TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner
Size 750ml
Botanic Cleansing Conditioner (Moisture & Replenish)

Available at leading Clicks, Dis-Chem and Pick N Pay stores - R79.99 (750ml)

The new Cleansing Conditioners from TRESemmé are shampoo-free formulas that cleanse and refresh your hair without stripping or depleting all of its natural oils and nutrients.

Co-washing skips the sulphates that are mainly found in shampoos, instead it uses a conditioning formula to gently cleanse from your scalp and hair. With Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera, the Botanic Cleansing Conditioner is perfect for ladies on a natural hair journey and ideal for dense curls.

For hair moisturisation, leaving your hair shiny and manageable.

• NO Parabens

• NO Dyes

• NO Sulphates


  • Zukiswa
    I’m loving it - 16 Oct 2018
    Thanks for TreSemme Botanic im definetly buying it.. I’m loving my hair texture.
  • Annie
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 16 Oct 2018
    I experienced more breakage to my hair and dry flaky scalp.
    But that is something from the past, now my hair looks healthy and more stronger
  • Thato
    Woooooooow - 16 Oct 2018
    I love how moisturized and shiny it leaves my hair . Id def recommend it to people with dry and brittle hair . Not to mention it smells sooo good . Oooh and it works very well for weaves too
  • Mondy
    This product is the solution I've been looking for! I washed my afro it was shinning, soft and the smell its so divine. #handlewithcare #tresemmecowash #cowash #curlcare #rubybox
  • Mpho
    I fell inlove with my Afro again - 16 Oct 2018
    I have a 4C Afro, and i was really struggling to get a product that would make it easy for my hair treatments... Until i was given a TRESSEMME BOTANIC by a friend to try, ooohhhh mine, oohhh mine, the first thing i noticed i noticed was that my hair became softer, tangling is a thing of the past, not to mention the smell. My hair now looks amazing, feels and smells like heaven....
  • Pearl
    TRESemmé Botanic co-wash - 15 Oct 2018
    I started using this product a month ago it is amazing my hair is smelling good, softer and its well moisturized than before i recommend this product to everybody it is more like all in one, like all the things your hair needs in one product!
  • Kuthala
    Tressemme botanic - 15 Oct 2018
    O.m.g I'm amazed..tressemme botanic it's amazing I love softens and moisturizers my hair it smells absolutely friends could stop telling me about how good it smells.i used it on my self and my daughter we both love it , it makes my daughter's hair easy to comb.
  • Sinazo
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    I've been using the TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner I got from Ruby Box for about a month now and my afro is much more softer, moisturized and smells amazing. Detangling has also become a walk in the park, thanks to this product
  • Kabelo
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    i used the conditioner and my Afro feels so soft and moist, this is the best. thank you Ruby box for the best product.
  • Nomazwi
    Tresemme - 15 Oct 2018
    First of all I love the smell, the conditioner glides so well on my hair and it makes my hair smell great! I am definetly switching.
  • Retang
    TRESemme Botanic Co-Wash - 15 Oct 2018
    My hair has never looked this great i get compliments alot :) I'm so happy with the product and recommend it to everyone
  • Basetsana
    Co-wash - 15 Oct 2018
    Washed and conditioned my locks with this. It doesn't lather up as much as normal shampoo but It does smell good. Plus I love the added bonus that I don't need to buy yet another product to condition my hair. I like it Will definately buy the product if it's affordable
  • Nobukhosi
    TRESemmè titanic cleansing conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    I received it from my friend. My hair feels softer and smells good too. No tangled hair for me and my girls. We absolutely love it.
  • Selloane
    TRESemmè - 15 Oct 2018
    TRESemmè is the best , first time using it , you can feel the softness of the hair while washing it , after you can still feel that softness, freshness & your hair shine like a diamond. This is must have product
  • Mpho
    Tresseme Co Wash - 15 Oct 2018
    Good product ,I would love to recommended to my other friends
  • Mpho
    Goog product - 15 Oct 2018
    I received the product from rubybox I used it in 4 week it work maricle to my hair ,soft smell nice
  • Nobuntu
    I received the product from my colleague, I never heard of it before and I was so excited to try it out. I used it on my afro and my child's thick hair that I normally struggled with after taking off her braids or plaits. After each wash, it has left our hair soft and moisturised, I will use it again.
  • Tumy
    TreSemme review - 15 Oct 2018
    It left my Afro smelling amazing, and soft. Enjoyed every wash with it.
  • Palesa
    TRESEMME CO-WASH - 15 Oct 2018
    So when I first received the Co-Wash for my friends and I, I decided I was going to try it out on one of my wigs and it worked wonders.

