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LTD Edition rubybox tools box
Why we ♥ it

Our LIMITED edition rubybox is filled with the top reviewed rubybox beauty tools AND as a rubybox member you get a R200 discount! PLUS we're adding in three free fragrance samples to sweeten the deal. Each box contains five FULL SIZE products worth R300 and yours for ONLY R100 including shipping! That's a saving of R200!

What's included?

  • 1 Oh-So Cheeky rubybox beauty Angled Blusher Brush
  • Gives you the supermodel look in seconds! It’s perfectly angled tip provides excellent precision to make applying blush a breeze. Designed by beauty experts with the environment in mind; no animal fibre is used and the synthetic bristles ensure less product wastage.

  • 1 rubybox beauty Foundation Brush
  • This brush helps you apply your foundation and BB cream flawlessly. It spreads the product evenly and let's you blend excess liquid more easily, so you're never left with streaks or uneven make-up.

  • 1 rubybox Pro Precision Eye shadow Brush
  • This versatile brush is suitable for all your eye shadow needs, thanks to the smaller size and rounded tip. Whether you’re covering your lids with colour or highlighting your brow bone, it’s great for precision application, but without the mess.

  • 1 Va Va Volume Mascara
  • The big brush catches and separates each lash creating length for days and the volume of your dreams, while the intense black pigment widens and defines your eyes.

  • 1 assorted rubybox Moods EDT Purse Spray
  • Purse size Eau de toilette spray carefully curated by the renowned rubybox beauty expert, slotting perfecting into your handbag, this sexy, alluring floral scent will keep you smelling heavenly wherever you go. Assorted scents; rapture, vengeance, elation.

  • PLUS a surprise three fragrance vials just cause we love you!
  • T&C's

    Please note that the 'Moods EDT purse spray' are assorted and you will receive one of the varieties mentioned above. While stocks last.


    • Asanda
      Asa - 22 Nov 2018
      I absolutely love, value for money indeed. I also love the texture against my skin, it’s not as rough as I assumed it would be. Thank you so much
      ruby box tools - 19 May 2018
      This is value for money and since I use make up these brushes and i love the price as well
    • chanelle
      great - 30 May 2017
      oh please get more stock of this I really want it and its so cheap
    • Luleka
      Amazing - 17 Jan 2017
      Oh ma Word this is so lovely, and the price is very good, I like , I like !!!
    • Tatenda
      Beauty rubybox tool box - 26 Dec 2016
      Would like to try these out! They look so professional and so cute to keep in the make up box! Its definitely a must have!
    • Feroza
      fabulous!! - 17 Aug 2016
      These brushes are such great value for money!!!
      I ordered 2 boxes - one for a friend - and I wished I'd ordered more. The brushes are soft and really good quality. Also an added bonus was the mascara and mini perfume.

      Thanks Rubybox :)
    • Yasmeen
      1st Rubybox and NOT dispappointed - 30 May 2016
      I was a little uneasy about purchasing online and eagerly awaited feedback on when to expect my order, but before i knew it It was delivered! thrilled when I received my first ever Rubybox! The care taken in the packaging and the amazing value for money can not be matched. Great buy and great value for money. I regret that i did not buy more. The brushes are awesome!!!! And the purfume/ samples are amazing as well. PLEASE get these back in stock ASAP? maybe different brushes so I can build a RUBY-COLLECTION!
    • Husna
      Box of Goodness - 26 May 2016
      This is indeed a box of awesome surprises. Thank you to the Ruby Team for spoiling us with your excellent choices of products. I love the brushes, the mascara is lovely and those perfumes are a "I want more"....great stuff guys
    • Tina
      Family addition - 21 May 2016
      Its a mighty tool box indeed. I love each item even though the brushes were my main love. This would be a fantastic addition to my make up start-up collection.
    • Janine
      Ruby tool box - 18 May 2016
      For a simple woman like me that doesn't have a lot of time on my hands. These products just works for me as is.... great products and value for money
    • Michelle
      Amazing surprise! - 1 May 2016
      Was sooo stunned and thrilled when I received my first ever Rubybox! The care taken in the packaging and the amazing value for money put a smile on my face. Could not be more happy or more inpressed. Great buy and great value for money. I regret i did not buy more so that my friends and family could also experience the joy of opening this great box. The brushes are awesome!!!! And the purfume samples a great surprise :)
    • Banita
      AMAZING! - 25 Apr 2016
      All the ruby tools are of exceptional quality. The perfumes smell great.

      Extremely Happy Ruby xxx
      Ruby Tools of Goodness - 22 Apr 2016
      One of my most favourite boxes ever, so worth it all did not expect the extra goodies but I loved it. The brushes are what caught my eye and the price for all three I knew I had to get them. It was such an amazing box had to spoil my two sisters with a box each which they love.
      I love the Ruby perfumes they are the perfect size for your handbag or to keep in the car one of my favs from Ruby.
      Would definitely buy it again.
    • Melissa
      Amazing Box - 19 Apr 2016
      This box was so much value for money it's unbelievable. Well worth the price and selection. I even bought 2 additional for friends and they absolutely loved it.
    • Caitlin
      Great brushes - 18 Apr 2016
      I have been very happy with the brush quality. The brushes are relatively stiff which I prefer. The angled blush is a good size and works very well. The eye shadow brush works very well for applying eye shadow palettes precisely. I bought this box for the brushes but I was surprised at how much I like the Rubybox fragrance. I would definitely buy more fragrance and brushes from the Rubybox brand.
    • Cheri
      Love my new brushes - 16 Apr 2016
      I have never used brushes for applying makeup before - they were too intimidating and I could never achieve the look I wanted.
      These brushes make it so easy to look great!
      And this box is great value for money!
    • Hilda
      Ruby Box - 16 Apr 2016
      wow, i would like to try it, the box looks so amazing and interesting
    • Rushaan
      Great essentials - 16 Apr 2016
      Finally was lucky enough this time to purchase this amazing brushes +mascara+ perfume! And at this price what more can a girl ask for! ABSOLUTELY Luv it
    • Farhaanah
      Definitely a bargain! - 16 Apr 2016
      Received these and I was so pleasantly surprised! The brushes are awesome, they are good quality and look great too! The mascara works nicely on my lashes. Also really liked the perfume! I received Elation In my Rubybox, it's a delicate floral scent, smells divine! Perfect for your handbag! This box was so totally worth it!
    • Liana
      Would love a Sample - 15 Apr 2016
      Would love to sample this product so I can write a stunning review on it... if its up to the test ;)

      no but seriously looks like a nice group of make up and accessories to go with and keep in my make up bag.
    • Hayley
      Love love love - 14 Apr 2016
      Love the look of the Ruby box brushes and would love to try them. Have read some great reviews below.
    • Talia
      Makeup Brush Magic! - 13 Apr 2016
      I'm so in love with these brushes, they have definitely become essentials in my makeup bag now. Applying makeup is super easy now!
    • Lynn
      My Rubybox Tools - 11 Apr 2016
      I couldnt live without them! They are the absolute best and if you take good care of them, they last a lifetime!
    • Delisha
      Love - 8 Apr 2016
      Just totally love it, works nice especially for a regular girl like me

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    Founded in 2011, rubybox is one of the largest online beauty platform in South Africa and offers their rubies the opportunity to try different beauty products at home for free before deciding which ones to buy for themselves. In a quest to help rubies also become their own beauty pros, rubybox has also produced their own line of tools, accessories and professional beauty enhancers, all of which have been tried and tested by beauty experts.

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