    Git so many compliments as to how healthy my hair looked and how wonder full it smelt. Will definitely buy in future.
  • firoza
    Tresseme cleansing co-wash - 24 Oct 2018
    Thanks.tresseme co wash for my shiny silky hair. After one wash my hair was.manageable and healthy. Moisturized and.smelling.lovely and fresh. 5'stars to tresseme #rubybox
  • firoza
    Tresseme cleansing co-wash - 24 Oct 2018
    Since using treasure cleaning co-operation
    Wash my hair has been silky, shiny and manageable. My hair smells lovely and fresh. Thanks rubybox. #rubybox#tresseme co-wash.
  • Nazli
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    Excellent product left my dry curly hair soft and smooth and more manageable. . Gone are the of days of dry hairm definitely my future product, less stress on keeping my hair beautiful. Thank you TRESemme
  • Tyler
    Great Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    it was a bit heavy on my hair, I felt like I wasn't getting a clean wash, I would gladly use it with my normal shampoo.
  • Eva
    Strength and vitality - 24 Oct 2018
    love how it moisturized my hair and left it silky smooth without stripping natural oils or leaving it over oiled. Easy to use once wash and im ready to style my hair, makes handling my hair so much easier.
  • Mac-Seene
    Awesome Awesome Awesome - 24 Oct 2018
    Thank you Rubybox and Tresemme for a great product! My hair is soft, silky, shinny, smooth and easy to manage. Bouncy curls, less tangles and less breakage..
  • Cynthia
    Perfect for my natural hair - 24 Oct 2018
    After two washes I could feel the difference in my hair. My hair was shinier and felt silky to the touch. I am using it every 3-4 days and I love the effect it has on my hair!
  • Mac-Seene
    Gosh I am so inlove with the Tressemme Platinum Strength Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    I've used it 3 times already and my hair texture is so soft and smooth. Beautiful curls, less tangles and less breakage. Already switched from my old shampoo and conditioner.
  • Lutfia
    Platinum Strength - 24 Oct 2018
    This product is by far the best I've ever used on my hair, it's much softer , all dryness is gone and it styles much easier.My hair has a natural sheen after.using it and is much maintain and the bonus is: no shampooing, so it saves time and water too.
  • Jo-Anne
    Silky soft and smooth - 24 Oct 2018
    If I had to rate this product out of 10 I would give it 15/10. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with dry and damaged hair as it leaves your hair feeling nourished and taken care of and not to mention the amazing scent it has as well. I would most certainly repurchase this.
  • A.J
    Softer curls - 24 Oct 2018
    Absolutely love it! I love how it doesn't dry out my hair or leave it really greasy like the previous hair production I've used. I'm halfway through my bottle and I've already bought some more
  • Storm
    Awesome - 24 Oct 2018
    I received the product from a friend and gosh, was i amazed. My hair felt soft, silky and moisturiserised. I will definitely continue to use this product.
  • Naomi
    Soft, beautiful hair - 24 Oct 2018
    Very good product! Tried it on my daughters hair too and her curls are so soft and shiny. I will definitely recommend the product to others.
  • Rebecca
    Silky Soft - 24 Oct 2018
    This product is amazing!! Left my hair clean and refreshed. It is quick and easy to use and left my hair feeling silky soft for days afterwards.
    Highly recommend!!
  • Sandile
    unbelievably soft hair - 24 Oct 2018
    this is an amazing product. i would love to replace replace the product i use now for it.i love it
  • Jessica
    Shiny and Soft Hair - 24 Oct 2018
    Amazing product is you want soft shiny hair. Would love using this product in winter time
  • Siyabonga
    Perfection - 24 Oct 2018
    Thank you, this works wonders for my hair, it feels softer than usual
  • Monique
    Too oily - 24 Oct 2018
    At first I was very excited to try this product. After the first wash my hair was very oily, so I tried using less product, but still my hair was oily.
    Really disappointed
  • Carina
    Amazing! - 24 Oct 2018
    After the first wash I started noticing my hair was shinier, after the second wash I could feel that my hair was softer, shinier and stronger!

    I would definitely recommend this conditioner to anyone and everyone if you want soft, shiny sleek hair!
  • Aneesah
    Co-wash Candyfloss - 24 Oct 2018
    My hair has been through the most with all the peroxide in order for me to achieve the amazing platinum blonde hair colour.

    My hair ended up feeling rough, dry and extra thin, it almost looked like candyfloss.

