Tangle Teezer
Salon Elite in Peppermint
What's this? A detangling brush. What does it do?

Detangle locks quickly and gently with this innovative brush. The patented teeth ensure that knots are removed without breaking, pulling or splitting your hair.

How does it feel?

A pleasure to use, this brush glides through your hair with ease, tackling the tangles without discomfort or pain, leaving hair feeling soft and silky.

Why we & hearts; it

Once you use this detangler you will never look back! It takes on knots and detangles with ease, ensuring not to damage your hair in the process. Plus, the compact size makes it the perfect handbag buddy.


  • Tegan
    Dont own another brush - 7 Mar 2017
    I only own a Tangle teaser and am so happy about it! There is no other brush I will use.
  • Shannon
    Brilliant for long hair - 25 Jan 2017
    This is perfect for girls with knotty, long hair. The brushes are soft so it doesn't catch, pull or hurt at all. It is also plastic so it is perfect for keeping in the shower and using when you condition your hair. Only down fall is that it is only suitable for detangling and can't function as any other type of brush so you have to keep those handy which obviously sucks if you are travelling lite.
  • Nadine
    Finally, a brush that does what it advertises!!! - 8 Nov 2016
    I originally bought one for my niece. She has super curly but super thin and fine hair, it works wonders on her hair. It really takes out the tangles and it does not pull or break off her tiny thin hair. I on the other hand have straight but thin hair and tried her brush on my hair and it is amazing! It really does not pull or tangle your hair. It softly and effectively brushes your hair. I love it! I have been using it for almost a year. Bought it on takealot and have not looked back! Do yourself a favor! Buy it! It works!
  • Carey
    Throw away your brushes ladies, Tangle Teezer is in town! - 4 Nov 2016
    Don't you hateeee it when your partner tries to affectionately run their hand through your hair, only to be stopped by so many knots... So, so many...Well, I do! The Tangle Teezer is incredible. I was given one as a present (and possibly a hint) and it really has made such a difference! You will not regret getting one!
  • Cheval
    Great brush for curly hair - 14 Sep 2016
    My daughter has curly has and this brush is awesome on the knots. It doesnt pull her hair when I need to brush out the knots.
  • Tasmyn
    Dreadlocks be gone - 5 Sep 2016
    I have dry and unmanageable hair that always seems to have knots that are actually scary. I constantly have to cut out litle dreadlocks from teh base of my neck, even though i brush my hair regularly. The tangle teezer finally is the only brush that glides through my knots effortlessly and painlessly and I could not be more impressed. It does not pull or damage my hair and ges the job done. And trust me, with my hair that job is not easy. So happy to have found this little gem. Oh, and the fact that the brush itself is absolutely adorable does not hurt
  • Alexis
    A Great product - 8 Aug 2016
    I had tears every morning with my little girl ... This has saved me. Mornings are less stressful
    Feeling Untangled - 26 Jul 2016
    My go to brush for those bad hair days, they are so gentle on your hair but they get the job done, my hairdays are changed forever if I had to choose one brush hands down it would be a Tangle Teezer
  • Lynne
    A dream for long hair - 9 Dec 2014
    As a girl with long locks, my prayers have been answered. No more painful brushing and damaged hair!

Tangle Teezer

Where they’ve come from

London colour technician,Shaun Pulfrey, joined other entrepreneurs on the Dragons Den in 2007, pitching his Tangle Teezers to a panel of five wealthy investors, hoping for financial investment in return for a stake in his company. They declined the opportunity to invest in his idea, but Pulfrey persevered.

Before long he had a team of marketing and sales staff and launched the now famous brush at the international hair exhibition Salon International.

Where they’re going

Focusing on distribution through salons and online, sales soon outgrew the anticipated demand. Tangle Teezer has won multiple awards, and soon became the best-selling hairbrush in the UK.

It’s now available in 37 countries worldwide, and Pulfrey invests his profits on new product development and increasing his manufacturing capabilities. Watch this space

Tangle Teezer