Where they’ve come from

Scholl is the brainchild of Dr William Mathias Scholl, whose quest began in 1899 while working for a Chicago based foot shop. He was especially intrigued by the number of people who suffered from painful foot conditions; so he dedicated his life to studying the anatomy and physiology of feet. Shortly after qualifying as a doctor in 1904, Dr. Scholl patented his first invention that revolutionised the foot care industry- an insert placed in shoes to reinforce and support the foot arch called Foot-Eazer. In 1907 he founded Scholl Manufacturing Co. Inc. He passed away in 1968, but his lifelong quest to improve people's comfort, health and well-being by caring for their feet, lives on through his company.

Where are they going?

Today, Scholl Footwear is a leader in foot care innovation that offer a high level of comfort to support the natural functions of the foot. The company already enjoys a high level of brand awareness and positioning across Europe and many Asian markets and is also popular in Australia. Scholl footwear products, some of which have medical device status, are predominantly distributed through pharmacies and medical supply stores in Europe and can be found in the general shoe trade across Asia.

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