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Smooch Stick in Latte Limbo
What's this?

A deliciously creamy nude-y beige lip pencil enriched with vitamin E for a more smoochable and juicy effect.

What does it do?

This classy, yet subtle colour accentuates your eyes and goes well with every skin tone.

Why we ♥ it

It’s thick, sharpenable, glides smoothly on the lips and leaves a lasting moist feel.

What else you need to know

Bonus! The smooch stick can also be used to add colour to your eyes! Simply sweep the pencil over your eyelids and blend, for a gorgeous finish.


  • Gillian
    lushes lips - 1 Apr 2017
    Got one of these in my box, and it is my must have item in my makeup kit
  • suzana
    smoochy time - 19 Jun 2015
    so i get this lovely smooch stick but was not sure about the colour as i generally wear more reds and darker shades in winter what with having black hair and having an olive complexion but i was truly surprised when i tried it on and it really looked nice thank you awesome team
  • Sherese
    Fabulous - 12 May 2015
    The reds and naturals are an awesome fit. The smooch stick doesnt last extremely long though.
  • Danielle
    This is more my colour... - 11 May 2015
    I last received a Smooch Stick in Red and I remember doing the review and saying it was not quite my colour. My skin tone likes the more Nude shades and this one is perfect! Super smooth and slightly glossy, LOVE IT!
  • annelise
    rubybox lippies rule! - 29 Apr 2015
    I always love getting rubybox lippies in my ift box. This is new colour for me but I'm up for trying it!
  • sophia
    Awesome Lippie - 12 Apr 2015
    I love Nudes and this one surprised soft and felt amazingly smooth on my lips. Its one lippie that must be in handbag at all times. Great product!!! Please bring in more shades.
  • Leonie
    Smooch away! - 24 Mar 2015
    Have to be hgonest! this is by FAR my most favourite productRUBYBOX
  • Kashiefa
    Great Quality - 10 Mar 2015
    I love these RubyBox Lippies, they are so convenient, I love the texture, it lasts without drying my lips and the colour pay off is good. I carry them in my makeup bag now
  • haarisha
    lippie - 12 Feb 2015
    I am in love with this lippie.I love the color I can wear it over my nude lipstick and it looks great.
  • Ria
    RIA - 10 Feb 2015
    I just love how soft it is and i can already feel the difference in the softness of my lips it counts for a lipstick and a lip-balm
  • Michelle
    NUDE FOR THE FIRST TIME - 28 Jan 2015
    After being recommended to try this colour when I wanted to try the nude shades of lip colour - and receiving it in my rubybox (added bonus) - this is my new favourite colour - the texture is also wonderful not sticky and goes on smooth with no drying out my skin. I love this and have now moved away from only reds and burgundy lip colours thanks to Latte Limbo Rubybox Smooch Stick
  • Natalie
    My Fav Smooch Stick - 21 Jan 2015
    This smooch stick is perfect for everyday use and its so natural which I simply love. I like the natural look during the week and having this is an added bonus. I can go with eyeliner and my Latte limbo Smooch stick and still look good :-)
  • Retha
    Favourite shade - 21 Jan 2015
    This is still my favourite shade from the Smooch Stick collection. Wear it almost every day!
  • Rochelle
    Winner Smooch Stick - 18 Dec 2014
    Great Quality, Packaging and very Moisturizing. The shade is perfect for everyday.
  • asmeeta
    Love it :) - 11 Dec 2014
    The smooch stick is extremely moisturising and the colour fits for any skintone. I love the quality and I can't wait for more shades to come! :)
  • Gillian
    lovely lips - 9 Dec 2014
    this stick, really is fantastic. Smooth kissable lips in 1 application. and says on for ages. :-)
  • Celeste
    Smooch Stick is a fav. - 24 Nov 2014
    I love this colour, so complimentary. Great product and great quality. Use on lips and cheeks. Fab.
  • Celeste
    Smooch stick Rocks! - 24 Nov 2014
    This is my most favourite makeup item still. I love the colour and the versatility.
  • Wendy
    Smooth and easy - 23 Nov 2014
    The colour is perfect for me - and it's so easy and silky to apply. Perfect to wear under a lip gloss and it keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day. Love it!
  • Sundus
    Pleasantly Surprised - 20 Nov 2014
    I was really surprised by the quality of this. I have dry lips and this smooch stick was really moisturizing and have my lips a subtle natural colour.
  • Erica
    Smooch stick - 14 Nov 2014
    i like the texture it feels good on my lips. the colour is to light for me it disapears.
  • Mehjabeen
    everyday ease! - 5 Nov 2014
    This colour is amazingly able to suit pretty much any complexion - which is always a bonus! ...just would've preferred a roll-out option, rather than a sharpening one.
  • Corinna
    Subtle - 1 Nov 2014