    Although the amazing Tressemme Cleansing Conditioner did not de-tangle my hair the way I expected it to, it did however make my hair feel a lot softer than usual.

    My hair is moisturised and slowly but surely getting stronger since I started using this product.

    The only thing im not a fan of is the build up, I find that my hair gets oilier quicker than usual.

    Other than the build up, I am quite pleased with this cleansing conditioner.

    Big Ups to Tressemme.

    Thank you RubyBox & Tressemme for this opportunity.

    #TRESemmeCoWash #CoWash #MyCoWashJourney #rubybox
  • sabrina
    TRESEMME CO-WASH - 24 Oct 2018
    This is one awesome product and am so happy i have tried it. it keep my hair soft looking great.
  • Garth
    Would recommend this to everyone!! - 24 Oct 2018
    Since using this product my hair feels more soft, stronger and more manageable.
    Adding this to my monthly shopping list.
  • Fadwah
    Platinum strenght - 24 Oct 2018
    I will definately recommend this product after 3 washed I saw the difference in my hair texture.
  • Aminah
    Platinum Strength - 24 Oct 2018
    This has made my hair feel so much softer and it definitely helped with my dry curls. I would definitely recommend this
  • Penny
    Tresemme Co-Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    This does make my hair feel good and definately much sleeker. I am really struggling though to get past the feeling of having no foam when I wash my hair. Otherwise good shampoo.
  • Oabetse
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    I have used the conditioner for a little bit over a month now, and I must say, it works wonders! I used to struggle with hair breakage and tangled hair. After a few washes, my hair was stronger, easier to detailed and shinier. Definitely going to continue using it.
  • Sabrina
    8/10 - 24 Oct 2018
    I loved using this but didn’t help much with my oily hair, I have very thin, oily hair so it just added way more moisture to my hair making it go greasy a lot quicker. I would recommend it to people that are less prone to oily hair like me! Great product otherwise :)
  • Simone
    Feeling brand new - 24 Oct 2018
    What an awesome product - After the first wash I could already feel the difference in my hear - More shine, healthier looking and body and bounce.
  • Deana
    Beautiful hair - 24 Oct 2018
    I loved this product it made my hair so silky and soft, and gave it the treatment it needed, it feels and smells so divine this is a definite must buy.... Even after you go swimming it still maintains that softness
  • Derineé
    TRESEMME COWASH - 24 Oct 2018
    I love this product very much,
    this has made my hair super silky soft and im very happy...

  • Mellisa
    Tresemme cleansing conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    Such a great product that I could feel a difference from the first wash! This will definitely stay in my beauty cupboard.
  • Felicity
    Co wash - 24 Oct 2018
    Is a very nice and easy product use can see the diffrence in the first wash
  • Alicia
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    I absolutely love this product hair feels much softer and looks shinier ...lovely product i will definitely recommend people to try it out it is amazing thank you rubybox for giving me the opportunity to try this product out much appreciated
  • Chene
    Great for inbetween washes - 24 Oct 2018
    This is a great product, I will continue to use it in between my washes, I can now go longer without using harmful shampoo on my hair, so I use this in between and it leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and almost salon washed - like a treatment was used on your hair.
  • Kaylin
    Tresemme Co-wash - 24 Oct 2018
    What a great product since using it my hair is shinier stronger and last longeryear..

    Hair smells and feels great!
    Everyone.should use this product
  • ubenicia
    #co-wash - 24 Oct 2018
    I can't believe my eyes when I used teressme co-wash it's every girls dream shiny soft and light feeling after each use
  • Yolandi
    The TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    Received my TRESemmé Platinum Strength Conditioner from a friend who received it to review. Since using it my hair feels softer and healthier. Inlove with this! Would definitely recommend to anybody struggling with
    unhealthy hair .Not only does my hair look amazing it makes washing your hair easier because you just have to use this one product. Keep up the good work TRESemmé! I'm definitely buying myself another bottle when this one is done.
  • Carlo
    THE BEST EVER - 24 Oct 2018

    I love this :)
    It makes my hair feel so soft and stronger after a few washes only ..