    I hadn't washed my wig for a month and it started getting dry. When i used the Co-Wash i could tell the difference by just washing my wig. After my wig dried out, combing and styling was just a walk in the park. I would definitely recommend this!
  • Lerato
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    Love it! love it! Love it.. after just a week, my hair is softer moisturized and the best part is the flakes are gone
  • khumo
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner is amazing!! - 15 Oct 2018
    I have only used it once and my hair is already super soft I cant wait to use it again on my Afro.

    Thank you RubyBox :)
  • Ncobile
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    Words alone cannot even describe how amazing this TRESemme cleansing conditioner is. It leaves my Afro hair soft and moisturized, it smells divine. Thank you Rubybox
  • Bongi
    Loved every wash - 15 Oct 2018
    It smells so fresh all week. Love the feel, LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell, my hair is normally really curly but this makes it manageable. Does it come in a bigger container, its like sweets, im addicted.
  • Yvonne
    Curly co-wash review - 15 Oct 2018
    Received the botanic co-wash cleansing conditioner and my hair has become more manageable. It's soft the curls are slightly more defined and smells great.
  • Phiwokuhle
    Tresemme Botanic cleansing conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    The Tresemme' botanic cleansing condtioner works wonders for my hair.
    The fact that it has aloe and coconut is great for my hair.
    The amazing smell is an added bonus.
  • Lebogang
    4 weeks into using TRESemme Cleansing Conditioner on my natural hair. I have noticed my hair is getting soft and growing.I have been struggling with dry sculp and now I see a difference..
  • Fanele
    Tresemme Botanic - 15 Oct 2018
    Thanks to ruby box for my Tresemme botanic co-wash, this product is really amazing since i have a protective hairstyle i've been using my co-wash on my hairline and it has grown.
  • Nomboniso
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner =❤️ - 15 Oct 2018
    Ow my my, I’m loving the TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner. It makes my hair look and feel great. With long dreadlocks is seldomly to find such products for the hair. Thank you Rubybox ❤️
  • Sphokazi
    Tresemme cleansing conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    I love that it has aloe as well as coconut.
    Leaves my hair soft and makes detangling my hair that much easier.
  • Memory
    Perfect! - 15 Oct 2018
    Upon receiving the TRESemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner i noticed the divine scent.
    After the first wash my hair felt a little dry so i used extra moisturizer.
    With the second wash I used it as a pre poo and it worked amazingly my hair was soft and fool of moisture. It smelt amazing too. ❤️
  • Nkhensani
    TRESemmé co-wash - 15 Oct 2018
    The TRESemmé co-wash smells so good and it makes my scalp feel so fresh and hair feels moisturized. After the first use my itchy scalp was so fresh and not itchy. I think I found a product that my scalp and hair loves #TRESemmeCoWash #CoWash #MyCoWashJourney #rubybox
  • Denise
    Botanic Moisture and Replenish - 15 Oct 2018
    I received this product from a friend, this was an amazing gift to me especially because of my hair type. I enjoyed the conditioner for my ethnic afro hair, it made them soft and easy to comb through. I was amazed how much the effect lasted on my hair over the week. will continue using this product.
  • Dudu
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    I was a bit sceptical about swapping out my shampoo for the Co-Wash but I was pleasantly surprised at the results I got. My hair was softer and it wasnt as tangled as it usually is after a wash. I love it
