Hydro5 Power Select & Grooming 4's

Schick Hydro 5 Power Select & Groomer 4 Cartridges has five Easyglide blades with skin guards that reduce irritation between the skin and cartridge with repeated strokes. It allows you to precisely trim and have a great shave too.


  • Siviwe
    Shaving made sexy - 3 Mar 2018
    My husband loves this product. He doesn’t want to change it anymore. He becomes smooth and sexy after shaving.
  • Dineo
    Clean shave - 29 Dec 2017
    I love my man looking clean and groomed.
    With Schick Hydro5 power, is shaving made sexy.
  • Victoria
    Husband's in Love - 4 Nov 2017
    My husband refuses to use any other saver.. he says it's very comfortable to use. It's really smooth on the skin and no need for going over twice the hair is gone with the first shave. The price is great compared to how long they last.


Sometimes we just need to break away from everyday stress. We need to get back to that place where our mind and body are totally at ease. After all isn't feeling recharged and renewed what every man wants?

At Schick we focus on providing a truly liberating shave, one that is no longer a chore, but a more pleasurable, effortless skincare experience. We’re developing products that go beyond just removing hair, we actually really care for your skin. That’s why all of our razors that are virtually irritation-free, so you can leave all your stresses behind and focus on feeling relaxed and refreshed.