  • Cynthia
    My hair is my crowning glory - 24 Oct 2018
    This product is fantastic, it has made my hair soft, shiny, manageable and looking like the crowning glory it is supposed to be.
  • terry christy
    tresemme - 24 Oct 2018
    it is good on your hair gives a nice shine and soft feel to it. i will recommend it to more people. i love the new product
  • Tiffany
    Platinum Strength - 100% Difference - 24 Oct 2018
    I was a bit hesitant to use the product as i know most Tresemme shampoos and conditioners have parabens and sulfates in them. But when i received this amazing Platinum Strength 0% Sulfate and Parabens i was excited to see my results. 3 washes and i felt the difference immediately, my hair is long and thick and always takes time and effort to wash, and this just made it 100 times easier! Very pleased with this product. Thank you Tresemme and thank you Rubybox!!!
  • Ilham
    Tresemme co wash - 24 Oct 2018
    The product is wonderfully suited for curly hair, which needs more moisture. Really love this and will continue to use it.
  • Vicky
    Tresemme co-wash - 24 Oct 2018
    I love using this product, and the softness of my hair. The only problem is that with long hair I use quite a lot of the co-wash.
    I will definitely buy this product and use in conjunction with my normal choice of shampoo.

    Thank you for the tester!
  • Zaahid
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    After the first wash I felt a difference in my hair and it just got better after every wash. My hair is softer, shinier and stronger. It is much easier now to do my hair and quicker.
  • Armand
    Smooth but no lasting fragrance - 24 Oct 2018
    At first I was not sure if this is a conditioner and whether I should replace my shampoo too. After I figured that out, I replaced my shampoo with this. After a few washes my hair felt a lot smoother and softer but there was no lasting fragrance like I am used to with other products which was a bit disappointing.
  • Gouwa
    TRESemme Co Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    I love this!
    It makes my hair feel so soft and stronger after a few washes only ..
    Definitely a must buy .

  • Michele
    Tresemme Platinum Strength Co Wash - 24 Oct 2018
    This product is great to use in between washes. My hair feels stronger and more manageable. I will definately be buying this product, now I can was my hair more often and not worry about drying my hair out.
  • Aneeqah
    2 in 1 - 24 Oct 2018
    The Co-wash made my hair feel very oily and heavy at times I would first use a shampoo
  • Nikita
    PLATINUM STRENGTH - 24 Oct 2018
    This product worked after the first use and I absolutely love it. I used quite a generous amount (for that clean feeling). When I blow dried my hair (without using a brush), my hair was sleek and shiny and I had no fuzz at the roots. This product definitely works!
  • Angelique
    Average - 24 Oct 2018
    I tried swopping this out with my shampoo and conditioner and was not impressed. My hair actually felt more dry when just using the clarifying wash at first. But after a few washes my hair felt smooth and healthy. On the downside, there is no lasting nice smell when using this, and for me that is very important.
  • Shehaam
    Cleansing and Nourishing - 24 Oct 2018
    I've been feeling like my hair is heavy with Products lately> I used only the Conditioning Shampoo and I was blown away at how healthy and nourished my hair felt! Its amazing just to feel the cleansing power without the heavy feeling of product.
  • Tashe
    Great Product - 24 Oct 2018
    It felt a bit weird at the beginning but after using is a few times my hair was feeling softer and smelling great. Will recommend.
  • Lizandra
    Thumbs up - 24 Oct 2018
    Hubby and I have been using the product for about 3 weeks now to was our hair. It's so much more convenient than a shampoo and conditioner as we do wash and go styles.
  • Madeleine
    TRESemme - 24 Oct 2018
    Really great product. Will definitely recommend it.

    Thank you
  • Nadine
    Works amazing for my daughter - 24 Oct 2018
    I used this conditioner for my daughters curly hair and i must say that i can now comb through it without her screaming the roof off. We use it 2x a week and she has beautiful hair that is soft and shiny without any hassle.
  • Nadia
    Tresseme Platinum Strength Co-wash - 24 Oct 2018
    Used the Product for about 3 weeks, and saw a difference in my hair during the first week. This co-wash makes my hair so soft, it makes it feel healthier with just a few washes.
  • Helena
    Tresemme Conditioner - 24 Oct 2018
    Initially my hair felt more oily after using the Conditioner. However, after reading some reviews and trying to use it as a co-wash, the results are great.

    I love the way it makes my hair feel!

    Will continue to use it in the future.
  • Deirdre
    Tresemme Co Wash - 23 Oct 2018
    It felt a bit heavy the first time, but this I put down to not being use to a Co-Wash product.

    After using it 3 times, I did use a clarifying wash and then used the Co-wash again. I am enjoying the product. You do uses a little more than your usual shampoo, but granted, you do not condition after, it works
  • cherrill
    Superb Product - 23 Oct 2018
    Thank you Rubybox for the softest, shiniest, healthier looking hair. I feel so much more confident with my new beautiful hair
  • Tougeeda
    Tresemme co wash - 23 Oct 2018
    So I was really sceptical on trying this product. I was afraid it would make my hair oily. But after two washes I loved it.