  • Dudu
    Ruby with a soft shiny and nice smell afro - 15 Oct 2018
    WoW!!! I am amazed. I'm entering summer with a soft, shiny and nice smelling Afro. The TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner review was amazing, was blown away by the fresh smell. Thank you Rubybox for the plug. I'm so hooked.
  • Palesa
    After the 2nd wash i felt my hair was softer and no longer as tangled as it used to be. My hair and scald look very healthy and well moisturized. Love the smell too. I will continue using this product.
  • Slindile
    Loving it - 15 Oct 2018
    It's so gentle on my hair and scalp and I love the fact that it leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy. My afro is looking healthy and shiny and I would really recommend this to anyone who has natural hair as me.
  • Prudence
    TRESemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 15 Oct 2018
    I am so happy I tried TRESemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner! It smells so good and I really started to notice the difference in my hair texture and softness after only 2 washes. My hair is moisturized and easy to manage plus it smells super cool! I would recommend this product to my friends and family!
  • Babalwa
    Tresemme - 15 Oct 2018
    I received the Co-wash from a friend. My afro feels soft and I love the amazing smell. Will definately buy the product. Thank u Rubybox.
  • Neo
    I used the co-wash initially as instructed, as a co-wash and detangling was really easy. From the first wash I felt like my hair lacked some moisture so I started using the co-wash as a pre-poo (with coconut oil) and then used it as a shampoo and the results were amazing. My hair is softer and easy to manage and smells amazing. I am loving the product and the size is also amazing
  • Emelda
    Tresemme Botanic Co-Wash - 15 Oct 2018
    I recieved the product from my friend and since have enjoyed the feeling of my hair, more moisturized and managable
  • Phumzile
    When i received my Tresemme Botanic Co-Wash, i was a bit skeptical as i have dread locks, but i really noticed a difference after my first wash. Its so gentle on my scalp and hair. My hair is softer and i looooooove the smell of the product. I will be definitely using Tresemme Botanic Co-Wash, and would recommend it to other ladies with natural hair.
  • Samukeliso
    My twa loooveees this product. It no longer looks dull and dry. And my coils are soft and have such definition!
  • Snokthula
    Best Cleansing Conditioner Ever! - 15 Oct 2018
    Thanks alot. I have used TRESemme Cleansing Conditioner several times on my natural hair. I have noticed my hair is getting soft and i have been struggling with dry sculp bt now I have started seeing a difference... i just love it and it smells gud as well.
  • Queen
    Tresemme botanic cowash - 15 Oct 2018
    Aaah i love this product, my hair is now softer and i feel like it is growing, even the color of my hair is now darker..
  • Brenda
    TRESemme Botanic Co-Wash - 12 Oct 2018
    I received the Co-Wash from a friend. From the first use, my hair felt softer and moisturized. I love the product!
  • Vulelwa
    Tresemme Co-wash - 11 Oct 2018
    i received this amazing product from a friend of mine two weeks ago.i have a protective hairstyle at the moment braids to be specific even though i have braids i decided to tried it anyway and deep conditioned my hair by diluting the product with water so the product can penetrate through the braids in to my hair shaft left my hair in a shower cap for 30 minutes after i washed my hair it was so soft and moisturized the production smell like haven i also think the aloe in the product also help with my dry scalp .
  • Sithabile