    I didn't think this colour would suit me but once on the lips the colour does not scream at you as it's a subtle nude tint which is great for the day or at night with smoky eye-makeup. The vitamin E seems to also be doing a great job as I put some on in the morning and unless you want to top up on the colour your lips will keep feeling moisturised for the rest of the day. I only give a 4 for value as on the one hand it falls on par with the prices of similar products however therefore not an extreme bargain. Nevertheless I will chose it over other brands which cost the same and don't give the same moisture this stick does. Too bad there are only 2 colours so far, I wouldn't mind some nice pinks and reds.
  • Jolene
    Love this Product - 23 Oct 2014
    Using this Smooch Stick as a base with my Stila lipgloss ... lovely combination!
  • Heather
    SmoochStick - 23 Oct 2014
    Was pleasantly suprised by this product, glides on easily and feels lovely. Sharpens easily too. Would love some other colours though.
  • Sheree
    Sexiest lips - 16 Oct 2014
    I could not get over how perfect this colour is for my lips :) They have never felt so smooth and creamy before... I will definitely keep using this product!
  • Carina
    Smooch Stick in Latte Limbo - 16 Oct 2014
    Love, love, love this product! It applies easily leaving my lips feeling moisturised and the colour is definitely my new favourite!
  • elsa
    Smooch stick in latte limbo - 14 Oct 2014
    So easy to carry because it is a pencil makes things so much easier.
    Love the colour it is so natural.
  • Amanda
    Sticky - 12 Oct 2014
    I love the way the smooch stick makes your lips feel moist the whole day long love it love it love it
  • Jacqui
    divine colour - 7 Oct 2014
    A divine colour that suits my complexion completely! and it is so silky smooth to apply
  • Yvonne
    Lip-taboulas! - 2 Oct 2014
    Just love it!! My work is mostly outside, and it is small enough to keep it in my denim pocket. Love the moisture effect, and latte limbo looks natural. A must have for me!
  • Samantha
    Not my norm... BUT... - 1 Oct 2014
    I'm usually more fond of brighter colors but this is definitely a win for my office :) great smell, keeps my lips soft and doesn't cake like other brands, a win for rubybox beauty
  • Joni
    How did I ever live without it before?! - 29 Sep 2014
    I used this product for the first time today and am absolutely in love with it. It has the just the right texture, colour and sheen! (and it Moisturises well). It will definitely becpme part of my daily wear.
  • Lisa
    Love Latte Limbo - 24 Sep 2014
    I'm so glad I got this smooch stick in my Rubybox, it's a gem! Latte Limbo is the perfect nude because it has a hint of colour and it's very glossy and moisturizing which is an added bonus.
  • Bernadette
    Suprise - 16 Sep 2014
    I couldnt believe how soft the smooch stick was and how easy it applied. Definately one of my new favourites
  • Tanith
    Awesome Product - 11 Sep 2014
    This is such an awesome product. I love the colour and it applies easily.
  • Ilse
    Handbag Essenstial - 11 Sep 2014
    I generally don't carry make up in my handbag, but this has now become a favorite in my handbag and goes with me where ever I go. Love this product
  • Geraldine
    Smooch Stick - 9 Sep 2014
    I am totally in love with this smooch stick. Received it in my box and it was in exactly the same colour I wear during the week. Thanks Ruby Box!!
  • Carline
    complete lip lust - 6 Sep 2014
    I just love this amazing lippy. been using it since I received it in my rubybox and I just ordered a new one, just to have a back up.
  • Taryn
    Really nice ;) - 4 Sep 2014
    This was a great lip stick, I received it in my Rubybox. I really like it for those looks where you want to go for a long lasting natural look :)
  • FarzanaI
    smooch stick latte limbo - 3 Sep 2014
    Received this in my august box and totes loved it.very moisturising when I applied it and love the nude color as well.
  • Carol
    Smooch stick - 3 Sep 2014
    Overall I was happy with the product. The colour is awesome as it goes with everything. It applies smoothly and easily.The colour however does not stay on very long. It also made my lips dry after a while.
  • Nishi
    Amazing colour******** - 2 Sep 2014
    Wow! I couldn't wait to try this amazing colour from my Rubybox. Application goes on smooth, lasts and the colour matches my skin tone wonderfully. Cant get enough of this lip colour!
  • Angeliqué
    Awesome product - 2 Sep 2014
    I got the Smooch stick in my Rubybox and I absolutely love it! It is amazing. I love how smooth it is and how great it feels on my lips. I love it, thank you so much! I will certainly order this item again
  • Tania
    love latte limbo - 1 Sep 2014
    Everyone at the office loves it, the smell,the feeling and how it just makes you look stunning without wearing any other makeup.
    My fiance doesnt even mind walking around with my kisses everyday. Thanks Rubybox!
  • Talia
    Latte Limbo - 30 Aug 2014
    Nice shade, creamy texture. Just not a fan of having to sharpen it.
  • Francesca
    New best friend! - 30 Aug 2014