    Super soft sleek and shiny hair thanks to my friend who shared a bottle with me. Most importantly RUBYBOX!!!!
  • Christelle
    Amazing difference in only one wash - 22 Oct 2018
    I really enjoyed trying the product. It has a wonderful scent and after the first was there was a noticible difference in the texture of my hair. I will definitely continue buying the product! Thank you Rubybox for introducing me to such a wonderful product.
  • Melissa
    Review of tresemme cowash - 22 Oct 2018
    Na my tweeling se geboorte was my hare gebreek,vaal en droog. Ek het alles probeer. Na ek begin het met die produk kon ek sien dat my hare weer lewe kry. My hare is nie meer gebreek nie. Dit het volume en ook nie meer droog nie. Almal kan die verskil sien aan my hare.

    Baie dankie dat ek fie produk kon gebruik het
  • Rose
    A product that actually works well - 22 Oct 2018
    Super soft, sleek and shiny hair thanks to my friend who shared a bottle with me and most importantly RUBYBOX!!!!
  • Bilqees
    Impressed - 22 Oct 2018
    So, I was really sceptical on trying this product, I was afraid it would make my hair oily. But after two washes I loved it, it smells so good even when my hair got dirty I could still smell the product in my hair and gladly it didn't make my hair oily after two days like when I use normal conditioner. I think it's a really good product. It really cuts down on time it takes to shampoo and condition. I'll definitely be buying this as I'm always changing my shampoo and always indecisive. Knowing there's this to try, makes it easier.
  • Nalinee
    Amazing Product - 22 Oct 2018
    My hair was extremely dry from washing it everyday, heat damage and from always dying it but thanks to the new Tresemme Co-wash my hair has never looked and felt this healthy. It's so quick and easy to use and leaves my hair smelling great, feeling soft and shiny and it looks healthy. I have to wash my hair everyday so that it doesn't look flat but shampoo can be harsh and add to the dryness of my hair now thanks to the co-wash I am able to continue to wash my hair everyday without it being harsh and damaging to my hair. I'm very impressed.
  • Stephanie
    Co-washing with Tresemme - 22 Oct 2018
    Let me start with, I didn't think this was going to be great but I love it!! As a natural, it leaves my hair soft, manageable and my curls were popping. It's definitely a new product that'll be added to my regime without a doubt.
  • Stephanie
    TRESemmeCoWash. Soft and Shiny - 22 Oct 2018
    I like this product a lot because I have very dry hair and it made it very shinny. My girls are also manageable and very soft. Excellent product and I will buy it all the time. #TresemmeCoWash.
  • Zanele
    Excellent - 22 Oct 2018
    Excellent Product for my hair and my weave. Always strong and shinning
  • Lee-Ann
    I really liked the way this conditioned my hair, but I wouldn't use it just on its own. I like the squeaky clean feeling after a shampoo and I didn't not that feeling when I washed with this product. The second time I used it, I washed with my normal shampoo first and then used the co-wash and this gave me a much better result. I think this will work great after a swim just to condition and get the chlorine out. I used it on my toddler son as well. And it worked so well, as it was only one rinse which is a life saver. All in all I will definately be using it this summer.
  • Nurahn
    TRESemme Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 21 Oct 2018
    After the first wash I felt a difference in my hair. It was alot softer and shinier. I Definitely recommend this product.
  • Sandile
    Assignment - 20 Oct 2018
    after using this product, my hair becomes soft and it is the best product i have ever used as a cleanser.
  • Caitlin
    I love my TRESemmé Platinum Strength Co-Wash - 20 Oct 2018
    I absolutely love the feel it gives to my hair, it is full and thick! I absoutely love the shine and the smell it gives my hair and lastly it makes my hair look healthy
  • Nadia
    super soft - 19 Oct 2018
    I love this new co-wash from TRESemme it made my hair so easy to manage and did not even make my hair to heavy as normal 2in1 shampoo and conditioner. I am really impressed and will continue to use this amazing co-wash
  • Saamantha
    Well worth trying - 19 Oct 2018
    it was a pleasant surprise when first using the product. The smell is amazing. I could feel a immediate difference in the texture of my hair.
    Thank you for introducing me to this product Rubybox!!!
  • Fiona
    Great Product - 19 Oct 2018
    I've been using it since I received my box a few weeks ago and my hair is so much stronger, my curls are softer and overall just feels great. I have more shine, definitely will be purchasing it instore.
  • Delicia
    A definite 'MUST BUY' - 19 Oct 2018
    I have been using TRESemme for the past two weeks and I love how manageable my hair is. I also find that it has more shine. It is my new hair product of choice and has been added to my shopping list!
  • Lucille
    Great product - 19 Oct 2018
    This product definitely does make your hair soft and shiny and all things nice. My only negative feedback would be that it is not soapy. I like a soapy product it makes me feel like I am properly cleaning my hair
  • Nontokozo
    Tresemme co-wash shampoo - 19 Oct 2018
    I loved it , the smell was great. After a few washes my hair was stronger and easy to manage. Am definitely replacing my shampoo and conditioner with this product.
  • Marise
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 19 Oct 2018
    This product makes my hair soft and shiny and easy to manage. I love the silky feel it gives my hair. I will definitely continue to use it. Thanks Rubybox.
  • Nureyah
    Great - 18 Oct 2018
    Totally GREAT product kept my hair looking AMAZING. My hair smelt great too got lots of complements.
  • Allison
    Value for money - 18 Oct 2018
    I was not expecting this product to work well on my type 4 hair. It smells amazing while doing what it claims to. I love the size of the bottle as well.
  • Aisha
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    Detangles like a dream, made my hair soft and shiny, Def salon finish! Thank you guys! Look forward to testing more products
  • Shaun
    Platinum Strength cowah by tresemme - 18 Oct 2018
    I am very impressed with the results from using the clash. my hair feels silky and soft just the way I like it ,I will continue to purchase this product in future. thank you to ruby box,tresemme and my friend for sharing this wonderful creation with me !
  • Juzet
    Best co wash ever - 18 Oct 2018
    This is by far the most impressive 2in1 shampoo and conditioner or should I say co-wash... I’m so impressed my hair is soft, manageable and with less hardness than normal shampoo. Ladies this is a must try- you’ll thank me later.
  • Yusrah
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    So firstly I love that TRESemmé came out with a Sulphate, Chemical free Shampoo!