    I've been using this product on my Afro for the past week now, i must say the product smells great..After one week of use i love how the product has left my hair soft, but the only issue it seems to be drying up my hair so i have to moisturize more often.
  • Mondy
    This product is the solution I've been looking for!
    I washed my afro it was shinning, soft and the smell its so divine.
    #handlewithcare #tresemmecowash #cowash #curlcare #rubybox
  • Retang
    TRESemme Botanic Co-Wash - 9 Oct 2018
    Wooooooooooow this product is a boom, my afro has never been so can see the difference with the first wash it my fro is soft, shiny and smells great
  • slindile
    OMG!!! the smell says it all. my Afro is so inlove with it, smells coconut and shiny. Thank you tresemme and rubybox.
  • Faith
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 8 Oct 2018
    The first thing that took my breath away was the amazing smell it left on my hair. And it lasts for days! My hair is feeling soft and moisturiser
  • sylvia
    A MUST have - 8 Oct 2018
    I am in awe how this product works. My hair is breathing and smells very nice. Truth be told I used to wash my hair less times before, Not until I got my TRESemme' Botanic Cleansing Conditioner.....
  • Lettie
    TRESemme Botanic Co-wash - 5 Oct 2018
    This conditioner is a holy grail,my hair used to break a lot but after 2 weeks of using it,my hair looks healthier than ever and soft,not forgeting the amazing the smell,I'm totally sold.
  • Zinhle
    Words cannot even describe how amazing this TRESemme cleansing conditioner is. It so gentle with my hair and beyond everything IT SMELLS AMAZING!!! I absolutely love and recommend it highly!
  • Sbulele
    Perfect - 5 Oct 2018
    Nourishes,moisturize an detangle hair.If feels so soft on my hair and will definitely be purchasing it
  • Precious
    Best hair product - 5 Oct 2018
    First wash felt like a dream. My hair looks good, smells great and shiny.
  • Amanda
    Cleansing conditioner - 5 Oct 2018
    The TRESemmè cleansing conditioner is my new best friend. I just love the coconut water and ale vera(the most natural ingredients added to intensely moisturize , mildly cleanses and replenish my hair. My hair is so soft and I still cant believe my natural curly hair can be so soft. Thank you TRESemmè.
  • Nomboniso
    Best shampoo ever - 5 Oct 2018
    Wow I’m so sold by this shampoo. My hair feels lighter and smells amazing. Thank you
  • ZeeZish
    Hair goals - 4 Oct 2018
    Thank you for the packaging my hair is softer silky and smells soooo good I've used it for 2 weeks
  • ZeeZish
    Hair on fleek - 4 Oct 2018
    I used my TRESemme co wash cleansing conditioner for 2 weeks and my hair look shiny and smells great
    My hair color is more vibrant
  • Desiree
    Smooth Hair - 4 Oct 2018
    Before I used the TRESemmé botanic cleansing conditioner, my hair dries up really fast and would break, and also had problems with dandruff. But after just one wash, boom, my hair started coming back to life... this conditioner is life, thank you #RubyBox
  • Florence
    I was so excited - 4 Oct 2018
    This product is so amazing and it makes my hair really smooth and it feels amazing
  • Tshegofatso
    Tresemme Botanic Co-Wash - 3 Oct 2018
    When i was selected to receive the product, i was so excited because i have been seeing the product instore and always wanted to try it, having ethnic hair can be challenge because the hair gets dry after a wash, the co-wash helped to soften my hair and after a full wash with co wash, shampoo and conditioning my hair had a different texture, the co wash is really a great product.
  • Nompilo
    Amazing - 2 Oct 2018
    I was so excited when this range came out and I was so disappointed when I didn't get chosen to review it so I had to purchase it. The price is affordable, It's honestly value for money. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.

