Stayfast Lip Gloss in Romantic Rose

This lustrous gloss will amp up your look in no time at all and will pair especially well with a subtle cat-eye and an LBD.


A gorgeous shade of romantic pink with a sponge applicator and a glossy finish. This is a definite for any handbag over the holiday time.


  • Carla
    Keep shining - 18 Jul 2018
    I love the texture of this product. It is so soft, smooth and non tacky. I'm also very glad that it does not seem to make "skins" on the lips after a while. The glitter in it is so suble but makes for a beautiful shiny finish. I just wish they would bring out more colours in this product as I feel the colors are too limited. Overall - great gloss.
  • Seema
    Yardley Lip Gloss - 5 Mar 2018
    It give lips a beautiful shine and the colour stays on for a long period of time.
  • Renal
    awesome - 3 Mar 2018
    Used the gloss and felt it looked so good, I love that it is long lasting, that was shocking as glosses usually fade easily
  • Cindy Michelle
    Lushes Lips - 8 Feb 2018
    the first time i bought this product i was really impressed. its long lasting and looks lush when applied #ThumbsUp_ always buy it when i run out, perfect finish
  • Livonia
    Perfect gloss - 7 Dec 2017
    My sister bought this and I tried it. It's the perfect find for a lipstick / gloss. It's long lasting and brings out your lips to look sexy.
  • Caitlin
    Long lasting lipgloss - 20 Oct 2017
    When I first bought this product I was unaware that it was a lipgloss and it’s the same packaging and placement on the shelves as the liquid lipsticks.
    But I was shocked, it’s a pigmented gloss that lasts a long time. The formula is non-drying but it is not sticky on the lips. Love this product!
  • Nqabayezwe
    AWESOME LIPS - 20 Sep 2017
    My sister bought it for me,I'm soon in love with it now..it lasts,gives the mouth that irresistible,kissable look.
  • Thabile
    last long - 13 Jul 2017
    This lipstick is amazing as it shines my lips and last longer
  • Bianca
    POP OF THE DAY - 2 Jun 2017
    really does brighten up a look and doesn't feel sticky and has an amazing glossy finish
  • Evelyn
    Cute - 26 May 2017
    Really does last you through even eating and looks good on all skin tones.
  • Veronica
    Surprisingly light on lips - 27 Mar 2017
    For me many glosses have given me that weird sticky feeling, so I decided to buy this Yardley over the weekend, love it! I feel like I could put it on in the morning as I wake up and just look effortless in the shower, lol.... my lips are very happy, moisturizing, softening, the color stain is very natural n longer lasting. Very nice!
  • Tashrika
    Love it - 5 Jan 2017
    I love it...the color makes for a casual day out and when I pair it with my plumping gloss my lips look fuller and feel softer also
  • Susan
    LOVE IT! - 8 Nov 2016
    I've tried a ton, some even call me a lip gloss whore! I love it! Even after the glossiness is gone, it leaves behind a natural-looking stain. I've even used it on my cheeks when I realized I didn't have any blush in my makeup bag.
  • ntando
    worth every Rand - 13 Oct 2016
    It gives love and life to my lips doesnt fade easily its longlasting for sure.you instant kissable lips did i say irresistable
  • Zaakirah
    Pigment - 7 Jun 2016
    Strong color comes through and doesn't dry out lips. I think that's about all I need to say. Really good.
  • Annique
    Colour that will nock your socks off! - 11 Feb 2016
    Want to kiss all night and not leave your lipstick on your partners lips? Want colour that doesn't fade? Where's down to a wearable soft finish (untill you get your mirror out at the end of the night). Wide range of colour to suite every colour choice from soft nudes to dark and dareing purple. And best off all when the wind blows and you've got that hollywood sexy moment with your hair, NO HAIR sticking to your lips!!!