    I love TRESemmé to begin with.

    I used the co-wash as presented in between my normal washes and it has left my hair feeling conditioned.

    When I tried only using this shampoo it made my hair feeling allot oily., but when using it in between my normal washes it worked perfectly.

    My hair has been damaged due to colour and this works well in had with my Keratin treatment I have received.

    The chemicals in other shampoo's strips the oils off my hair and this co-wash restores it which is perfect.

    I absolutely love this product and so does the 5 other ladies in my office who I have shared it with :)

    Thank you, I am definitely using this for a long period.

    PS. you only need a little and it foams amazing
  • Ubenicia
    tresemme co-wash - 18 Oct 2018
    Love the smell and the super silk shine my hair has after each use of teresmme co-wash i so wish I could try the other two
  • Ntando
    Stronger, defined strands - 18 Oct 2018
    Pretty good hair product. My hair is chemically straightened and tends to dry out, this cleansing conditioner meets me halfway. Smells great, feels good 8/10 for me.
  • Shy'reen
    Surprised... - 18 Oct 2018
    Before using the cleansing conditioner I was skeptical, thinking how can a conditioner clean and moisturise my hair. To my surpise it totally did. It made my hair feel softer. It also works best for those days where I didn't feel like I want to blow dry my hair. Leaving the conditioner on my curly hair was better than using gel. No after residue, just soft light weight hair. Would definitely recommend it to friends and family, actually I already have :)
  • Liezal
    great even for fine hair - 18 Oct 2018
    I used this co-wash and had great results. If you have fine hair I recommend using it only every other day as it can be a bit heavy or following it with your regular shampoo. But other than that it really made a difference in my damaged and dry highlighted hair, Usually my hair becomes very straw like, but this product made my hair smooth and silky. Also - value for money, need I say more!!!
  • Liz
    TRESemme Platinum Strength Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    This is such a great product. Used it a few times and after every wash my hair is sleeker, shinier and stronger. Will definitely be using this in future.
  • Viola
    Shinier Healthier looking Hair - 18 Oct 2018
    I just love how this product make my hair feel. So soft and shiny and is a good Product to use after a Brazilian as the Sulfate free product helps. Love it will recommend this to anyone.
  • Melisha
    TRESemme Platinum Strength - 18 Oct 2018
    After the first wash my hair felt quite oily but as I continued to use the product and reduced the amount I used on my hair, it was perfect. My hair is definitely shinier and easier to manage. This cleansing conditioner is so effective and convenient and it's great that you receive so much of the product and only require a small amount for washes as it would last longer.
  • Chantal
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    I liked this product, it left my hair softer & more manageable to detangle & blowdry. I just didn't have as much shine though.
  • Lucille
    Perfect - 18 Oct 2018
    I have natural curly hair and have been wearing my hair in that state. This has made a difference in the look and feel of my hair...I LOVE IT...
  • Amiena
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner made my hair feel soft and silky. Looked shiny and healthy.
    I would have been happy to recommend this product if it was cruelty free but UNFORTUNATELY TRESemmé is Not Cruelty-Free! they are choosing to sell their products in countries that have them pay for animal tests. Because of that I will not purchase it in future.
  • Alison
    Soft hair, less shine - 18 Oct 2018
    I'm a bit of a shine freak. This product is easy to use and my hair was UBER soft and silky after use but... where's the shine? Maybe I am too fussy about glassy shine?
  • Stellie
    Tresseme Co-Wash - 18 Oct 2018
    Fantastic product! Leaves your hair shiny and clean without over drying. I use it after gym for my in -between washes and it works great!!
  • Shannon
    TRESemme' Platinum Strength - 18 Oct 2018
    I absolutely loved trying this product! I saw a difference in my hair after the third wash. I noticed that my hair was silkier and smoother. The product also leaves your hair smelling great!
  • chrystal
    never experience such wonders - 18 Oct 2018
    wow this product is amazing, my hair never felt so great. my hair felt silky soft and easy to manage. i will definitely recommend this product to anyone. Co-wash is mind blowing
  • Yolandi
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    Loved how my hair felt after using the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner.My hair was healthier, softer and so manageable. Would definitely recommend! Keep up the good work TRESemmé:)
  • sabrina
    awesom Tresemme - 18 Oct 2018