    Thanks TRESemmé
  • Hilda
    Tresseme Botanic Garden - 2 Oct 2018
    I had my braids on, when i removed them and used the botanical garden conditioner, the volume on my hair and softness, it really made my day..this product is for all hair irrespective of the ethnic .The best product ever
  • Mirriam
    Wash Day Made Easy! - 2 Oct 2018
    this co-wash really made wash day so easy! no fuss and stress of having to first wash then condition after. you do it all in one go. left my hair smelling so good and so soft :) also great to use to treat your weaves ladies so there an extra mile for your buck.
  • Palesa
    Great for weaves! - 1 Oct 2018
    If you a black like me who has weaves and needs a product to soften them, the this is the one! I love this product so much, it leaves your hair/weave soft and smelling great.

    I also love the fact that a small amount goes a long way and it lasts longer and saves you some coins
    Perfect Co Wash Product for Natural Hair - 1 Oct 2018
    I received the product to share with friends and I tried it. What I loved the most is that it did not dry out my hair and smells amazing and easy to use in one step.

    I loved the packaging and also how it saves up space in my bathroom. It is gentle and soothing on the scalp as well.
  • Samke
    Tresemme an answer to my kinky hair - 30 Sep 2018
    I have the most kinkiest african hair you can ever imagine,its been almost 2 weeks now using tresemme botanic and i can say results positive,now my hair is nourished,softened & silky and looks healthier than before...
  • Disemelo
    Amazing - 28 Sep 2018
    I looove this conditioner, It smells amazing and leaves the hair soft and easy to comb.
  • Janine
    My Holy Grail - 26 Sep 2018
    This conditioner is absolutely the BOMB dot com..I've been using it since going natural and it is amazeballs. Definitely worth going out and getting a bottle or two for.
  • Ntombi
    TRESmme - 26 Sep 2018
    I love this product just one wash and it left my hair looking shiny and smelling good.
  • Palesa
    Amazing product!! - 26 Sep 2018
    I love love this conditioner, leaves your hair clean and moist. Doesn't even leave your hair dry
  • sylvia
    In Love - 26 Sep 2018
    What a great product, my Afro hair is happy and tangle free. Big enough for me and my teenage daughter so #bye bye Salon and #hello happy free hair
  • Samantha
    Cleansing Conditioner - 25 Sep 2018
    I used it for the first time on Friday. My hair is clean with a very nice coconut scent.
    My daughter also used it for her braids. She was very impressed and I was surprised that it can be used for braids as well.
    Lets see how it will keep up after 5 or more washes.
  • girly
    #TRESemmeCoWash #CoWash #MyCoWashJourney #rubybox - 25 Sep 2018
    this is the best product ever I have been using it for 4 days now and I must say it works my hair is soft and has no breakage my scalp is clear and non achie
  • Ntombizodwa
    The best - 25 Sep 2018
    I received the product and it is the best cleansing conditioner ever. My hair is softer and smells great
  • Gwiba Zuzole
    TreSemme' Botanic - 24 Sep 2018
    I was a bit sceptical of this product as I was under the impression it was for people of colour and only used Trsememmer' on my weaves, Used the Botanic on the afro and the results were amazing I can actually put a comb through my hair and run my fingers absolutely amazing ! its a thumbs up from me :-)
  • Noluhle
    My afro is loving this co-wash because it doesn't strip my hair & scalp and doesn't make it dry & brittle. It smells amazing. Leaves my hair feeling soft, looking great and moisturized. I'm even using it on my daughters afro and her looks great.
  • Phumzile
    TRESemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 23 Sep 2018
    I'm so in love with the product. I have dreadlocks and never thought that TRESemme caters for the type of hair that I have. Its so much softer and feels silky. I love the smell too.
    Thank you Rubybox.
  • Liziwe
    TRESemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner. - 22 Sep 2018
    Thank you Ruby Box for giving me the opportunity to experience this amazing product. The smell is mind blowing. My hair is so so soft and manageable all because of TRESemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner. I surely am goig to stick to the product without a doubt.
  • Semukeliso
    I have the most complicated natural Afro kinky hair that has tangled ends.its day 3 today since i started using the cleansing conditioner and i haven't been more confident with my hair and now i can say its good bye to the wigs.My hair is now softer shinny and the fresh coconut fragrance is an added bonus to my confidence...

