Soap & Glory
The Breakfast Scrub
Size 300ml

What’s this?
A deeply exfoliating granular body scrub.

What does it do?
Banish rough skin and dead skin cell build-up that leads to dullness with this intensely smoothing body exfoliator.

How does it feel and smell?
Scented like maple syrup, this delicious exfoliator will leave your skin soft and silky and smelling scrumptious.

Why we it
The caramel-like fragrance alone is enough to keep me coming back for more! Scent aside the large, rough granules ensure a proper exfoliation which will keep your look fresh and your skin velvety.


  • Aerin
    In love with a scrub - 2 Oct 2017
    Amazing loved the scent of maple syrup and the instant soft skin afterwards, also stunningly luxurious consistency
  • Thandazile Zama
    Perfect - 30 Nov 2016
    I am so in love with this scrub. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and silky
  • Nisaa
    Dont I smell yummy - 7 Jan 2014
    Really love this body scrub. I always find that body scrubs leave my skin feeling a little dry, but its the price you pay for smooth skin. Not the problem with this scrub! My skin was silky smooth, and well moisturized :) Love it!
  • Carolyn
    In Love - 6 Nov 2013
    I am in love with this scrub. The scent is just amazing. I have beautiful soft skin after using Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub. Will definitely repurchase this product.
  • Suzanne
    scrubby dubby - 21 Aug 2013
    This is definitely one of the nicest scrubs I have discovered, and it smells so delicious and is very easy to rinse off - very good value, so pleased to have found it!!
  • Tarryn
    Smells so good - 20 Aug 2013
    I have a bit of an obsession with this brand since visiting the UK, so I was seriously excited when Soap & Glory popped up on Rubybox.

    This stuff smells amazing - it's like pancakes, or waffles... Just imagine maple and vanilla and oats. Less breakfast-y and more...dessert.

    They weren't joking when they called it a "scrub" - unlike other exfoliators that have a more "gentle" granulation, this one is definitely a lot more hardworking. But, because it's sugar, you can't really over-scrub, and it has such a nice creamy consistency when you rub it in.

    This is a decent size pot and I find that I don't need to use a lot. Yes, you get cheaper scrubs but I really don't think you can beat this one when it comes to scent and quality. I'm definitely repurchasing this.
  • Kayleigh
    Baby soft skin!!! - 15 Aug 2013
    i love the way it smell i got this as a gift a while back.. now i see i can buy it here too..
  • Natalie
    The breakfast scrub - 14 Aug 2013
    Aha! This is a new product for me. Definitely have to put this on the shopping list for next month
  • Lynne
    Yummy feel good scrub - 13 Aug 2013
    Ooooo yummy feel good scrub! Delicious smell and silky texture

Soap & Glory

Where they’ve come from
Serial entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, who used to pamper the stars in her famous New York spa, realised that there were loads of lather-loving ladies out there who wanted to buy indulgent beauty spoils without having to panic when they saw the price sticker.

So, in England in 2006, she took her beauty expertise and her friends in the know and launched Soap & Glory.

Where they’re going to
Blending sass, suds and style, Soap & Glory’s precocious line of pampering bath and body products were designed to beautify Britain - without breaking the bank.

Inspired by retro tabloid-style journalism, the pun-filled product line is based on the belief that a good laugh is a great way to retain your youth too. Expanding quickly in range and in reach, Soap & Glory products are now available online and across the globe through prestigious retailers such as Sephora and Harvey Nichols.

Soap & Glory