    wow just love this product. it left my hair looking soft, shine and so easy to manage. smells great to. my hair never looked and felt better. will definitely recommend this product
  • Busisiwe
    soft and shiny - 18 Oct 2018
    After using the TRESemme I felt the difference on my hair. Now it is easy to comb and tangle and more stronger. it feels more like you had the hair done at a professional hair salon. Easy to use
  • Chante
    Best product ever TRESemmé co wash - 18 Oct 2018
    For the first time in my life i do not need to use a detangling spray or leave in conditioner in order for me to comb my hair after being washed.

    This product is amazing and i highly recommend it
  • Nicole
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    Loved the feel of my hair whist using the product. Tried it in two ways. the First was when I washed and dried my hair which made it feel silk like and easy to manage. The second was to wash and do a wet look. This made my frizz manageable and softer
    Would absolutely recommend the product.
  • Christelle
    Tresseme Co-Wash - 18 Oct 2018
    Really great product! I was a bit confused on how to use it initially. Going to gym and washing my hair everyday has left it really dry. Using this on my 2nd wash leaves my hair clean without drying so much. Fantastic product, really enjoy using it!
  • Maajidah
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 18 Oct 2018
    Made my hair more manageable, also really shiny and smells great!
  • Mischan
    Amazing! - 18 Oct 2018
    Absolutely loved this product. Usually conditioners make my hair feel flat. This product made my hair look so full of volume! Made it look shinier and was so easy to manage my hair afterwards. I have very long hair and detangling is usually a mission, but TREsemme platinum strength made it possible.
  • Amy
    Very Good Product - 18 Oct 2018
    I really liked this product, made my hair feel soft and moisturized. My hair definitely looked shiny and healthy. The only negative is that it does not really create bubbles so it does not give you that clean feeling that shampoo does when there is bubbles
  • Amanda
    Awesome product - 18 Oct 2018
    I loved the feel of my hair after each wash,my hair was shinier and easy to de-tangle. Definitely would recommend this
  • Moerieda
    AMAZING RESULTS - 18 Oct 2018
    I have been using this product for a while now and my hair feels so much more manageable. I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • Bonita
    I simply love TRESemmé co-wash!!! - 17 Oct 2018
    With washing my hair everyday and not blow drying it was okay to use , however, after washing with normal shampoo and then blow drying after the second wash with the co-wash it felt like I did not get all the product out felt kind of sticky
  • Mushfeeqah
    Shiny, healthy looking hair - 17 Oct 2018
    I loved the product, its not as heavy as a normal conditioner which used to weigh my hair down and it does not dry may hair as a normal shampoo. It was easy to use and because it is free of harsh chemicals I really could use it on a daily basis when needed. Great product it will definitely be a part of my routine.
  • errol
    tresemme platinum - 17 Oct 2018
    I could not use it without using my normal shampoo. My hair felt oily within hours of washing with the conditioner. I will use it in combination with a shampoo
  • Annemarie
    Tresemme platinum strength - 17 Oct 2018
    My hair felt softer and more manageable, but I had to wash my hair more frequently as it became oily by the end of the day. I would rather use it as a conditioner after using my shampoo.
  • Lolly
    TRESemme Platinum Strength - For Great Hair - 17 Oct 2018
    I was very surprised with this product and wasn't sure how to use it but after some investigation i went along and tried it. at first i found my hair seemed a little oily but after a few washes it seemed much stronger and shinier. Now that i've got the hang of it i don;t think i will ever look back - what a great idea Tresemme
  • Hannah
    Tresemme Platinum Strength cowash - 17 Oct 2018
    impressive! after one was my dry hair became unusually (in a good way!)soft and shiny. it was easier to detangle and more manageable.after repeated use my hair has completely repaired and I'm so happy. this is what I've been looking for all my life, thank you tresemme and ruby box!
  • Ubenicia
    great quality - 17 Oct 2018
    love the smell and fresh feeling after each wash with co-wash ill definitely will never go back to my old shampoo brand again
  • Marise
    Tresemmé Platinum strengthening conditioner - 17 Oct 2018
    My hair is silkier, softer and shines more. It is much easier to manage as well. I will definitely continue to use it. Does it come in pump bottles as well?
  • Ethne
    Tresemme Co-Wash - 17 Oct 2018
    This fantastic product showed results after the very first wash. I go to the Gym 3 times a week and usually wash me hair 3 times a week, which can sometimes make my hair feel dry and dull. After using Tresemme Co-wash my hair was shiny and soft, I will never go back to using any other product.