    Great value for money i would say!!!!!!!!!
  • Nkateko
    Thick and rich - 22 Sep 2018
    I just tried this new product, which my sister gave me and I can say, at first I thought it was just another rondom product on the shelf. I tried it and it was soo thick and rich and smells soo good. All I can say is that I want more.
  • Bongiwe
    TRESemme Botanic cleasing conditioner - 21 Sep 2018
    This stuff is the Bomb AF, When I received it I just had to have a wash day immediately, because the scent took me to places. It left my hair feeling soft, on the first wash!! Listen ya'll I was shook to be honest, my hair felt different in a good way. If it's amazing with just 1 wash, I can only imagine how my hair will be after 5 or more washes
  • nelly
    Tresemme - 21 Sep 2018
    I would love to try tbe product i can tell it is a good product just by reading the reviews. Looking forward to it
  • Bongiwe
    TRESeBaé - 21 Sep 2018
    I'm sold..I love how gentle it is on my natural hair and scalp not to mention how awesome its smells!
  • Hilda
    TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 21 Sep 2018
    The best fragrnce that is there, teh smell of nature and the frsh look it leaves on my Afro, i always thought TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner was made for white people and other ethnics but black hair, but what i have experienced blew my mind away, thank you Ruby Box for allowing me the opportunity to explore
  • Samantha
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 21 Sep 2018
    Guess who is taking her own cleansing conditioner to her hair stylist?
    I cant waiting for this afternoon's hair pampering for my first experience with TREsemme cleansing conditioner.
    Hold on to your seats. I will tell you all about it later.
  • Dintle
    Tresenne Botanic - 21 Sep 2018
    i really to like the conditioner, but I think for people of colour , it does't quite work well. It makes my hair pretty course.
    Something with more oil content will be better.
  • Tejumade
    Hair is left feeling incredibly soft - 21 Sep 2018
    I have THE kinkiest, curly hair ever but after using the Tresemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner, my hair was left feeling clean, soft and smelling amazing. Even my hair stylist was impressed. I definitely will be recommending this product to my other natural hair sisters. What's there not to love?!
  • Nomfundo
    TRESemmé TRESemmé Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 21 Sep 2018
    Gentle on hair, does not dry hair, effectively cleanses and leaves hair and scalp clean and fresh.
  • Mathitha
    Amazing - 20 Sep 2018
    Amazing!!! It smells absolutely divine and left my hair feeling superbly soft. Definitely recommending it to all my #naturalhairgirls. Absolutely love it
  • Thuli
    Impressed - 20 Sep 2018
    I have natural hair (4c Type, Low Porosity) and my hair absolutely craves moisture and cannot take a sulphate shampoo, and certainly not every wash day. I already love to use TRESemme products - this guy is going to be one of my top cowashes now. My hair was not stripped off its moisture and yet it was thoroughly cleansed from product build up. Definitely will be recommending :)
  • Chido
    Tresemme botanics smells divine - 20 Sep 2018
    I used it on my bundles and the definition of the curls was mind blowing. The smell divine . In love with this.
  • Maryna
    Smells Great - 20 Sep 2018
    I used both the shampoo and conditioner! Got so many compliments on how great my hair smells.
    I just love the over all quality of this product.
  • Lebo
    I have had natural hair for quite some time now and I have tried so many products but it was really difficult to find great products for natural African hair.
    However, this TRESemme conditioner is a real deal the conditioner its amazing. i love it
  • Keamogetswe
    TRESemme Botanic Cleansing Conditioner - 19 Sep 2018
    I love this product, my hair is bushy and curly and it leaves it so shiny, full of volume and manageable,
    I have already given it to four of my friends and they LOVE it!!!
    Thank you TRESemme!!!!!!
  • Essie
    Much softer hair - 19 Sep 2018
    My hair is sooooo much softer using a co-wash instead of a regular shampoo. Usually by the time i finish washing my hair and it’s dry it lacks so much moisture but these days my hair is always soft and easy to manage. I love this co-wash
  • Cleopatra
    That Botanic Effect - 18 Sep 2018
    Wash day is usually synonymous with major dryness after washing and before moisturising. However, with TRESemmé's co-wash, my hair has never felt so clean and so moisturised all in one step. I absolutely love this addition to their collection.
  • Elizabeth
    Smells Amazing! - 17 Sep 2018
    I already love Tresemme products so when I discovered they had a co-wash product I was stunned. Co-washing is a great way to cleanse your hair without stripping away the essential oils. I also really love the smell of of this product, and it lasts long and leaves your hair feeling soft and bouncy.


Hair matter at TRESemmé - to give every woman the professional salon quality touch, everyday.

​Since 1948, has been driven by a simple truth: every woman deserves to look and feel fabulous, like they've just stepped out of the salon. TRESemmé is dedicated to creating hair care and styling products that are salon quality without the salon price.

Delivering that feeling has driven TRESemmé since Edna L. Emmé founded the brand in 1948. She embodied this confidence; the perfect role model for inspiring modern women today. Intelligent and beautiful, Edna was a rule breaker and entrepreneur. She was also a trailblazer for women in the workplace.

TRESemmé – originally developed as a salon range for strong, smooth hair, and named after Edna, with a well deserved play on the French for ‘much-loved’. Having worked as a hairdresser in her sister’s salon, she knew how great hair boosts confidence. So at a time when professional products were just available in salons, it was Edna who had the vision to bring professional-quality hair to women at home – making hair history by introducing TRESemmé to the public.