    This product is definitely my new best friend. I am absolutely in love with it! The colour is natural and appropriate for everyday use. But what I love the most is the smooth feel once applied that is superior to any other lip product I have used.
  • Pamela
    Wow - 25 Aug 2014
    I just love this smooch stick. Soft and so easy to apply and a perfect colour. I will be keeping n eye open for an "evening" colour of this as well.
  • Vicki
    YUMMY LIPS - 22 Aug 2014
    Soft and easy to apply - no mess. A great handbag essential that makes your lips feel smooth and look amazing - very subtle
  • Sarah
    great addition to the range - 22 Aug 2014
    The colour is very subtle, but really pretty. The texture is lovely - glides on really smooth and has no funny taste or smell. It also seems to be keeping my lips hydrated as since I received it, have worn it almost every day! I hope for a nice dark plum next!!!
  • Corina
    SWOON - 22 Aug 2014
    I fell in love with this the moment I tried it. It lasts long and survived both coffee and wine. The colour is subtle and is the perfect all day wear.
  • Nastasja
    Latte Limbo Love - 21 Aug 2014
    My favorite product in my August box! Smooth, creamy, moisturizing and just so perfectly pretty. My first nude and I don't know how I lived without it!
  • Alicea
    Great! - 21 Aug 2014
    The application of this product is great! Quick and easy, my go to product when I am in a hurry. Will definitely purchase again!
  • Kathleen
    love the new colour - 20 Aug 2014
    Love the new colour! it goes well with my pale skin, and it doubles as a eye shimmer, and a cheek bronzer! Definitely an essential for my summer handbag. (Can't wait to see the next colour range - Fuchsia and red please :)
  • Odette
    Awesome - 20 Aug 2014
    I love the colour and I love the way it makes my lips feel. I will be ditching my Labelo :)
  • Kelli
    Perfect - 20 Aug 2014
    I received the perfect colour in my ruby box! this nude smooch stick is stunning and i use it everyday! for work with light makeup and in the evening with smokey eyes.
  • Melanie
    love love love - 19 Aug 2014
    Love the colour! And ads a bit of gloss which just makes it looks so natural. Definitely buying this again!
  • washeemah
    Amazing latte limbo - 17 Aug 2014
    I love this product, it's the perfect lip color for when you're doing a nude look the shine is amazing and make lips look and feel so sexy!
  • Kendra
    Love the design - 16 Aug 2014
    I'm very please with this lip product. It gives off a very natural look and feels great. It feels and looks very moisturizing and the colour is perfect for my fair/tan skin tone
  • Ravina
    Lovely Latte limbo! - 15 Aug 2014
    What a superb product! This lippie glides on smoothly and feels soft and luxurious. It is a beautiful nude that would suit most, if not all, complexions... Definitely a great treat in my August box!
  • Jumandie
    I'm in love - 15 Aug 2014
    I don't know how I survived without this product. Its creamy and feels amazing on my lips. The colour is amazing, and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Danielle
    Happiness! - 15 Aug 2014
    I received this yesterday and wore it for the first time today, let me tell you, it won't last me long because I can't stop! It is BEAUTIFUL!
  • Evelyn Ruth
    Lovely for everyday use - 15 Aug 2014
    I got two of these this month and at first I wasn't sure of the colour as it seemed a little on the browns side which is not really my thing.
    However I tried it and found it was very natural and gave a good balance of colour and moisture. It is very convenient to stick in my handbag, and now I have one to keep at work and one in my home make-up kit, or handbag.
  • Bianca
    Smooch Away - 15 Aug 2014
    I Love the smooth texture of this fab product, at first i was scared it might be too dark for me but when appling this to my lips i fell inlove.The colour works amazingly with my skin tone. Thanks a mill
  • kim
    Awesome - 14 Aug 2014
    Love the smoothness and leaves no nasty taste on your lips. Lasts long too,highly recommend it!

  • Devorah
    Maybe my new favorite nude.. - 14 Aug 2014
    Beautiful quality! Kept my lips moisturized and looking fab for hours even after eating and drinking!
  • Nadia
    Favorite - 13 Aug 2014
    I love this product it's so soft and glossy. Colour is perfect for me as it's not bright but still gives that needed extra colour. An evening out essential. Only negative is it's not long lasting so needs a touch up after drinking/eating.
  • Daisy
    OMG :) - 13 Aug 2014
    Love the new rubybox smooch stick color! Awesome for everyday wear. Smooth application & long lasting <3
  • Jasmin
    Smooch Stick in Latte Limbo - 13 Aug 2014
    Just got it in this months box.
    I absolutely LOVE this color!
    I will definitely be wearing it more often!!!
  • Elizabeth
    L.O.V.E! - 8 Aug 2014
    I absolutely love this product. It's silky smooth and hydrating, and lasts quite a while. The colour works great with my skin tone. Thanks for adding this in this month's rubybox

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