    Tresemme Co-wash, for the girl on the go!!!
  • Kaylee
    Amazing product - 17 Oct 2018
    This is one amazing product and I can truly feel the difference in my hair and also so much softer and smooth
  • Felicia
    TRESemme co-wash - 17 Oct 2018
    totally love the light soft feeling after using teresemme co-wash so going to buy it again
  • Stellie
    Tresseme Co-Wash - 17 Oct 2018
    Fantastic product! Leaves your hair shiny and clean without over drying. I use it after gym for my in -between washes and it works great!!
  • Charlotte
    Soft and silky - 17 Oct 2018
    I used the product on my daughter and myself. Worked lovely on her hair. It was soft and silky.

    However it was not as awesome for me. I used too much because it did not soap up and my hair is very thick and long.

    Overall its an awesome product especially if you have short hair and wash it often.
  • Nontokozo
    Happy and Confident - 17 Oct 2018
    I love it!!! My hair feels soft, shiny and stronger than before.
  • Siyamthanda
    SOFT AND SHINY - 17 Oct 2018
    From the first day I used this product (Tresemme Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner) my hair is so soft, shiny and smells good. I will definitely but this product.
  • Donne
    Awesomeness - 17 Oct 2018
    Amazing product indeed helps me alot with my dry damage hair....simply love it
  • Nalinee
    TreSemmèTreSemmè Platimun Strength - 16 Oct 2018
    Excellent! Works wonders for my dry and limp hair .will be using it all the time .Keeps my hair nourished .
  • Bianca
    Clean Shiny Healthy Hair - 16 Oct 2018
    I was scared that this product might leave my hair looking and feeling oily and not thoroughly clean as it's a cleansing conditioner but to my surprise my scalp and hair felt clean. My hair feels soft, shiny and sleek when I blow dry it straight and when I wear it naturally curly my curls are more defined and look hydrated. I'm left with shiny healthy looking and feeling hair with a beautiful scent. I'm very impressed with this product it also takes me half the time to wash and style my hair as there are less steps and my hair is now manageable because of how soft it feels even when wet, there are hardly any knots making it easier to brush through.
  • Zarah
    Tresemme cleansing conditioner - 16 Oct 2018
    Great product love how nourishing my hair feels. It has alot of body to it and looks much healthy than before. Will be purchasing this product next time .
  • Mandy
    No More Dry Days - 16 Oct 2018
    Thank you to Rubybox and Tresemme' for this innovating product. Being a Natuarlista its important to me, that my hair is constantly moisturized. I believe that Co-wash is the way to go. And Tresseme' Platinum Strength has given my hair exactly what it needs. My hair feels soft and are visibly moisturised after each wash.
    I'm definitely sticking to Tresemme Co-wash
  • Adel
    Nice to have - 16 Oct 2018
    I've enjoyed using this cowash, but I don't think it could replace a regular shampoo and conditioner as I experienced build up when using it for consecutive washes. But it's great for in between your regular washes as it does make your hair feel nice and soft and fresh, and it doesn't dry your hair. I always use it on days when I wear my hair naturally wavy, it really helps to tame the frizz and give me more defined waves.
  • Leigh
    TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 16 Oct 2018
    I felt the difference from the first wash! Straight after washing my hair felt heavy but the next day it was soft and silky. Easier to use than two separate products too.
  • Verdene Lee
    TRESemme Platinum Strength Co-wash - 16 Oct 2018
    After the first wash my hair felt a bit heavy, but after the second wash I could feel a difference in the texture of my hair, and by the third wash my hair was soft, shiny and looking revitalized. I would definitely recommend this product and will be buying it in the future.
