Thierry Mugler
Angel EDT
Size 80ml
What’s this?

A warm, oriental and subtly provocative Eau de Toilette.

What does it do?

Like a guardian angel always by your side, this lingering scent bursts into life with a uniquely oriental and addictive nuance.

Why we ♥ it

It has a gorgeous star shaped top, delicately sculpted to spell uniqueness class and glamour.


  • Jolene
    Breath taking - 23 Aug 2017
    Simply amazing! Was not very find of the initial strong scent but the smell thereafter lasted am entire day!
  • Nadine
    Thierry Mugler- Angel - 15 Aug 2017
    Hi Rubies....
    This perfume is seriously everything. I am a huge fan of fragrances (yes, I want/love to smell myself the all day_every day). Anyway I purchased this perfume called Angel from Thierry Mugler and it has been on my top 5 list of favourite perfumes. It is truly a guardian angel that constantly lingers around you the entire day.... such a lasting scent. Though a bit pricy, it is still great value for money. This is the real deal.
  • Lisha
    Gorgeous scent - 16 Jun 2017
    It smells amazing ... the scent doesn't last me the entire day though. Otherwise it is one of my favorites.
  • trevoleen
    Thierry Mugler Angel EDT - 2 Jun 2017
    Love this perfume. Scent lasts all day keeps you smelling fresh and amazing. People tend to say to me "oooh you smell good what perfume is that". Love this
  • Thandazile Zama
    Must have - 30 Nov 2016
    I am so in love with this fragrance. Keeps me refreshed all day I Dont have to reapplie it over and over. It smells amazing. You never go wrong with Thierry Mugler fragrances
  • Charnelle
    Best - 28 Nov 2016
    Perfum smells very nice. Stays on so long. Definitely the smell you want on your clothing. People always know this smell of Angel
  • Charlene
    Thierry Mugler Angel EDT - 28 Nov 2016
    oh so sexy!!! i love the smell , makes you feel so refreshed for hours, smell stays for longer .. perfect packaging
  • Chermel
    The best - 22 Nov 2016
    This perfume is one of my top 5 perfumes of all time. Its such a distinct scent that last all day/ all night. I love it :)
  • roxanne
    Amazeballs ;-) - 22 Nov 2016
    I looooove this perfume, got the gift set, if you use the body lotion you don't have to use the perfume at all( which is awesome because them my perfume will last me longer), the lotions lasts the entire day which makes me smell amazing the entire.Warning : this is one the stronger smelling perfumes so if you have a sensitive nose, this isn't for you. Though it still is one of my most favourite scents ever!
  • Anelle
    Recognizable - 1 Nov 2016
    This scent is very recognizable, I always get compliments when I wear it and it lasts all day.
  • Tracy
    Best ever - 14 Sep 2016
    Its my all time favourite. Long lasting and the scent is amazing. When I walk thru the office, my perfume (Angel) lingers on well after I have ledt
  • Kayleen
    So me... love it - 21 Jul 2016
    Received it as a gift, the style of the bottle is nothing compared to the long lasting amazing smell. Doesn't damage the skin or clothes. The smell stays on my hair for days...
  • Faheemah
    Thierry Mugler - 20 Jul 2016
    The best fragrance of the year long lasting and smells so good Angel is my ultimate favourite
  • Nathenia
    Angel - 6 Jul 2016
    This is my signature perfume and my all-time favorite perfume. You can put it on in the morning and when you get home from work, the fragrance still lingers. The smell last the whole day even in our hot summers
  • Prishantha
    Signature Scent - 22 Apr 2015
    I have been using this magnificent scent for the longest time. All of my friends remember this as my signature scent. I have always walked into a room and have been complimented on my scent. Its a beautiful fresh smell that infuses with your own scent. This perfume will continue to be my all time favorite.... Forever an Angel fan
  • Mandie
    Long lasting scent - 20 Apr 2015
    This perfume lasts all day, if you looking for a long lasting scent, this is it.
  • Taryn
    Heavenly perfume - 20 Apr 2015
    This is my all-time favorite perfume. You can put it on in the morning and when you get home from work, the fragrance still lingers. It is sweet but not too strong. Even lasts in Durban summer!
  • Ayesha
    pretty - 10 Apr 2015
    Has a really pretty bottle and looks great on my purfume display. The scent very rich and something I only use for special occasions or the big night out.
    I find it lasts about four hours before I have to refresh it, but that's not a problem as the bottle is small enough to pop into my handbag.

Thierry Mugler

Where they’ve come from

At the tender age of 20, Thierry Mugler left his hometown of Strasbourg and set out to the cosmopolitan city of Paris on a quest to entice the savvy Parisians with his clothing designs. He quickly managed to make his way into some major fashion houses and by 1973 he created his first collection-Café de Paris. In 1974 Thierry Mugler had already set up his own fashion house and only four years later, was named “Designer of the Year” by both the press and the public. His success story had begun and throughout the 1980s, the Thierry Mugler brand shone brightly with acclaimed collections, ingenious fashion shows that he conceived and directed himself. He progressed into producing painting-like photos, short films, video clips and films.

Where are they going?

In 1992 after the road of success was already paved for him, Thierry Mugler created the Angel fragrance. Using only the finest natural, rare and innovative ingredients; he developed a range of bold scents full of character and original combinations that are instantly recognizable and defined as unforgettable. The Thierry Mugler brand is now internationally acclaimed and continues to grow in the fashion, art, production and haute perfumery industries respectively.

Thierry Mugler