  • Rahema
    Tresseme - 16 Oct 2018
    I really love the new tresseme two in one it makes your life easier because your hair becomes soft and it's easy to brush or comb my hair. My friends used the tresseme two in one and they absolutely love it, Wil definitely switch from my old shampoo to tresseme, Wil definitely recommend someone to buy this product. My hair has volume thanks to Rubybox. #rubybox #tresseme two in one.
  • Simone
    Tresemme Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner - 16 Oct 2018
    Really handy product during water restrictions! Made my hair super soft, was quick and convenient to use and left my hair feeling moisturized.
  • Moenieba
    Tresseme platinum strength cleansing condtioner - 16 Oct 2018
    An awesome product, from the first wash u can see and feel the softness, will certainly buy this product, thank u so much for this product made my life so much easier
  • Snethemba
    New cleansing conditioner by Tresemmë - 15 Oct 2018
    My hair has never been this soft
  • charmaine
    Tresemmé - 15 Oct 2018
    I love this product. Smells nice and made my hair smooth and shiny. More manageable. Always wanted a product that will make my hair smooth and silky
  • janine
    TRESemmeCoWash #CoWash #MyCoWashJourney #rubybox - 15 Oct 2018
    Love this product my hair softer and I have curlly hair ,my curls are so soft and looser
  • Lorraine
    Amazed me - 15 Oct 2018
    Did not expect the results I got. My hair was so soft and silky after the first use. And also less frizzy. Love it !!!
    My curls loved it. - 15 Oct 2018
    My curls loved this product! Provides amazing slip and kept my curls super moisterized.
  • Felicia
    terisme - 15 Oct 2018
    I totally just had to fall in love with this co-wash it's easy to use and it makes a difference to your hair
  • Cheryl
    Hair soft and shiny - 15 Oct 2018
    When I first got the product, I thought how could a conditioner cleanse my hair as I have always used a shampoo first. But hey, the first time I used it, my hair was amazingly soft and shiny. it was totally damaged prior to this, Thumbs up to Tresemme.
  • Michele
    Tresseme co wash - 15 Oct 2018
    Wow, the results are incredibly after just one wash! My hair feels softer, smooth, shiny and stronger.
  • Nazlie
    Awesomeness - 15 Oct 2018
    This product is really great after the 2nd wash you feel the difference in your hair. It feels moisturized, soft, manageable and much healthier than it was before. This is definitely a good buy and a great product. i can recommend this and I will continue to use it. WELL done to TRESemme!!!!!!
  • Dominique
    I love the TRESemme platinum strength cleansing conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    Since the first time I tried this product, my hair felt amazing. It makes my hair silky soft and the fragrance stays in my hair for so long. I would definitely purchase this product.
  • Joclyn
    Amazing!! - 15 Oct 2018
    To be honest I was a little sceptical of trying a 2 in 1 shampoo as it normally doesn't agree with my hair. But after the first wash I could immediately see the difference in my hair. It was shiny and more manageable, as well as left a beautiful smell. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone battling with dry hair.
  • Moeridah
    Tresemme - 15 Oct 2018
    This product was a great help as myhair is always tangled and this really helps with teh detangling and keeps my hair soft for long
  • nontando
    Wow, I loved this product - 15 Oct 2018
    The TRESemmé Platinum Strength Cleansing Conditioner left my hair moisturized after wash and it left it feeling fresh and smelling good. I recommended this products to my friends! It's great value for money - all in one!